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Buck Rogers Comic from Dynamite Wraps up – With a really Lame finale July 5, 2010

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So…we finally got the FINAL issue of Buck Rogers, and we finally got around to reading it.



Dynamite Entertainment the publishers of this series should be ashamed of themselves. They had such a great character, a neat twist and some awesome visuals and they FRAKKED IT ALL UP!!

In this final issue – we still have no clue why the moon robots were left behind, or what happened to the people – it’s all just glossed over.

One frame falls to the next with little continuity – Princess Ardalla lays claim to the moon? come on….

But the worst part is how this book has left us hanging.

If this is the FINAL ISSUE – which it is — why introduce a new character? Buck’s daughter from the past – now traveling to the future – is an amazing twist. We want to know more.

Instead we get the END of the series.

What a downer and what a horrible way to end something that could have been so much better.
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Dynamite Kills Buck Rogers at issue #12 – Stalls shipping final issue June 17, 2010

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We’ve been a fan of Dynamite Entertainment’s Buck Roger revival since the very first issue….actually no we weren’t.

But the series did grow on us and we have looked forward to each new issue to see which way the plot would go.

The last issue we reviewed — #11 – Buck takes on the man on the moon. In issue #10 Buck fights a dude that looks like Hawkman. In #9 he fights the airlords of Han.

In issue #8, Buck loses his ship — again but this time to a nuclear blast underneath the Earth.

Now we find out that issue #12 is the last issue.


This comic has more room, more potential and it’s just now hitting its stride. We still don’t know so much about Buck’s past and there is more to see in his future.

But the geniuses that run Dynamite Entertainment apparently think this comic has no legs..so they cut Buck off at the knees.

It was a fun run while it lasted…

But where is this final issue?


It was supposed to be out on May 26th but never actually shipped. So to add insult to injury, Buck Rogers is canceled by Dynamite and then they shaft the fans by not shipping the final issue (yet? or ever???)

Buck Rogers #10 – Buck fights the Han and a dude that looks like Hawkman April 20, 2010

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issue #10 finds Buck on the Han airship — as it turns out they like prawns (eew).

A relatively simple romp in this issue, that doesn’t really solve much other than to lead us to the next set of bad guys.

Yeaah there is another set.

After fighting genetic mutations, humans that live below ground, humans that live in the air..

It’s now time for Buck to fight humans that live on the moon.
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Battlestar Galactica Season Zero #3 November 20, 2007

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A new story arc takes shape and it looks real good so far. A series of terrorist attacks takes place across the colonies, and the Battlestar Galactica is in charge of the investigation. A nice multi-threaded story with decent art, dialogue and action.

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – while Mr. Moore decides on when Season 4 will ever show up (and the awesomeness of Razor aside). Dynamites Battlestar Galactica comics are really great avenue to get your BSG fix.

Pacing follows a BSG TV episode.

Characters are the same.

Plots could easily have fallen out of Mr. Moore’s own script book too.