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Doctor Who – Xmas Carol – Forget about Rudolph, it’s time for a flying shark!! December 30, 2010

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Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol [HD] was easily the best Doctor Who Xmas episode in at least 20 years.

The ghost of xmas past/present/future idea was totally remade by having the good Doctor show the future ‘scrooge’ his past as his past was happening.


And how about that flying shark? Wow.

A little sad in the end, but that’s the added punch that makes the Matt Smith Doctor Who version that much better.

Star Wars Legacy War #1- one word review – AWESOME December 26, 2010

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Yes we were not happy when Dark Horse frakked us around by telling us that issue #50 of Legacy was the end.

We found out later that Dark Horse just wanted to renumber the series and after a few months of waiting here we are with Star Wars Legacy:War #1.

This series picks up precisely where Legacy #50 ends. Darth Krayt is back and yes he’s pissed.

First stop is Darth Wrylock  which is a great set of panels as master and traitor square off as all Sith must. No this isn’t the rule of two in the Krayt’s One Sith Empire – but it’s still apparently the rule that all Sith must covet advancement and to be ready to kill their master to achieve that.

We see Roan Fel in this issue too – but no views into the Galactic Alliance.

And of course there is Cade Skywalker – who know has both his ‘brother’ and Delilah Blue fully onside to help him take down the Sith.

And oh yeah, Cade’s mama – the Moff – has regrets — nice.


The Legacy story from the very first issue – of the original numbering – has been fantastic. War is up to the legacy of…well Star Wars Legacy – no tip toeing around here either, this series is about conflict, battle, struggle and challenge. We couldn’t be happier or more excited!!

TR2N Lives! Tron Legacy REVIEW – Tron Lives! December 18, 2010

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After years of waiting … the move we first saw trailers for as TR2N in 2008 – is now out as Tron Legacy.

Make no mistake about it, Tron Legacy is a very different movie than the original Tron.

It’s bigger.

And in IMAX 3D the experience is mind-blowing AWESOME.

The Daft punk soundtrack is incredible (and dirt cheap at Amazon: Tron Legacy). The new light cycles are awesome looking machines and the eerie blue and reddish neon colors of the grid are striking.

This is a visual masterpiece of cinematography and special effects that simply put — has no peer.

The story  is OK — but not nearly as good as the original Tron. The whole isomorph subplot is interesting but not as clean as just simply having Tron fight the MCP.

Having Tron as Rizler – now that was a neat twist. And CLU is an interesting bad guy ..the mirror image of Flynn.

We also really liked that one girl in white – Jen? that gets Sam suited up in the first place, and then is out on the grid strolling with umbrella. kinda neat.

However we missed the light tanks, and a sense of purpose for the grid in the first place. The finale was also a bit odd, but it does bring an end to Flynn.

Overall, this is really good movie and one that we enjoyed tremendously. After over two years of buildup by Disney’s hype machine, this movie delivered in nearly every way and is a stunning achievement of modern movie making magic.

Stargate Universe SGU Cancelled!!! FRAK YOU SYFY!! December 17, 2010

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The IDIOTS that run SyFy have once again proved why they are IDIOTS.

Stargate Universe – SGU – has been canceled.

That’s right after 2.5 seasons, SyFy is pulling the plug. They let SG-1 run for ten years, Stargate Atlantis for five and now SGU for 2.5.  Next show will only run for 1.25 seasons at this rate.

To make matters worse, SyFy didn’t even have the common decency to tell the actors on the show first — many of them found out first by seeing it on Twitter – including fan favorite Eli (David Blue).

Sure there were a few slow episode of SGU in season one. But season 2 has been kickass – except maybe for the recent mid-season cliffhanger.

The show had potential and was beginning to live up to it.

What’s the point of having a Science Fiction network — if it won’t support original Science Fiction programming?

And after more than a decade of Stargate – how the FRAK could SyFy pull the plug?

They SCREWED the show over by putting it in a horrible Tuesday time slot this year, which should have been our first indication that the FRAKKERS at SyFy were aiming to kill this show.

We think it’s time that a new SciFi Network emerges — one that will support the shows that fans love – and one that has the business sense to figure out how to make a profit while doing that.

Ahsoka Turns to the Dark Side in Clone Wars season 3 return in 2011 December 15, 2010

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We all know that Ashoka doesn’t make it. But what we didn’t know is how she gets toasted.

With the upcoming second half of season 3 – staring on January 7, 2011, we might finally find out.

Apparently Anakin’s apprentice, turns to the dark side…

LEGO Star Wars III set for release on Feb 15, 20100 December 15, 2010

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Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars woohoo!!

who among us did not LOVE LEGO Star Wars (1&2 and the combined set?)

Now after several years of no new LEGO Star Wars games, TT Games has set Feb 15th, 2011 as the release date for the next installment : The Clone Wars.

And yes, this looks awesome….though we do have some early concerns about the split 2 player setup which we’ve seen before from TT in Indiana Jones Lego 2…

The Sounds of Star Wars – one book that we’d love to get as a gift December 15, 2010

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The magic of Star Wars has a lot to do with sound.

We all know what a lightsaber sounds like, a wookie and even R2D2.

All those sounds were designed and created and this book tells that tales behind ALL of them.

It’s got an integrated digital audio player, so you’re not just reading about the sounds, you’re hearing them too.

The Sounds of Star Wars is only $36 over at Amazon now too..

Voyager exits the Sol System – next human encounter in hundred of years with the Enterprise? December 14, 2010

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After 33 years, Voyager 1 is still ticking and sending back data to Earth.


Even more amazing is that after all that time, Voyager is just now about to officially leave our solar system and enter into interstellar space.

“The solar wind has turned the corner,” said Ed Stone, Voyager project scientist based at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Calif in a statement. “Voyager 1 is getting close to interstellar space.”

That’s right..in SciFi humans can travel in between planets with ease, but the reality is that nothing from Earth has actually left the solar system yet, even after over 30 years of at a speed of about 17 kilometers per second (38,000 mph).


Princess Leia – Carrie Fisher literally FRAKED fans December 14, 2010

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We had to do a double take when we saw this article – to make sure it wasn’t on the Onion ..or an old April Fool’s joke.

But apparently Carrie Fischer better known to us as Princess Leia, really liked Star Fans …REALLY.

Carrie, 54, confessed: “I certainly have, along the way, slept with a nerd.

“But I don’t think I ever got anything out of it except the sex.

“It was probably good. Nerds will surprise you. They’re way more enthusiastic. More bang with your buck.”

The full story is on the U.K Sun

Fringe – Frankenstein – WTF Olivia? On the other side no one knew who you were either December 9, 2010

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Great episode for the 2010 finale –

though it’s unclear to us why that dude wanted to re-animate the dead girl..

but still a neat idea to try and harvest all the organs back to put her back together.

The other side of the story with Olivia getting angry at Peter – that was a bit odd…after all – her partner on the other side, didnt’ know it wasn’t her either. Not even her own mother knew.

Or maybe..Peter just likes the fun loving uber fox from the other side because she’s just so dangerous.a


Stargate Universe Resurgence Season 2 mid-season cliffhanger was kinda lame. December 6, 2010

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Resurgence (<–get it on Amazon now) was a typical Stargate cliffhanger wasn’t it?

Destiny is being attacked …oh no will it survive???

On the negative side, the lame acting by Eli and his mental state rly diminished from this episode as did the melodramatic Chloe (why isn’t she dead yet!!)

On the positive side, the Seed Ship is back as is Col. Telford (no surprise). The ship graveyard scene was reminiscent of Star Trek TNG episode which was kinda/sorta similar wasn’t it???

Overall, a decent half season for SGU – yes we like the show and HELL YES we can hardly wait for it to return.

Craig Ferguson lost Doctor Who intro – AWESOME – It’s about the triumph of intellect over brute force December 3, 2010

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We love Craig Ferguson.

And now that new footage that was ‘lost’ from the original broadcast last month of this doctor who show interview with Matt Smith has surfaced…we love Craig even more.

Apparently Ferguson’s producers told him 5 minutes before the show started that he didn’t have the legal rights to use the Doctor Who theme music – but luckily someone had a video recorder handy and recorded the ‘cold’ version before the actual broadcast.

In this little bit – Ferguson clearly explains why ‘geeks’ love the Doctor – because it’s about the triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism.

Sit back and enjoy!

now here is what actually aired .. now it all makes sense!

Fringe – Olivia is BACK! and Broyles Get Broiled December 2, 2010

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After being trapped on the other side for nearly a whole season — our Olivia is back and BOlivia is back to her universe too.


Awesome that they used the Tank again — though in season 1 that same tank was used to connect Olivia to her dead boyfriend traitor — then it was all part of figuring out — what is the pattern?  Now that whole pattern plotline is gone…

Still solid stuff, too bad to see Broyles from the other side get toasted but btr than seeing Olivia cut up like a side of beef.

Firefly’s Shepherd Book has his backstory finally told in Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale December 1, 2010

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After all these years, we finally know the backstory behind Shepperd Book.
Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale is easily one of the best Serenity stories ever told and one that would have made an awesome TV episode if the frakkers at FOX hadn’t killed the show before its time.

The artwork isn’t the style we prefer, but it’s workable and once you’re past the first two or three pages, the awesome story telling takes hold.

Each flashback going further back, unraveling the Alliance, then browncoat , then street thug origins of the man we know as Shepherd Book, though that’s not his real name is it?

This post first appeared on our sister site: showmescificomics.com