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Stargate Continuum Coming July 29th June 27, 2008

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Sure Ark of Truth wasn’t great – but Stargate Continuum looks to make up for that in spades.

No more of that Orii nonsense –

This is humans against Ga’ould as it should be with massive mothership battles, evil Jafaa and all the rest.

Ohh and Vala is a baad ass Ga’ould too.

The plot centers around the exploits of the Ga’ould Baal and his final (?) attempt to stop Earth from ever interfering with the reign of the Ga’ould in the galaxy. He travels through time and takes Earth’s gate, preventing the Giza expedition from ever unearthing it and the Stargate program from ever forming. Somehow, the members of SG-1 are immune to the time distortion and set-off to find T’ealc, who is still the first prime to Apophis. It’s a literal race against time as SG-1 try to discover the location of the gate and restore the timeline to it’s correct state.


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