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ShowMeSciFi.com is now accepting materials for review (books/comics/shorts/movies  but no bantha poodu pls). If you have something you’d like us to consider for review, contact us at submissions AT ShowMeSciFi DOT com for a mailing address.

We cannot guarantee that we will review any particular item; all submissions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


1. Mark Stahelski - May 27, 2008

I have had several ideas for science fiction stories, if anyone would like to hear my ideas and/or help me develop the stories, I would appreciate the help.

Here are the ideas that I have had:

Star Wars – 1 or maybe 2 books regarding Palpatine going from a child under the teachings of Darth Plageus to about 10 years before Star Wars I – The Phantom Menace. I have the idea that Darth Plageus was Palpatine’s father, and that he manipulated the midichlorians in Palpatine’s wife at the time (Anakin’s mother) so that she became pregnant with Anakin, but Palpatine didn’t know that. So that would make Anakin Skywalker be Palpatine’s son, and Darth Plageus’ grandson.

Another idea involves people who have such vivid dreams that if they dream about the past, that they actually find that they have travelled to the past, and since they are from the future and know what has transpired, they have the potential to change the past. In this series, I also have a group of people who have the same ability, but they use it to go back in time and correct the past to the way things were supposed to end up.

I also had an idea about a presidential election of the future, where the president is just a puppet who is guided by the real powers that be who rule the country in secret.

I also have another idea regarding a warrior who is really a woman, but she doesn’t let anyone know that she is a woman (I also had the idea of having her be a lesbian, but not saying anywhere in the book that she is a woman, until the very end of the book). I have that she has the task of finding the pieces of a flaming sword, and once she has found all the pieces, she will lead her nation to regain it’s freedom once again.

2. MYOB - November 12, 2008

So, Cromartie is dead, eh?

Congratulations! You’ve just joined syfyportal on my list of ‘websites I don’t visit anymore because they put spoilers in titles’ on their webpage!

Been nice knowing you.

3. Al - November 28, 2008

Can you reveiw a sci fi script

4. cecelia chapman - January 22, 2009

Hi There…

I am sending a video submission to you called TIME IS THE FABRIC HOLDING SPACE TOGETHER here is the link…


Very short video from a group called CYBRID ADVENTURE exploring time, space and motion from a cybrid perspective…

In collaboration with Jeff Crouch. Thanks cece chapman!

5. bo - January 27, 2009

this is to the jerkholes who revealed ellen is the fifth. I hate you. I’m watching the 4th season on dvd and just wanted to know when the next set comes out. I do a google search and run right into a spoiler. douche.

6. Neale Wallington - August 5, 2009

How about a NEW movie, GALACTICA & Fleet approach the edge of Federation Space looking for Earth.
Federation scrambles Picard’s Enterprise heading a small task force to investigate the detected Galactica Fleet.
The small Federation Task Force arrive just in time to rescue Galactica & Fleet from a massive Cylon attack.
Cylons are attacking with all their ships, trying to totally destroy Galactica and Fleet of humans once & for all.
Cylons regroup after the initial surprise of The Small Federation Task Force to plan a counter attack. Can The small Federation Task Force & Galactica, hold off the full might of the Cylon Fleet until more Federation ships can arrive to assist?

7. TelepathicPebble - June 15, 2010

I think you should do a post on the current state of the Stargate community. Ever since Stargate Atlantis was cancelled and replaced with SGU the fandom has been fractured. There are many different things you could talk about. Like the censorship at GateWorld (the largest Stargate fansite censors any criticism of SGU), the rise of sites like SGUsucks.com, angry protesters like me still fighting to save Stargate Atlantis from cancellation http://fightforatlantis.wordpress.com and MGM is bankrupt but there’s also the Stargate Movie Campaign fighting to get Stargate Revolutions and Stargate Extinction greenlit.

8. woolrich jacken - September 13, 2014

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