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Smallville Season 10 Ep1 Lazarus – Time for Superman to Suit Up!! September 30, 2010

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Smallville Season 10 Episode 1 –Lazarus was a decent way to kick off the final season of Smallville.

Alot revolves around the whole idea of Kal-El finally putting on the costume – leaving the Blur behind and finally becoming superman – this is the season when it MUST happen and this first episode set that tone.

Why is Jor-El such a jerk? We don’t know…but he sure came off that way moreso this episode than before…and the whole Tess with the boy version of Lex thing was a little….weird too.

But hey good entertainment and we’re looking forward to great final season!

Superman #700 What’s Next after New Krypton? July 7, 2010

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Superman #700 – wow..how many titles last so long?

This is an omnibus with a few interesting stories – and a few not so interesting ones.

There is a ‘cute’ little story about Superman helping out Robin (Dick Grayson) which we enjoyed.

On the – not so enjoyable side — Superman after the monumental events of New Krypton – has some second thoughts about his hero stature..after a woman whose husband he could not save slaps him.

Look – superman can’t save everyone right? So why did he get so down?

This is the direction of the new Superman creative team – and NO WE DON’T LIKE IT.

New Krypton was an awesome story arc – but a moody superman that is examining his own shortcomings isn’t a superman that we personally find all that entertaining.
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Legion of Super Heroes #2 Interesting but Also Very Confusing July 6, 2010

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Legion of Super Heroes #2 is an interesting – though confusing issue.

Saturn Girl is still looking for here missing kids and then out of nowhere we get Saturn Queen wrecking the Legion with her mind control.

Saturn Queen?

The writers seem to be on a bent to introduce as many legionaires as possible in every issue and that’s a challenge for us as readers – trying to keep it all straight.

No we’re not giving up on this series (yet), but a bit more focus, would make this a whole lot more enjoyable.
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War of the Supermen DESTROYS NEW KRYPTON!! May 13, 2010

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Really?? NO WAAAAY.

This comic book is all about one thing – the destruction of New Krypton.

No we didn’t see this coming. After two years of following the New Krypton saga, we’ve grown fond of the place.

New Krypton/Kandor has been part of the Superman universe for what 40 years or more at this point? and now it’s GONE.


And all destroyed by Luthor/Lane via Reactron — killer of Supergirl’s dad too – now killer of her mom and Kandor itself.

We’re still in shock.

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Adventure Comics #10 – Zod is Evil and he isn’t going to Kneel before Braniac April 20, 2010

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Following directly after Last Stand of New Krypton #2 – where Kandor gets rebottled..

General Zod (KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!) figures out how to get out of the bottle.

Man that was fast.

A bit too fast.

Then again after having been trapped in the bottle for so long the first time, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that he figured a way out right?

Zod also shows his true colors fighting Connor and saying he’d use him as a pawn against Kal-el. Good old Zod — we knew you couldn’t stay a decent being for long.

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Superman World Of New Krypton #6 (of 12) August 11, 2009

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Superman New Krypton is a great series and this issue finally puts Kal-El – commander El in his rightful place.

With Zod shot, Commander-El now runs the military!

But the dude that shot Zod ran to Earth..and so now for the first time in months..Superman is coming back to Action Comics and Superman (finally!).

And he’s putting the suit back on – and not the military guild suit either.

This series has taken a real interesting twist with Zod…after all Zod is supposed to be the bad guy right? But he’s not really the bad guy in this series (at least for the most part).

Teen Titans Lost Annual : JFK Abducted by Aliens January 23, 2008

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There have been conspiracy theories about the shooting of JFK for years.

Teen Titans Lost Annual #1 has a very interesting ‘comic’ take.

In a nutshell JFK is abducted by Aliens (who look like clones of The Beatles) to lead them in battle against other aliens.

While JFK is in space, he’s replaced on earth by a clone and it is the clone that is assassinated.

JFK himself remains in outer space leading various Alien species to peaceful negotiations with their neighbors.

Weird stuff but a fun read that is highly recommended if you can find a copy of this issue.