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Star Wars Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison Series Finale : AWESOME September 23, 2012

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The final issue of Ghost Prison was a really great read. We knew that Vader would return to Coruscant with the Emperor and sure we knew that Gentis would get his arse kicked. We just didn’t know how.
Amazing twist with the Vader teaming up with Moff Tarkin (and hey isn’t he a Vader rivaL too?)

Great story overall – was fun to see how Vader dealt with the Ghost Prisoner in the end…perhaps a bit brutal and merciless but hey ..that’s Vader!!


Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison. PURE GENIUS June 4, 2012

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We all know Darth Vader to be a menace. But what we get in this new series is something a big …different.

This first issue is pure genius.

We get our young Imperial Officer just graduating as the core character, we see the Empire through his eyes .

And we see Vader through his eyes — and it’s an awesome sight. In the midst of Chaos it is Vader that restores order. In the midst of rebellion it is vader that stands up to put his lightsaber through those that would oppose him.

This is the Dark Lord of the Sith as he should be – as an instrument of the Empire.

Dark Horse Star Wars Darth Vader and The Lost Command is …meh…not the best… February 11, 2011

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Yes we love Darth Vader.

Yes we’re Dark Horse Fans.

NO WE DIDN’T like Darth Vader and the Lost Command #1.

The artwork is inconsistent with very different renditions of Vader throughout, same goes for the troopers. This isn’t the type of art that we’re used to seeing from Dark Horse – we’re used to seeing much better.

The overall story is kinda weak too.

But there is a at least one great set of panels – when we see Vader out of his full gear/helmet going through his regular maintenance – that’s cool.

Not enough for use to recommend this issue , but hey we’re Star Wars fans here, we buy ALL Dark Horse Star Wars stuff. We just think they can do MUCH better.
This review first appeared on our sister site ShowMeSciFiComics.com

Volkswagon SuperBowl Mini-Vader – NOT A STAR WARS FAN! February 7, 2011

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The Boy Behind Volkswagen’s Mini-Vader, Max Page, age 6 – admitted in an interview that he had never seen Star Wars.

I guess someone explained it to him and he figured it out… check out the link below to the video interview with Max..and if you’ve been sleeping under a rock..below that we’ve got the video that has now made him famous.


Star Wars Powered GPS from TomTom – Yeah Darth Vader is going to give you directions. May 5, 2010

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GPS voices are always a bit creepy don’t you think?

Wouldn’t it be great to get the Dark Lord of the Sith instead?

TomTom users now have that choice – which is reason enough for a Star Wars fan to buy a TomTom GPS.

The TomTom ppl have also now put together a behind the scenes video of them getting Vader to give the directions — it’s totally hilarious.

The Vader Project Rocks August 9, 2008

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Darth Vader and his helmet is one of the most iconic images in all SciFi (and pop culture). The Vader Project is an artistic to effort to see Vader helmets in different creative ways..and some of ’em are really cool.

Geekologie has a cool set of pics if you want to see em all.

Darth Vader Playing Golf – Hilarious! July 21, 2008

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Ever seen Darth Vader playing golf?

Spike TV did a spot to promote their run of Star Trek on their TV network – with Vader using his Force to eagle a hole….and in the fight between golf club and lightsaber who do you think will win?

Star Wars the Force Unleashed Launch Trailer – WOW!! July 18, 2008

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‘You are one of Vader’s spies ?’

‘I bring Vader’s enemies to justice.’

We’ve been watching Force Unleashed trailers for almost a year now and each one looks better then the next – this latest official launch trailer is the best yet for a few reasons.

The most important reason is that this trailer shows us some real plot – which is where this game will really excel – sure the game mechanics are awesome but the plot …..NICE.

The secret apprentice will FIGHT VADER!! CHECK out the final few frames of the trailer for yourself…

Chad Vader’s Weird Jimmy is just plain WEIRD June 13, 2008

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Another Chad Vader training video is now out – this latest one is titled ,”Chad Vader Training “Custodial Empowerment and You”.

Basically it’s about Weird Jimmy and his mop.

NO it’s not particularly great – but come on it’s Chad Vader and Chad is funny even if his co-stars are not.

Vader and Yoda Coming to SoulCalibur IV January 10, 2008

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This is definitely a first.

Star Wars characters are only in Star Wars games – that’s just the way it is….NOT SO anymore.

Darth Vader and Yoda will be in SoulCalibur IV – yup that one..the really slick first person fighter. Apparently Vader will only be in the PS3 version while Yoda for Xbox 360 – somehow i suspect they’ll be a fancy cheat code that will bring both for both platforms though.

The only first person fighter that we’re ever of ever existing with Star Wars characters was the PS1’s Star Wars Masters of the Teras Kasi…this should be a whole lot better

Check out the trailer below…vader appears at the 1:00 min mark and he looks awesome.

Original Darth Vader Actor Hasn’t Spoken To Lucas Since 1983 November 4, 2007

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prowse.jpgTalk about bearing a grudge. In a recent interview David Prowse the ORIGINAL Darth Vader actor revealed that due to a dispute he had with George Lucas nearly 25 years ago he hasn’t spoke with Lucas since 1983.

Lucas seems like a nice enough dude to me – so what did Prowse do to be totally ignored by Lucas for over two decades?
In a nutshell he betrayed George Lucas’s trust…or did he???

I always wondered why we never EVER see David Prowse unmasked in Star Wars…

In the interview Prowse details what actually happened:

So, I get a phone call from a reporter saying ‘I’d like to do an article all about you and your weightlifting’. He turned up at my gymnasium that evening and halfway through he says, ‘you know you’re being killed off in this movie, don’t you? And another guy’s playing the dying Darth Vader?’ I said ‘they wouldn’t do that – they wouldn’t go and unmask somebody else after I’ve played the part for six years’. He asked if I had a call sheet, and he looked at it and it said: ‘Dave Prowse, Darth Vader, Studio 1’, and underneath it ‘Sebastian Shaw, Anakin Skywalker, Studio 10’. He finished the interview abruptly as soon as he’d told me all this and the next day The Daily Mail had the headline: ‘Darth Vader to be killed off in the next movie, in an exclusive interview with Dave Prowse’. And that ruined my association with Star Wars. I was ostracized while on the movie, the producer and director wouldn’t work with me and Lucas wouldn’t speak to me.

Sounds like a real Sith plot to me.

Read the full interview on the Void.

Star Wars Halloween : Vader Slices the Pumpkin October 31, 2007

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