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Princess Polly and the World’s Smallest Ninja – (kinda/sorta) SciFi Fun for the whole family August 25, 2013

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princess-pollyWe just came back from seeing a truly delightful Family Matinee of :

Princess Polly and the World’s Smallest Ninja

at the World Famous Second City in Toronto,.  No we weren’t expecting any SciFi here (maybe some fantasy but..) This was one amazing show.

The Princess has her own droid (R3) which basically a standard Star Wars R2-D2 droid with wings that the cast has hanging on the end of a long pole that they just wave around…trust us, it’s cool.

the princess also ‘talks’ droid as does the Ninja Yuo Ming (smallest ninja and yeah a pun on basketball giant Yuo Ming).

Through out this hour long romp, we get a family friendly story, with lots of scifi anecdotes, making this one of the best Sunday afternoon shows we have ever seen.

Sadly this show only has one more performance left coming up this Thursday.  So if you’re in the Toronto area, run don’t walk and get over there!



Hermes Press Buck Rogers #1 is the Real Deal August 20, 2013

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Buck Rogers #1

We’ve always been big Buck Rogers fans here..

We loved the 80’s Gil Gerrard Buck too..

and the recent Dynamite Buck Rogers series – was interesting – artistically but the stories were downright stoopid.

Now along comes Hermes Press, a comic book publisher we’ve never heard off before and they have wowed us with something that is authentic, something that is real and is entertaining.

Yeaah we like and Yeaaah we’ll be looking to buy the second issue of this series too.

Elysium is Good Fun – But It’s No District 9 August 20, 2013

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Yes we really liked District 9 – (who didn’t right?)

So we had some really high hopes for Elysium. As it turns out Elysium is a good/not great film.

The basic story lacks the ‘twist’ that District 9 has, but it is a solid complete story, with a beginning, middle and a (somewhat cheesy) ending.

Special effects are solid as is the acting.

Our fav character has got to be Kruger – the crazy South African – seriously the dude has a whole blown into head, but apparently his brain is still there, so his whole skull can  be reconstructed – how crazy cool is that?