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Dollhouse Season 2 Vows : What Happened to Alpha? September 25, 2009

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dollhouseWTF? Did we miss something?

The first episode of season two doesn’t follow from the last episode of season one.

At the end of the last season we had Alpha on the run and Ballard had just come in. Now?

Is this all some conspiracy to get us to buy season one on DVD?


And how could Echo get married to Jamie Bamber (Apollo – and oh he was great wasn’t he?) so fast? She wasn’t a doll for him – so was she a doll for ballard for months? years? to get the bad guy to marry her?

Yes it’s cool to have Ballard on the inside.

Yes it’s weird that Whiskey is a nutcase and has this love/hate thing with Topher.

No it’s not cool that we don’t know what happened to Alpha unless to line Joss Whedon’s pockets with more money. It’s a frakkin recession out there man.

but hey if you want to just buy the missing 13th episode from Dollhouse Season 1 – Amazon has it for $1.99 Epitaph One


1. purpleslog - September 26, 2009

The special episode on the DVD was a far future episode. It was not a continuation of the season finale.

I taped but have not watched the Season2 premier. It sounds liked they jump forward or are showing them out of order.

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