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Flash Forward April 29, 2010 10 pm The Mosaic File September 25, 2009

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Flash Forward ‘s debut episode on ABC was pretty cool.

Actors we’re all great and the story was solid.

Why did they all flash? And why did they all Flash Forward to April 29, 2010 at 10 PM ??

No I haven’t read the book yet (Flashforward), though now i’m really tempted too. Though the book and the TV show apparently do not directly align with each other.

The other big questions at this early point are : Why 2 mins 17 seconds ?

I think the visualization of what would happen to our planet if everyone blanked out for 2 mins 17 seconds was amazing. First you think so what? right?

But with everyone on earth in cars, things moving about if you black out – chaos everyone that looked like a war zone.

How long this show will last..who knows..but for now at least I’m hooked.


1. Skyler Arnoux - September 26, 2009

April 29th is the birthday of Robert J. Sawyer, the man who wrote the book FlashForward is based on.

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