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iPad Idea Comes from Star Trek January 28, 2010

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Think Steve Jobs is a genius? He might be..but he’s also a Star Trek fan.

All you need to do is watch an episode of Star Trek – classic, next gen, DS9 or Voyager and you’ll see..


PADDs everywhere.

They’re not a new idea and we’ve seen them since the 1960’s.

Officially speaking – “PADD” is an acronym for Personal Access Display Device.

So Apple’s iPad is a wrip off from Star Trek – CBS and the Roddenberry Estate SHOULD get the credit.


1. Alexander - January 28, 2010

Actually, it came from 2001: A Space Odyssey

2. Chris - February 5, 2010

the tablet Idea has been around for a long time ago. Papers were written arguing how it will be the ideal computer. Microsoft tried it in the past; however, we just didnt have the tech to make it light and small enough.

Now we do…..Im still gonna LCARS things up when I can!!

3. Kane Gruber - April 13, 2010


And 2001 came out in 1968, while Trek debuted in 1966.

4. Jimmy James - April 25, 2011

The first “real” Ipad idea came from an episode of Star Trek Enterprise. Captain Jonathan Archer is viewing a game of water polo on what looks like an identical version of an Ipad. It also appears many other times on the Enterprise series. NOT on the voyager and next gen series and definitely not on the original series.
Yes they had pads on Voyager but they did not resemble the Ipad.

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