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Wonder Woman rebooted with .. Adrianne Palicki ? February 16, 2011

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That’s her (left), Adrianne Palicki the new Wonder Woman set of the upcoming reboot by NBC.

Apparently she’s best known for her role in Friday Night LIghts (no not a show we’ve ever seen). She was also in Aquaman — a very short lived (ie. only  pilot that was on CW).

Will she live up to Linda Carter’s awesomeness?


NBC doesn’t know how to reboot sh*t. They killed the Bionic Woman with boring plots and they’ll do the same with Wonder Woman.

If you want Wonder Woman – just buy the series – the original –Wonder Woman: The Complete Collection

In case you’ve never seen Adrianne Palicki in superhero action…here’s here (brief) appearance in Aquaman.

Legion of Superheroes #4 Review September 6, 2010

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FINALLY! After three issue of being ‘lost’ Saturn Girl and Lighting Lad get back their twin boys.

Why were they taken?

something to do with Mordu..but it’s really quite unclear.

Overally this issue, and this series is a bit confusing to follow on an issue by issue basis, with too many sub-plots getting too little treatment in individual issues.

Now in a trade paperback…this all might make a whole lot more sense…

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Superman #700 What’s Next after New Krypton? July 7, 2010

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Superman #700 – wow..how many titles last so long?

This is an omnibus with a few interesting stories – and a few not so interesting ones.

There is a ‘cute’ little story about Superman helping out Robin (Dick Grayson) which we enjoyed.

On the – not so enjoyable side — Superman after the monumental events of New Krypton – has some second thoughts about his hero stature..after a woman whose husband he could not save slaps him.

Look – superman can’t save everyone right? So why did he get so down?

This is the direction of the new Superman creative team – and NO WE DON’T LIKE IT.

New Krypton was an awesome story arc – but a moody superman that is examining his own shortcomings isn’t a superman that we personally find all that entertaining.
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Legion of Super Heroes #2 Interesting but Also Very Confusing July 6, 2010

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Legion of Super Heroes #2 is an interesting – though confusing issue.

Saturn Girl is still looking for here missing kids and then out of nowhere we get Saturn Queen wrecking the Legion with her mind control.

Saturn Queen?

The writers seem to be on a bent to introduce as many legionaires as possible in every issue and that’s a challenge for us as readers – trying to keep it all straight.

No we’re not giving up on this series (yet), but a bit more focus, would make this a whole lot more enjoyable.
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War of the Supermen DESTROYS NEW KRYPTON!! May 13, 2010

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Really?? NO WAAAAY.

This comic book is all about one thing – the destruction of New Krypton.

No we didn’t see this coming. After two years of following the New Krypton saga, we’ve grown fond of the place.

New Krypton/Kandor has been part of the Superman universe for what 40 years or more at this point? and now it’s GONE.


And all destroyed by Luthor/Lane via Reactron — killer of Supergirl’s dad too – now killer of her mom and Kandor itself.

We’re still in shock.

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Adventure Comics #10 – Zod is Evil and he isn’t going to Kneel before Braniac April 20, 2010

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Following directly after Last Stand of New Krypton #2 – where Kandor gets rebottled..

General Zod (KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!) figures out how to get out of the bottle.

Man that was fast.

A bit too fast.

Then again after having been trapped in the bottle for so long the first time, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that he figured a way out right?

Zod also shows his true colors fighting Connor and saying he’d use him as a pawn against Kal-el. Good old Zod — we knew you couldn’t stay a decent being for long.

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Superman World Of New Krypton #6 (of 12) August 11, 2009

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Superman New Krypton is a great series and this issue finally puts Kal-El – commander El in his rightful place.

With Zod shot, Commander-El now runs the military!

But the dude that shot Zod ran to Earth..and so now for the first time in months..Superman is coming back to Action Comics and Superman (finally!).

And he’s putting the suit back on – and not the military guild suit either.

This series has taken a real interesting twist with Zod…after all Zod is supposed to be the bad guy right? But he’s not really the bad guy in this series (at least for the most part).

Superman World of New Krypton #2 Class Warfare April 20, 2009

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Commander El – AKA Superman has a very different role on New Krypton than on Earth.

Now he’s in command of his own troops, trying to teach them how to use their powers…

But what about the whole caste system of Krypton? That’s what this issue is all about as the labor caste stage a rebellion…lots of action of one issue..

Somehow i suspect that the this will not be resolved easily and what this series will be about is a New Krypton civil war of sorts.

One thing is for sure after two issues this series is already shaping up to be one of the best Superman story lines of the last 50 years.

Superman World of New Krypton # 1. Commander El? April 1, 2009

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We really enjoyed the New Krypton series which ended with Kandor flying off to create is own New Krypton.

Now Superman in this series leaves Earth and goes to live on New Krypton.

The most amazing thing is he has to choose what his job will be – he doesn’t choose – so it’s chosen for him

And he joins General Zod’s Military!

He’s no longer Superman – now he’s

Commander Kal El.

How about that?

Wonder Woman 2009 Set for March 3, 2009 Release February 11, 2009

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wonderwoman1Finally a new Wonder Woman …this time it’s part of DC’s direct to DVD animation jobs…but it sure looks sharp.

Kerri Russell is the lead and in the stuff we’ve seen she’s awesome.

Firefly’s Captain Mal -Nathan Fillion plays the voice of Col. Steve Trevor and funnyman Oliver Platt plays Hades.

No it’s not the live action Wonder Woman we’ve been hearing about for years – but it’s the next best thing.

New Krypton #10 Action Comics #873 – What now? January 22, 2009

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So here we are after 10 issue, the end of New Krypton.

But it’s not really the end is it? Though officially this is the end of the New Krypton story arc – New Krypton itself has only just been born.

Now instead of being in a bottle or stuck up in the arctic Kandor is it’s own world.

We never do find out what General Lane had in mind or what Lex Luthor was doing or even what’s going with Braniac.

So many unanswered questions – that could have been answered in the 10 issues of this series. This was the first time we’ve bought Superman titles in 20 years or more – it brought us in but now we’re disappointed.

If this had been a cleaner arc with a cleaner ending – sure there could be strings – but that would have been much more satisfying. As it is, sure this was a fun series, but we still feel somehow cheated.

Will we keep buying Superman titles? Probably not. Then again, we do want to find out what happens next and no doubt there is a lot more that will happen next.

Batman Year 100 – Is Batman Immortal? January 20, 2009

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batmany100 The year is 2039 and Batman is a fugitive from the law in a time when the law is corrupt.

Batman Year 100 has art that isn’t quite what we normally like – it’s twisted and maformed in a very unapealing way but once we got into the story, the art really started to work.

Is Batman 100+ years old? hard to tell if its the exact same guy, that issue is never really addressed. The suit and the moral compass is the same though. The Gotham of 2039 is a different place, one where technology rules supreme and there is not privacy but somehow Batman is private and an enigma.

This is a classic Batman tale and one that now ranks among our favorite ever. No there is no super-villian – this is just a story about a world in which super-heroes should not exist and yet…there he is.

New Krypton #9 Superman #683 January 15, 2009

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New Krypton races to its conclusion in this second to last issue in the New Krypton series.

Finally – we get superman fighting his family!

Supergirl vs Superman!

We get the followers of Zod fighting other Earth heroes and we get a fantastic issue of entertainment.

It’s unfortunate there is only one issue left in this series – it’s been great fun.

New Krypton #7 Action Comics #872 Supergirl’s Dad Dies January 4, 2009

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Shocking. And Shockingly good comic too.

We’ve become big Fans of the New Krypton series – it’s clearly not just business as usual for the man of steel.

The Kryptonian’s have killed humans and that’s a No No – but for some reason Alura (supergirl’s mom) doesn’t seem to care…

But the biggest plot twist of course is the Death of Zor-El – Supergirl’s father. It just seemed so sudden and brutal.

It’s the kind of quick twist that makes this New Krypton series easily one of the best Superman plot line in the last 30 years.

Superman New Krypton December 3, 2008

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To be honest we haven’t been regular Superman collectors in years – but that

superman_681changed with this new storyline – Superman New Krypton – a nine issue cross-over event.

The basic story is simple – Braniac years ago captured a Kryptonian city – Kandor – 

 (saving it in the process) and now Superman has saved the city and 100,000 Kryptonian’s are now living on Earth.

It’s a great premise and one that challenges the notion of Superman being special (supergirl aside) – since there are now 100,000 people just like him flying around Earth.

It started off in a one issue special edition – then moved over to Superman #681 –  and then over to Action Comics #871 where we get to see more of what Kryptonian’s are really up to –

 from there to Supergirl (didn’t care for that issue).

The latest issue is Superman #681 New Krypton part 6. The Kryptonian’s now actually kill humans and this is clearly a turning point. General Zod (remember him from the Superman II movie ?) still has followers loyal to him and they seem to be stirring up some trouble.

Oh and remember the Phantom Zone ? Yeaaah it’s back too.

So for this comic book fan – after years and years  of not reading Superman regularly – here I am back reading Superman again thanks to this New Krypton storyline. It’s great that anew issue is out every week – which sure makes a big difference too.