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Superman World of New Krypton #10 – Adam Strange visits December 17, 2009

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The World of New Krypton series is now winding down…but first Commander El has a mystery to solve.

Is the Labor guild behind the murder or are they being setup?

I don’t know – neither does Commander El – but somehow Adam Strange might..

We’ve never been big Adam Strange fans but apparently he’s got better investigative skills that superman – how we’re not sure but hey we’ll find out.

Not sure how they’ll actually wrap up this series in the next two issue – there are still too many sub-plots to wrap up.

Among them – Will General Zod return?

Will Commander El return to Earth?

Superman World Of New Krypton #6 (of 12) August 11, 2009

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Superman New Krypton is a great series and this issue finally puts Kal-El – commander El in his rightful place.

With Zod shot, Commander-El now runs the military!

But the dude that shot Zod ran to Earth..and so now for the first time in months..Superman is coming back to Action Comics and Superman (finally!).

And he’s putting the suit back on – and not the military guild suit either.

This series has taken a real interesting twist with Zod…after all Zod is supposed to be the bad guy right? But he’s not really the bad guy in this series (at least for the most part).