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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (the graphic novel) REVIEW September 25, 2008

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I bought the Dark Horse graphic novel version of Star Wars the Force Unleashed the week before the game came out, i started to read it before playing the game and then stopped.

What ended up happening is we wanted to see how the game compared to the graphic novel – so we as we are playing the game we’re reading the graphic novel – sort of like a recap.

The graphic novel IS NOT a direct correlation to the game play (at least not the Wii version). Bascially it’s all told from a flashback point of view by Proxy and Juno who are explaining the origins of the Rebellion to Senator Organa.

Also the ‘Secret Apprentice’ is referred to as ‘Starkiller’ the whole time too.

The story does not have all the same back and forth as the game – in particular it is completely lacking in the (multiple) trip back to Coruscant to see the Jedi Temple (fight Darth Phobos and others).

The syncronisity with the video game aside – this is one great graphic novel. It’s such a great story that tucks so neatly into the existing star wars canon.

Just like Palpatine seeded the Seperatists that led to the Clone Wars so to did he seed the Rebellion (though not with the same results he had hoped). It makes great sense.

If you’re playing the game – you will enjoy the graphic novel. If you’re not playing the game – WHAT THE FRAK IS WRONG WITH YOU?? – but you will LOVE THIS GRAPHIC NOVEL!!


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2. dweeb - September 23, 2009

lol the jedi temple tests were designed by Krome for the PS2 version of the game, so they arn’t likley to be included in the graphic novel.

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