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Stargate Universe SGU – Malice – Is Gin really dead? November 20, 2010

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Malice was a fine episode – all action from beginning to the end.

Shocking in a way that Gin was killed – perhaps even more shocking was that both Gin and the professor at the other end died. Shouldn’t it have been that just the body died and Gin would have been trapped on Earth in the parpalegic’s body?

Also the whole deal with the crew not being able to stop the clock seemed odd – Rush was able to drop out of FTL before without a clock so why was this time different?


1. Chris - November 21, 2010

I almost feel like Gin’s death was something I don’t care about. The only way they built up her character was by making her have a 1 episode romance with Eli. Her loss doesn’t really shake things up much.

2. Dilly dally - November 22, 2010

SGU is really racking up awesome episodes this season. I was more upset about Mandy Perry being killed than Gin. Mandy was a great recurring character and the only person Rush had left on Earth that he really cared for. It was heart breaking that just when they were both ready to move beyond friendship she’s murdered. I don’t think Rush will get over this in a hurry.

3. Samuel Stevenson - November 27, 2010

I agree but Gin was so F****** hot!!! Why do the hot characters always die or get turned into aliens?

4. Kenny - December 12, 2010

I think Gin would’ve been a really good character going forward. But killing either on at this point is a mistake to me.

If it were me maybe I’d have had Gin’s body in a coma not dead. And the stones wouldn’t switch them back. Episode or two later she comes out of it with the chair or some other ancient tech. Maybe they find an advanced medical bay on Destiny in an unexplored area.

When she comes out of it they finally switch back.

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[…] didn’t believe she was actually dead. Eli is the best character on the show and he wasn’t going to cheated that […]

6. Jerry - April 5, 2011

I agree with Samuel Stevenson, Gin is very HOT. And I’m glad shes back. Allthough, Amanda Perry ain’t too bad herself, two great char. I’m glad to see still there. This version of Stargate takes the cake. Best one yet.

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