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Star Trek PADD now a real iPad app July 22, 2011

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Finally the Star Trek PADD (Personal Access Data Device) is a real thing..aka the iPad.

And finally there is a Star Trek app that looks like a PADD.

Star Trek PADD - CBS Interactive

Yeaaah we know it’s basically the same stuff you can get for free on Star Trek.com or Memory Alpha today FOR FREE. The iPad PADD app is $4.99 – BUT it’s got TNG’s LCARS interface and it’s just sooooooooooooo slick.

Yes it’s missing some stuff..like a notation on Data’s cat spot..and some other minutia..but for the most part for us as fans..we’ve love every minute of using this app.

Dark Horse FINALLY bring Star Wars comics to Apple iPad July 22, 2011

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It’s about time.
Finally we’ve got Star Wars comics on the Dark Horse digital platform…

But wait..it’s not all of ’em.

AND FRAK YOU DARK HORSE it’s not even the current ones coming out this week.

Dark Horse is making old books (including the original Marvel Series) some new stuff, including some Knights of the Old Republic, Old Republic and Star Wars Legacy War – available.

It’s a mixed bad and not complete. Let’s hope that Dark Horse build a complete back catalogue and more importantly begins to ship digital titles the same day as the paper ones.

And oh yeah the prices is better.

From our brief look, most titles are $1.99 instead of the $2.99 or $3.50 that most Dark Horse print Star Wars titles have been lately. So yeaah this could (eventually) be a really good deal and the final nail in the coffin for our local comic book store. Why pay more when we can get it all on the iPad instantly for less?

Dark Horse Comics - Dark Horse Comics

Star Wars BluRay iPad preview is awesome and free! July 22, 2011

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20110722-095414.jpgATTENTION Star Wars fans that own iPads.

DROP what you’re doing now and get this App.

Star Wars Blu-ray: Early Access - Fox Mobile Entertainment, Inc.

And yes


Long story short is you get videos/concept art and amazing content that is on the upcoming BluRay set (coming Sep 2011).

And yes it’s free.

Not this isn’t the movies themselves, this is the ‘extra’ content (not deleted scenes) but stuff that we’ve still never seen before.

One great video we just watched was about how the model builders built the Utapau model.

For Episode IV there is an amazing video about the holo-chess figures..(you know the stuff on the Falcon..) just amazing.

Who doesn’t love the holo-chess. All stop-motion stuff…who knew?


Before you bring the Saga home, get an exclusive first look at some of the special features from STAR WARS™: THE COMPLETE SAGA – coming to you on Blu-ray September 16th! The Star Wars Blu-ray: Early Access highlights a varied sampling of bonus materials featured in the collection, including never-before-seen content sourced from the Lucasfilm Archives! Begin to explore the farthest corners of that distant galaxy, and dive deeper into the creation of the Star Wars universe.

Witness the evolution of the wild concepts that became pop culture icons. Celebrate the spirit of innovation that pushed the boundaries of special effects – as described by the men and women who pioneered the new methods that made Star Wars possible. And pull back the curtain on the Lucasfilm Archives to reveal never-before-told stories about the making of the Saga. Offering an insightful cross-section of what the THE COMPLETE SAGA has in store, Star Wars Blu-ray: Early Access is your first look at the most anticipated Blu-ray collection – of all time!


WARNING!! THQ Star Wars iOS Games are all DEAD July 4, 2011

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We just got a new iOS Apple device and of course one of the first things we wanted to do was to find some good scifi games..

Our first stop was a search for Star Wars where we found Falcon Gunner…that’s right you get to to sit in the gun pod for the millenium falcon!

Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner - THQ Inc.

Well you should ..but the game crashes every 2 mins making the game unplayable. So we went to the game dev, THQ to see WTF is goin on…turns out THQ isn’t legally supposed to be selling any Star Wars games at this point…their license with Lucas has expired.

Why Falcon Gunner is still in the appstore? Who knows but those nerf herders stole$2.99 from us!


iPad Idea Comes from Star Trek January 28, 2010

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Think Steve Jobs is a genius? He might be..but he’s also a Star Trek fan.

All you need to do is watch an episode of Star Trek – classic, next gen, DS9 or Voyager and you’ll see..


PADDs everywhere.

They’re not a new idea and we’ve seen them since the 1960’s.

Officially speaking – “PADD” is an acronym for Personal Access Display Device.

So Apple’s iPad is a wrip off from Star Trek – CBS and the Roddenberry Estate SHOULD get the credit.