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Star Wars Purge: The Tyrant’s Fist – Is this the next great Star Wars comic series? December 5, 2012

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Star Wars Purge: Tyrant's Fist #1 Star Wars Purge: Tyrant’s Fist #1 Looks like a lot of fun. It’s  a series that since that beginning has been about Darth Vader being..


Yeaah it’s not about redemption, It’s about Purging Jedi scum from the new Imperial Order.

The first Star Wars Purge came out two and half years ago as a one shot issue and it was awesome – because Vader failed.

It was a ‘human’ failing for a dude that at this point is more evil than anything else.

While the cover art and the story for this new series looks cool, the interior pages remind us of the crap that we used to see from Dark Horse and not the more modern glorious artwork that we crave.

Chad Vader Meets the Retarded Policeman November 9, 2008

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We love Chad Vader yes we do

But this training vid well it’s a little lame

You big poop head.

Darth Vader Playing Golf – Hilarious! July 21, 2008

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Ever seen Darth Vader playing golf?

Spike TV did a spot to promote their run of Star Trek on their TV network – with Vader using his Force to eagle a hole….and in the fight between golf club and lightsaber who do you think will win?

Chad Vader – A Spy in Produce – Not a New Season but still funny May 31, 2008

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So we’ve waited and waited and still no new season of Chad Vader.

Not sure if the folks at Lucasfilm put the kybosh on it or if the Blame Society ppl are just too busy (the dude that is the voice of Chad Vader is the voice of Darth Vader in Star Wars The Force Unleashed).

Though we don’t have a new season there is a new ‘training video’ out – A Spy In Produce – funny stuff ..check it out:

Chad Vader Season 2 Episode 1 – preview February 29, 2008

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No it’s not quite ready. But Blame Society does have a little preview clip up now where they do a quick read of the script for the first new episode of Chad Vader in months…

I can hardly wait…

Vader and Yoda Coming to SoulCalibur IV January 10, 2008

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This is definitely a first.

Star Wars characters are only in Star Wars games – that’s just the way it is….NOT SO anymore.

Darth Vader and Yoda will be in SoulCalibur IV – yup that one..the really slick first person fighter. Apparently Vader will only be in the PS3 version while Yoda for Xbox 360 – somehow i suspect they’ll be a fancy cheat code that will bring both for both platforms though.

The only first person fighter that we’re ever of ever existing with Star Wars characters was the PS1’s Star Wars Masters of the Teras Kasi…this should be a whole lot better

Check out the trailer below…vader appears at the 1:00 min mark and he looks awesome.

Vader Votes for Obama? December 28, 2007

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Well not quite.

YouTube sensation Chad Vader though would vote for Obama Girl..or so he says in this hilarious clip.

It’s been awhile since the last Chad Vader episode…but hey apparently they’ve got something big in the works….we’ll see.