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Chad Vader Season 4 Starts on June 12th June 4, 2012

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We used to love Chad Vader.

The first season was pure awesome – as our Fav Sith’s (brother?) made his way through life as the night shift manager at Empire Food Market.

second season was also fun.

third season mostly sucked – and that was almost two years ago. since then – no chad vader.

Guess What? Chad is coming back. After a two year hiatus Blame Society Films is bringing him back starting on June 12th for a five episode run. We couldn’t be more excited.

And just for old times sake – here’s a link from our fav Chad Vader episode – Episode 6 from all the way back in 2007.

Chad Vader Season 2 finale – Weird Jimmy is Dead November 30, 2009

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Final episode of Chad Vader Season Two – episode 10 is now out and it’s a fun ending to a decent season.

The story comes full circle – as it always does – with Chad now once again in line – as he always is – to become General Manager of Empire Market.

The bonus is we get our best lightsaber battle – for Chad – yet – as he faces off against his one time apprentice commander Jeremy Wickstrom.

Along the way Weird Jimmy gets in the way…

Congrats to the Blame Society guys, they’ve done another fantastic job! Season 3 of Chad Vader is set for sometime in 2010.



Chad Vader Meets the Retarded Policeman November 9, 2008

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We love Chad Vader yes we do

But this training vid well it’s a little lame

You big poop head.

Chad Vader’s Weird Jimmy is just plain WEIRD June 13, 2008

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Another Chad Vader training video is now out – this latest one is titled ,”Chad Vader Training “Custodial Empowerment and You”.

Basically it’s about Weird Jimmy and his mop.

NO it’s not particularly great – but come on it’s Chad Vader and Chad is funny even if his co-stars are not.