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Doctor Who – The Pandorica Open to the Big Bang 2 Flop July 25, 2010

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alrighty at long last (and thanks to Amazon’s video on demand) We’ve now finally caught up and seen the final two episodes of Matt Smith’s inaugural season as Doctor Who.

The Pandorica Opens – was brilliant wasn’t it? a box made to contain the most dangerous thing in the universe – which turns out to be the good doctor himself – we did not see that one coming.

the return of Rory was a bit lame -but hey it kinda sorta worked.

The Big Bang episode however – did not work. We really like River – she’s an awesome character and hopefully we learn her secrets sooner rather than later…

Beyond that though the attempt to tie together the entire season – the crack in the wall – was a good idea , but poorly executed. It really didn’t make sense.

The only thing that we liked was how in the end, Amy finally does get married…then again it could have been a great continuing saga to have her always a day away from being married.

Caprica returns in January – Proof that SyFy hates its fans July 22, 2010

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What’s wrong with the management at SyFy?

This week they announced that Caprica would be returning for the second half of its first season — ok that’s good news – but that SUCKY news is that the second half of the first season won’t air till 2011.

What the FRAK is the point?

Why string fans on soooo long?

Haven’t the show already been produced?

Maybe in the change from SciFi Channel to SyFy they decided they had to make fans wait for stuff…then again the delay between half seasons of Battlestar Galactica was horrible too.

Frankly we just don’t get it.

New Tron Legacy Comicon trailer July 22, 2010

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You know what – we liked the last set of teaser trailer better — but hey this one is no slouch either.

Flynn – and evil Flynn are revealed – we’ve got a femme fatale and oh yeah a new light plane too to add to the light bikes.

Iain M Banks – Inversions – Review – Not quite a Culture novel is it? July 17, 2010

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We’ve become big fans of Iain M Banks and his Culture novels (recently we reviewed Player of Games).

Inversions is a very different book in that the Culture never actually shows up. There are no big grand ships or Orbitals…but there is an old dagger in the Doctor’s boot which obviously is a Knife-Missile.

The whole dueling tales of the Doctor and the Bodguard are brilliantly intertwined and we get a ‘hint’ of the culture (and maybe even Special Cirucumstances) but the viewpoint of the narrator, doens’t know of the culture.

Yes this is an entertaining book — but not in the way we might have expected. The backward ‘ancient’ ways of this planet (do we ever learn its name?) are never ‘outted’ by the Culture – then again De War does have that little on-going story about Lavisha…

No we didn’t see the ending coming — but the again that’s the best part of Banks books isn’t it? The fact that there is always some kind of magnificent conclusion that makes sense — but is still very much a surprise.

Happy 70th – Sir Patrick ‘Jean-Luc Picard’ Patrick ! July 13, 2010

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Patrick Stewart celebrates his 70th birthday today!

Sure Stewart was an actor long before Star Trek TNG made him into a SciFi icon.

We remember well watching him as the evil Sejanus in I,Claudius (1974..) ..but for us here at ShowMeSciFi.com..it is his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard which we will always think off first.

Picard was the most the core element in that first episode of TNG that held the show together -his Shakesperean presence gave the show an order of dramatic magnititude trek had never seen before — or since.

Star Wars Legacy #49 – What Now Dark Horse???? July 12, 2010

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It’s hard to believe and accept that Star Wars Legacy is almost done.
Issue #49 is the second last issue and there is so much left undiscovered and unresolved.
So we’ve got Cade still on a Sith killing mission and that’s great, he’s now on Utapau knocking down the sith and he’ll come in contact with the Galactic Alliance too for the first time in…oh what 50 issues?!!

The Princess Fel being held by her former Imperial Knight master – now turned Sith – is kinda of a neat twist too..but with so much going on , it’s impact is marginal.

How will this series end? Will Fel return to control? Where is Krayt? Will Cade Skywalker become the Emperor?

so very many things going on..this series could AND SHOULD continued for a very long time.

It’s a shame and a travesty that Dark Horse is ending this series at #50. They’ve promised some kind of surprise — so we’ll see what they’ve got in store…but seeing as Legacy is without a doubt ..THE GREATEST STAR WARS COMIC OF ALL TIME …we doubt they’ll surprise us.
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Doctor Who : The Lodger – and the Time Lord mind meld head butt! July 12, 2010

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Vulcan’s have their mind meld ..and apparently Time Lords have the head butt.
The Lodger was an ok episode ..weaker than some of the others this season..but we learn some neat new things about this new doctor.

yeah the head butt memory transfer thing was cool…it was also neat how he picked up soccer real fast too (how did he do that?)

And the bluetooth headset to communicate with Amy in the Tardis was also a neat new item too.

The alien ship on the flat that was ‘destroyed’ by humans that loved each other…kinda lame…

But hey still a fun episode — Matt Smith continues to entertain us overall.

Doctor Who : Vincent and the Doctor paint an amazing scifi picture July 11, 2010

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yeaah we know, we’re not as fast as those in the UK when it comes to watching Doctor Who — and sure we’re even behind BBC America too…We’re getting out Doctor Who fix by buying episodes from Amazon now and we’re up to — Vincent and the Doctor

What a great episode that works on so many different levels. Sure it’s always great to see the Doctor visit historical figures but the twist with the blind ‘monster alien’ was neat on so many levels.

The fact that Vincent van Gough could also detect Amy’s pain (at the loss of Rory even though she didn’t know it..) was also a neat twist. We didn’t see a crack in the wall in this episode (or did we?), but hey a fine entertaining episode…

and we don’t recall seeing that device (mirror and printer) that could identify objects, though it sure seemed like a throwback to something the Doctor might have used in the 1960’s…

Chad Vader Season 3 Ep6 – Chad’s Eclipse… July 9, 2010

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Finally — Vampires in Empire Market…

we haven’t seen that before…

we also haven’t had as good an episode as this in a few weeks either, great humor, situations and dialogue all around.

Take you to your destination, Yoda will – and he does awesome GPS navigation vids too July 8, 2010

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Back in May, GPS vendor TomTom released their first Star Wars themed GPS voices – with a Darth Vader module.

Now they’re moving away for the Dark Side with a new Yoda voice that is soo amazing you too will use the Force to find your destination.

As was the case with the Darth Vader GPS module, the good folks at TomTom have put together a behind the scenes video with the 900 year old Jedi Master himself.

Drive or Drive Not, there is Bus.

Superman #700 What’s Next after New Krypton? July 7, 2010

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Superman #700 – wow..how many titles last so long?

This is an omnibus with a few interesting stories – and a few not so interesting ones.

There is a ‘cute’ little story about Superman helping out Robin (Dick Grayson) which we enjoyed.

On the – not so enjoyable side — Superman after the monumental events of New Krypton – has some second thoughts about his hero stature..after a woman whose husband he could not save slaps him.

Look – superman can’t save everyone right? So why did he get so down?

This is the direction of the new Superman creative team – and NO WE DON’T LIKE IT.

New Krypton was an awesome story arc – but a moody superman that is examining his own shortcomings isn’t a superman that we personally find all that entertaining.
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Firefly Browncoats: Redemption Shows off Third Trailer for Firefly Fan Flic July 6, 2010

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Yeaah we were excited when we first heard about the Firefly fan flic – Browncoats: Redemption.

AND yes we’re still excited now.

No this isn’t going to be a Joss Whedon classic – but it’s the only real action going on in the ‘verse now and we’ll be taking what browncoat goodness we can get – and be much obliged for it.

Legion of Super Heroes #2 Interesting but Also Very Confusing July 6, 2010

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Legion of Super Heroes #2 is an interesting – though confusing issue.

Saturn Girl is still looking for here missing kids and then out of nowhere we get Saturn Queen wrecking the Legion with her mind control.

Saturn Queen?

The writers seem to be on a bent to introduce as many legionaires as possible in every issue and that’s a challenge for us as readers – trying to keep it all straight.

No we’re not giving up on this series (yet), but a bit more focus, would make this a whole lot more enjoyable.
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Buck Rogers Comic from Dynamite Wraps up – With a really Lame finale July 5, 2010

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So…we finally got the FINAL issue of Buck Rogers, and we finally got around to reading it.



Dynamite Entertainment the publishers of this series should be ashamed of themselves. They had such a great character, a neat twist and some awesome visuals and they FRAKKED IT ALL UP!!

In this final issue – we still have no clue why the moon robots were left behind, or what happened to the people – it’s all just glossed over.

One frame falls to the next with little continuity – Princess Ardalla lays claim to the moon? come on….

But the worst part is how this book has left us hanging.

If this is the FINAL ISSUE – which it is — why introduce a new character? Buck’s daughter from the past – now traveling to the future – is an amazing twist. We want to know more.

Instead we get the END of the series.

What a downer and what a horrible way to end something that could have been so much better.
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Doctor Who – The Hungry Earth Eats Rorry – Long Live Homo Reptilius! July 4, 2010

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Really? Rory is dead?

The hungry earth and cold blood episodes again challenged the normal scifi TV groove.

Homo Reptilius? really? a pre hom0-sapien sentient species? amazing…and what at neat treatment too.

what was shocking about this episode though of course was that Rory got killed – isn’t the Doctor supposed to save everyone? Since when do ppl die on Doctor Who?

Overall another fine episode, with a new look at Earth’s species and an interesting shift for Amy (with the loss of Rory) and of course the tear in the wall /space/time fabric.

What is that thing?