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Star Wars Legacy War #1- one word review – AWESOME December 26, 2010

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Yes we were not happy when Dark Horse frakked us around by telling us that issue #50 of Legacy was the end.

We found out later that Dark Horse just wanted to renumber the series and after a few months of waiting here we are with Star Wars Legacy:War #1.

This series picks up precisely where Legacy #50 ends. Darth Krayt is back and yes he’s pissed.

First stop is Darth Wrylock  which is a great set of panels as master and traitor square off as all Sith must. No this isn’t the rule of two in the Krayt’s One Sith Empire – but it’s still apparently the rule that all Sith must covet advancement and to be ready to kill their master to achieve that.

We see Roan Fel in this issue too – but no views into the Galactic Alliance.

And of course there is Cade Skywalker – who know has both his ‘brother’ and Delilah Blue fully onside to help him take down the Sith.

And oh yeah, Cade’s mama – the Moff – has regrets — nice.


The Legacy story from the very first issue – of the original numbering – has been fantastic. War is up to the legacy of…well Star Wars Legacy – no tip toeing around here either, this series is about conflict, battle, struggle and challenge. We couldn’t be happier or more excited!!


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