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Buck Rogers Comic from Dynamite Wraps up – With a really Lame finale July 5, 2010

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So…we finally got the FINAL issue of Buck Rogers, and we finally got around to reading it.



Dynamite Entertainment the publishers of this series should be ashamed of themselves. They had such a great character, a neat twist and some awesome visuals and they FRAKKED IT ALL UP!!

In this final issue – we still have no clue why the moon robots were left behind, or what happened to the people – it’s all just glossed over.

One frame falls to the next with little continuity – Princess Ardalla lays claim to the moon? come on….

But the worst part is how this book has left us hanging.

If this is the FINAL ISSUE – which it is — why introduce a new character? Buck’s daughter from the past – now traveling to the future – is an amazing twist. We want to know more.

Instead we get the END of the series.

What a downer and what a horrible way to end something that could have been so much better.
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1. Joachim Boaz - July 5, 2010

have you seen the old Buck Rogers show?

Is it worth watching?

2. Aeomer - July 28, 2010

Yes, S1 – Yes, S2 – No.

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