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Take you to your destination, Yoda will – and he does awesome GPS navigation vids too July 8, 2010

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Back in May, GPS vendor TomTom released their first Star Wars themed GPS voices – with a Darth Vader module.

Now they’re moving away for the Dark Side with a new Yoda voice that is soo amazing you too will use the Force to find your destination.

As was the case with the Darth Vader GPS module, the good folks at TomTom have put together a behind the scenes video with the 900 year old Jedi Master himself.

Drive or Drive Not, there is Bus.

Vader and Yoda Coming to SoulCalibur IV January 10, 2008

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This is definitely a first.

Star Wars characters are only in Star Wars games – that’s just the way it is….NOT SO anymore.

Darth Vader and Yoda will be in SoulCalibur IV – yup that one..the really slick first person fighter. Apparently Vader will only be in the PS3 version while Yoda for Xbox 360 – somehow i suspect they’ll be a fancy cheat code that will bring both for both platforms though.

The only first person fighter that we’re ever of ever existing with Star Wars characters was the PS1’s Star Wars Masters of the Teras Kasi…this should be a whole lot better

Check out the trailer below…vader appears at the 1:00 min mark and he looks awesome.