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Star Wars The Force Unleashed II Trailers and Cut-scenes are beyond awesome! October 13, 2010

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Star Wars The Force Unleashed II is out on October 26th and Lucas keeps on pushing out new trailers and cut scenes.

Whatever you thought about TFU 1, TFU 2 is more of everything and it sure looks to be ridiculously more intense.

Here’s the launch trailer:

Starkiller ramming Vader through some walls:

and Vader telling Starkiller to obey (in a snowstorm with stormtroopers):

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (the graphic novel) REVIEW September 25, 2008

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I bought the Dark Horse graphic novel version of Star Wars the Force Unleashed the week before the game came out, i started to read it before playing the game and then stopped.

What ended up happening is we wanted to see how the game compared to the graphic novel – so we as we are playing the game we’re reading the graphic novel – sort of like a recap.

The graphic novel IS NOT a direct correlation to the game play (at least not the Wii version). Bascially it’s all told from a flashback point of view by Proxy and Juno who are explaining the origins of the Rebellion to Senator Organa.

Also the ‘Secret Apprentice’ is referred to as ‘Starkiller’ the whole time too.

The story does not have all the same back and forth as the game – in particular it is completely lacking in the (multiple) trip back to Coruscant to see the Jedi Temple (fight Darth Phobos and others).

The syncronisity with the video game aside – this is one great graphic novel. It’s such a great story that tucks so neatly into the existing star wars canon.

Just like Palpatine seeded the Seperatists that led to the Clone Wars so to did he seed the Rebellion (though not with the same results he had hoped). It makes great sense.

If you’re playing the game – you will enjoy the graphic novel. If you’re not playing the game – WHAT THE FRAK IS WRONG WITH YOU?? – but you will LOVE THIS GRAPHIC NOVEL!!

Star Wars the Force Unleashed Launch Trailer – WOW!! July 18, 2008

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‘You are one of Vader’s spies ?’

‘I bring Vader’s enemies to justice.’

We’ve been watching Force Unleashed trailers for almost a year now and each one looks better then the next – this latest official launch trailer is the best yet for a few reasons.

The most important reason is that this trailer shows us some real plot – which is where this game will really excel – sure the game mechanics are awesome but the plot …..NICE.

The secret apprentice will FIGHT VADER!! CHECK out the final few frames of the trailer for yourself…

Star Wars®: The Force Unleashed will be released on September 16, 2008 April 3, 2008

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is one of the most ambitious projects LucasArts has ever launched. The combination of a great new Star Wars story with revolutionary new technology and game play means more fun than you’ve ever had in the Star Wars universe,” said Peter Hirschmann, Vice-President of Product Development, LucasArts in a statement. “We can’t wait until gamers get their hands on it this September.”

We can’t wait either (but we will).

We’ve been writing about this game for awhile and probably will lots more before the September release.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed: The Game Has Changed February 6, 2008

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StarWars.com has done a marvelous job of keeping the fans updated on the latest about Star Wars : The Force Unleashed.

It looks like LucasArts has opening up more info to Vanity Fair too with a whole bunch of screen shots that no one has seen before.

 Since the shots are so slick, it’s tough to tell if they’re actual gameplay – though i expect that it is at this point as opposed to conceptual artwork though there is some of that there to be sure too.

Also to be sure is that Star Wars The Force Unleashed is getting the full FORCE of Lucas’ awesome marketing machine.

Star Wars : The Force Unleashed First Wii Screenshots January 29, 2008

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No question that Star Wars : The Force Unleashed could be the most awesome Star Wars game of all time.

No question that the Wii is an awesome platform.

Put the two together and what will get?

Lucas Arts recently did a media event and the specifics of how the Wii will control the Force were among the items discussed.

The Wiimote and Nunchuk act as the left and right hands for controlling force and lightsaber actions.

There are five lightsaber movements with the remote: right to left, left to right, downswing, uppercut and stab.
All of the force powers (with the exception of throwing the lightsaber) are controlled with nunchuk movements – the force push, for example, is triggered by thrusting it forward – while holding buttons switches to lightning and grab attacks.

CVG has perhaps the best roundup if you’re looking for more..