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1. hammy999 - March 9, 2007

ok im just a 14 year old teen that has a club penguin website. And just to make you happy i’ll comment ALOT on here so Keep up the good work

-Leader of cppc
-Hammy 999
p.s. visit hammy999.wordpress.com now

p.s.s. If u know can u tell me how to change your comment picture tell me on my website hammy999.wordpress.com ( tell me on the chat page)

2. Joseph Mendes - November 11, 2007

I am from Portugal and some three years ago i wrote a story that could easely became related with the Star Trek Universe. It tels the actions of the crew of the USS Emerald tro the universe looking for new especies/alies.
Can’t publish here in this God forgeten country. Does anyone knows someboby in England ou USA that could analise the project?
Thank you

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