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Domain Mapping With WordPress – Kiss Your Traffic Goodbye (in the short term) July 31, 2007

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It’s been three weeks since we moved from showmescifi.wordpress.com to showmescifi.com – thanks to a WordPress domain mapping feature.

In principal it’s a great idea, a great service and is easily done. We had a small issue for a few hours when we didn’t realize that the existing mail server would no longer work – a friendly wordpress.com support person helped out and now email works (thanks to WordPress and Google Apps).

The only REAL problem for ShowMeSciFi is that since we’ve moved, traffic has been cut by nearly two thirds.

Why is that?

I’d speculate a number of things..i think we lost alot of our Google/Technorati juice for one.

Google and Technorati now treat us like a new site almost – with no history of authority and links.

It’s really quite unfortunate that such a great service can have such a negative affect on readership.

That said – we’re committed to building ShowMeSciFi and continuing to populate with the stuff that SciFi fans care about. Thanks for being part of the journey.

Babylon 5 Lost Tales – Out TODAY!!! July 31, 2007

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It’s out – the much anticipated new Babylon 5 movie – Babylon 5 The Lost Tales – and man does it look AWESOME.

I have yet to watch the whole thing (yet). In this slow scifi season truth is i’m starved for SciFi so i’m going to savor this masterpiece on Friday then again on Saturday.

The real test for this movie is not how awesome it is – but rather how well it does in sales.

I believe that the straight to DVD model works and is the salvation for great SciFi. No network wanted to back JMS and no studio would finance a wide theatre release – but who need that?

We’ve all got good screens and what would we rather have – great SciFi  or shlock on a big screen?

Here’s hoping this is a massive success and spawns a whole series of straight to DVD Babylon 5 movies.

Katee Sackhoff in New Bionic Woman Trailer (she’s a fembot!) July 28, 2007

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More Bionic Woman teaser have emerged from NBC this weekend. The last ones we saw clearly showed us Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) as a cylon ..err i mean fembot.

In this new teaser put out by the network we see just how evil the Starbuck fembot may be….Former East-Ender Michelle Ryan is the good Bionic Woman but Sackhoff is sure gonna give her a good scare.

Check out the new teaser below…neat huh? Now i wonder who will play Steve Austin (The Bionic Man that was played by Lee Majors in the 70’s show…)

Serenity (Firefly movie) Collectors Edition DVD set for release on August 21st July 28, 2007

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We all know that Firefly was a show killed before its time and that the Serenity movie never got its due either.

The original DVD version of Serenity was available a few months after the initial release but it looks like Joss Whedon still has a few tricks up his sleeve. On August 21st a special collector’s edition dvd is set for release. The special is a two disk set that apparently includes all-new bonus content and never-seen-before footage! With over 60 minutes of all-new special features and special collectible packaging.

The full bonus material listing is:

BONUS MATERIALSDeleted Scenes with Commentary by Director Joss Whedon; Extended Scenes; Outtakes; Take a Walk on Serenity; The Green Clan; Joss Whedon Intro; We’ll Have a Fruity Oaty Good Time!; Feature Commentary with Director Joss Whedon and Cast Members Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau and Ron Glass; Feature Commentary with Director Joss Whedon; A Filmmaker’s Journey; Future History – The Story of Earth That Was; Re-lighting the Firefly; What’s In a Firefly?; Session 416; Sci-Fi Inside: Serenity

Sounds impressive to me..and hey it’s probably the only ‘new’ firefly stuff we’re likely to see for a while. TFAW’s got a reasonable price on pre-order for this.

Star Wars Trilogy Deluxe Arcade – What will it sell for? July 27, 2007

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How many quarters have I sunk into a machine just like this one? I wish i knew…

In another installment of neat Star Wars stuff on eBay – this week we’ve found a Star Wars Trilogy Deluxe Arcade unit in perfect working order according to the seller.

This isn’t the original arcade game but the reworked one that came out in 1998 where you get to play all the movies. I always got stuck in the lightsaber battle with Vader (though i think it was cursed with a sticky controller in the arcades i visited).

If you’ve got the $$ and the space – or hey if you want to make some small money for your local retail establishment this might be the auction for you.

According to the seller, “Original cost was over $8,000 new. Buy it here for a fraction of that cost! It has steadily earned over $100 a week in my location.”

The seller has it listed for $3,000 or Best offer – so far he’s got one offer that he rejected.
Take a look for yourself on the eBay auction page

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #18 July 27, 2007

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Not bad. Not bad at all.

Continuing on from issue #17 – we finally get a decent issue.

After at least 6 issues that totally sucked, Dark Horse has finally put together really decent issue of Knights of the Old Republic. No it’s not even 1/10th what Legacy is, but hey it’s a start.

In this issue we finally figure out what camper was hiding in his brain – truth is until this issue i couldn’t have cared less about camper. But in one issue we get alot – we find out what he knows and we find out why it’s important.

Even more interesting is the fact that after WAY WAY WAY too many issues we may finally be getting closer to a reunion with Zane and some kind of Jedi confrontation.

Will Zane save them all? I’d guess so. But hey after being ready to give up on this series now once again I’m interested enough to keep reading and see what will happen next.

Spock is a Hero! July 27, 2007

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Yesterday at San Diego Comic Con Zachary Quinto took the stage alongside Leonard Nimoy to confirm who will be Spock in Star Trek XI.

Zachary Quinto – not a bad choice since the dude really does have ‘vulcan’ like features.

No word yet on who will play Kirk, McKoy, Uhura or Scotty. But the film is set to start principal photography in November.

Bring Back Mara Jade Skywalker – (cheezy vid) But You Can Do Better! July 26, 2007

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A Friend of ShowMeSciFi sent in a little vid, a song and an idea – bring the fight to Bring Back Mara Jade to a wider audience.

We need more people to sign the Bring Back Mara Jade Petition

 So with the one video to start – ShowMeSciFi is pleased to announce the formation of the Bring Back Mara Jade group on YouTube.

 Here’s the idea: The first video SUX. You can do better. I know you can. Mara deserves Better.

So get your videos submitted and Let’s Fight to Bring Back Mara Jade.

The Ultimate Star Wars Fanboy/girl contest July 25, 2007

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Are you the ultimate Star Wars fan?

Prove it.

There is a contest running now to find the ultimate fanboy.The winner will get to appear in the Fanboy movie.

The competition, runs from July 25, 2007 to August 31, 2007.

All you got to do is send in a vid proving your mettle to http://www.fanboycontest.com/.

Star Wars Toys on eBay – some items sold, some didn’t July 24, 2007

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More on some of last weeks auctions on eBay that i was looking at with Star Wars collectibles.

Some sold, but not all. Here’s the breakdown:

Star Wars DROIDS uncle gundy
this is a rare toy, sold for $61.01 with 11 bidders

Star Wars Y-Wing complete with bomb sold for $51 after 6 bids.

Not Everything sells either, I was watching a few interesting items that picked up 0 bids.
Sith Infiltrator Remote
was listed at $5 and had zero bids. Could’ve been a real win for someone at that price!

Who Will Play Spock in Star Trek XI? July 24, 2007

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Who Cares!

Star Trek XI is rapidly going from a highly anticipated film to a total disgrace rivalling even the mockery that was Star Trek Enterprise.

The film has already been scheduled for an X-mas 2008 release – the script ready to go since late June. Shatner in maybe??

speculation is now surrounding who will play Kirk and Spock. Personally I hope that two unknowns are chosen. Unknowns that are true fans and that will not bring any acting baggage with them.

Star Trek XI if it has any hope to boldy go and redefine Star Trek for a new era of movie goers needs new blood. Sure it would help if could get kids that look like Shatner and Nimoy (maybe they’ve got nephews?)…but I for one do not want to see the same guy that plays Jason Bourne play Kirk and I don’t want Zachary Quinto, who introduced himself to television audiences last year as the bad guy Sylar in NBC’s “Heroes,” to be Spock.

Star Wars Rebellion #8 The Imperial Hub July 22, 2007

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Rebellion didn’t start out as a particularly fantastic series – the first arc (link) was ok , but this new one is really shaping up nicely.

Art is real solid, and Vader is fearsome.

The real interesting part of this issue is the revelation that the Empire has a technology hub that handles the logistics of the Imperial Fleet. It’s an idea that i’ve never heard or before, I would have expected such an installation at Bastion maybe but not some backwater.

While I had my doubts at the beginning of this arc in issue #6, i’m on board now.

Nonetheless, a good issue and one that will keep me reading this series and looking forward to issue #9 in a few weeks.

Want your own Star Wars Clone Army? July 21, 2007

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There are always a tonne of interesting star wars toys available on eBay, some end up going for way more than you’d ever expect, some go for less and some don’t go at all.

As part of a new feature starting today on ShowMeSciFi, we’re going to highlight interesting stuff to look out for, as well as provide information on what some interesting stuff has sold for (or not).

1) Clone Trooper Lot includes:
1 Snow Trooper
1 AT-AT Driver
1 Republic Commando Scorch
2 Galactic Marines
2 Commander Bacara’s blue/maroon variant
4 Kashyyk Troopers, 2 are custom
2 Kashyyk Special Troopers
1 Custom Commmander Gree
4 Utupau Clone Troopers
1 Commander Cody
1 Utupau Airborne Trooper
1 501st Airborne Trooper
1 Custom Commander Bly
1 Clone Pilot
4 501st Clone Troopers
1 Commander Appo
1 Blue Clone Commander
1 412th Fleet Division Clone Trooper
5 Storm Troopers
1 Clone Engineer2 Clone Troopers (white)
1 White AT-RT Driver
1 Brown Combat Engineer
1 White AT-RT Gunner
1 Red Clone Commander
1 Custom Shadow Trooper

That’s alot of imperial armor if you ask me! The first bid came in at $103 dollars it’ll be interesting to see where it ends up. If you’re interested go bid on it yourself at the Clone Trooper lot page (Bidding ends at: Jul-22-07 08:51:28 PDT)

UPDATE: This ended up closing at: US $151.95 

What if Trekkies Ruled? July 21, 2007

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Came across this neat contest – If Trekkies ruled.
Bascially its a really funny set of pics imagining what our world would be like if Trek really did rule.

Lots of pointy ears, a few Klingons, some Bajorans in the mix too.

I’d like to think that if Trek really did rule the world though that we’d all actually have real food replicators (no world hunger) and hey the no money thing is interesting (though unfeasable).

Check out the rest of the pics over at Worth1000.com

Dark Tower Gunslinger Born #6 – ONE MORE… July 19, 2007

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If this were a Stephen King novel i’d certainly have raced through this issue to reach the end. IN comic book format we don’t get that luxury – we have to wait a month.

This is a decent issue but doesn’t really have any really extraordinary revelations or artwook. Sure it’s good but…issue 6 in a 7 issue series is just a stepping stone to the grand finale.

I know..we said that about issue #5 

Will issue 7 be a let down? of course it will. Dark Tower fans already know what the first book has so it’s just a question of filling in the gaps.

ShowMeSciFi.com – Update your subscriptions July 18, 2007

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WE’ve updated the blog and moved from showmescifi.wordpress.com to


Please update your RSS/Feedreaders and bookmarks!

(Everything should still redirect but just in case..)

The Yiddish Policemen’s Union – Michael Chabon July 18, 2007

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What’s a review for The Yiddish Policemen’s Union doing on ShowMeSciFi? Easy – it’s a speculative piece of literary science fiction in that it occurs in a fictional timeline that doesn’t exist.

Similiar but not nearly as dark as Philip K. Dick’s The Man In The HIgh Castle – Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish Policemen’s Union deals with a US that is different than the one we know in that the State of Israel never survives and as such a seperate temporary homeland for the Jews is carved out of a desolate place of Alaska.

This is their story on the eve of ‘reversion’ the event which will force the Jews out of Alaska as the State of Alaska retakes the land.

It’s an interesting concept and one that drew me in on the speculative – what if – side.

The actual story is another matter. Essentially it’s a murder whodunnit against the speculative history backdrop which is o.k except for the fact that Chabon does a very very very poor job of building a case against the murder. It’s as if he wrote 300 pages and realized he had to pin the crime on someone so he just threw a dart.

The lead character Meyer Landsman is the only one with any real depth the others are sad caricatures that are poorly draw. I would have given up on this book well before reading to the end were it not for Chabon’s easy style. It’s unfortunate that his plot was so utterly lacking.

Darth Vader’s PSP – Sony set to debut new Star Wars themed gaming device July 17, 2007

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Apparently Sony is set to roll out a new PSP later this year that will be  33 percent lighter, 19 percent slimmer, the battery will be more efficient, and there will also be faster loading of games. It’s also expected to include a TV output in high def maybe.

They’re planning on rolling a Star Wars themed new PSP too –  the new Star Wars Battlefront PSP pack, which will include the Star Wars: Battlefront Renegade Squadron game and the special Star Wars PSP.

 Star Wars: Battlefront Renegade Squadron is a PSP only game that extends the Battlefront saga.
It’s expected to hit shelves in October. Woohoo!

Battlestar Galactica Razor : 8 webisodes on the way! July 16, 2007

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Remember last year’s Battlestar Galactica Resistance Webisodes?


In advance of the two-hour movie Battlestar Galactica: Razor on Nov. 24, SCI FI will air an eight-week series of exclusive mini-sodes, between two and three minutes in length, beginning in October. The promotional shorts will provide a backdrop to events that will take place in the rest of the fourth season of Battlestar. Written by Michael Taylor and directed by Wayne Rose and Felix Alcala, the shorts will take place during the original Cylon War and center on a young William Adama (played by Nico Cortez), who discovers a dangerous Cylon weapon that will come to haunt him and his crew 40 years later. The mini-sodes will be available on SCIFI.COM after they debut on the network.

Neat. Though at 3 minutes each they will be painful to watch one at a time.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for Razor yet check it out, it’s frakkin cool.

Star Wars Legacy Issue # 14 Cade Skywalker Captured by Sith July 16, 2007

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Star Wars: Legacy #14–Claws of the Dragon pt. 1 is the first issue of a new story arc in which we will finally find out who Darth Krayt really is .

This is yet another awesome issue that is brilliant drawn and written. Cade Skywalker makes his way to Coruscant where he is ultimately captured by the Sith. It is also painfully obvious that Cade is more comfortable with a blaster than with using the force, something that isn’t a suprise I suppose since he did leave his Jedi roots behind for many years.

Though this issue is a stepping to stone to issue 15 – which is likely one of the most highly anticipated Star Wars comic book releases in a generation – it’s still worthy of much merit and praise.

We learn that Darth Krayt is dying and that Cade Skywalker may be his only chance for survival.
The Mynock (Cade’s ship) has got some info on it and thnx to a friendly Hutt, that info is going to fall into friendly hands.

Oh and the art…WOW…we see the first real shots of Coruscant in the Legacy era and of the Legacy era Tie Fighter (which are sort of like Tie Interceptors on steroids).

That said…i can hardly contain my enthusiasm for issue 15. FINALLLY we’ll find out who Darth Krayt is.

I wonder if anyone in the ShowMeSciFi discussion forum is actually right.