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Star Trek Ship Armada – rare chance to get a whole bunch of ships September 19, 2007

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It’s hard to find decent Star Trek ships these days online or offline.

That’s why as part of ShowMeSciFi.com’s irregular look at SciFi on eBay we’re very excited at this lot of 7 (count’em yourself) Star Trek ships.

It’s enough to build your Starfleet!

This auction doesn’t end until – Sep-22-07 19:00:41 PDT – so you’ve got a little bit of time to get on the board with this (Star Trek ship auction)

Classic Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise

Star Trek: Generations U.S.S. Enterprise-B

Star Trek: U.S.S. Enterprise-D

Star Trek: Insurrection U.S.S. Enterprise-E

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Space Station DS9

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine U.S.S. Defiant

Star Trek: Voyager U.S.S. Voyager

Not sure how high bidding will go on this but check it out for yourself -click the following link: Star Trek ship Armada – and hey if you win let us know (we’re jealous already)!

Uhura Cast for Star Trek XI..And She’s a Fan!! September 18, 2007

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Zoe Saldana has been picked to be the new Uhura for the new Star Trek movie.

Saldana who has previously been in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and The Terminal (with Tom Hanks) already knows a thing or two about Vulcans.

Uhura’s casting follows casting for Scotty (with a scotsman), Chekov (with a real Russian), Spock (with a guy that has pointy ears). The secret script has apparently been completed and Star Trek XI should be in theatres for X-mas 2008.

Now if they could only cast Kirk…

But without any futher do..here is the future Uhura showing us what she knows about vulcans. Live Long and Prosper Zoe Saldana!

Live for Star Trek? How about a Star Trek casket? September 17, 2007

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We’ve got star trek dating and weddings. So why no Star Trek funerals?

Casket and Urn maker Eternal Image has licensed the right to use Star Trek images on its funeral products.

“These licensed-image Star Trek products offer true fans a unique expression of their commitment to the franchise. For many years fans have asked for these types of products – or made their own – and we believe the Star Trek audience will embrace the idea which will create a very strong demand,” Clint Mytych, CEO Eternal Image said in a statement.

The actual casket haven’t yet been produced though I suspect they’ll be much like the major league baseball ones they already have.

While the idea of a Star Trek casket is kinda neat and freaky at the same time – the only time you ever see caskets on Star Trek (the show) is when they’re being shot out into space.

How Much Is A Star Trek NCC-1701-B Playmates Ship Worth? September 16, 2007

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How Much Is A Star Trek NCC-1701-B Playmates Ship Worth? The easy answer is..depends on what you’re willing to pay for it.

Though the NCC 1701B playmates ship (the one that Kirk got sucked into the Nexus from in Star Trek Generations) is extremely rare..this past weekend there was recently at least three (3) auctions for it on eBay. We here at ShowMeSciFi.com tracked them all to try and see what the ship was worth..

Here’s the breakdown..

The first ship – went for $22.66 after starting at $9.99 and solicited 3 bids from 3 bidders.

The second ship – was won for $31.00 – also started at $9.99 though this auction solicited 4 bidders and 9 bids.

The third ship was won for – $31.56 – started at $9.95 and was a very active auction – with 5 bidders and 16 bids.

From the pics and the descriptions both ships appear to have been equivalent – so I’d say the first auction winner got the better deal – though both winners should be very pleased as winning this ship for anything less than $65 or so in my book is a real steal.

Star Trek Remastered Season 1 DVD Teaser Trailer September 2, 2007

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CBS is going all out with its high quality remastered version of Star Trek season one. We’ve already seen the awesome special effects that have been layered in – but what the DVD promises is oohhh so much more.

Inline commentary, scene by scene comparisons and a degree of interactivity that i don’t think i’ve ever seen on any SciFi DVD – EVER.

Star Trek remastered is set to come out in November and it looks like
Amazon is already doing pre-orders at 30 percent of MSRP. Check it out for yourself . The only issue is that its HD-DVD (which adds to the cost) though its a dual format release meaning it will run on regular DVD players as well.

Star Trek.com just put out an 8 minute teaser trailer that lays it all out – in all of its glory.

Star Trek XI Chekov To Be Played by Russian Actor August 30, 2007

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First Scotty played by a Scotsman

Now Chekov being played by a Russian. I guess J.J.Abrams and his casting staff on Star Trek XI are aiming for real ethnic authenticity.

Anton Yelchin – a relative unknown in North America has been officially cast as Chekov…
I wonder if he’ll be able to find the ..’nucleal wessel…”

There are also active rumors circulating today on Uhura…nothing official yet though.

And the big question – who will be Kirk still remains.

Star Trek New Voyages : World Enough And Time : CRASH AND BURN! August 28, 2007

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Like many, we were eagerly looking forward to the latest Star Trek fan flick from the New Voyages people. Episode three which was officialy set for release last week had George Takei in it no less.

We got halfway through the Episode – which by far is the slickest yet and could stand in for nearly any classic era show – and then the download stream stopped and it hasn’t started back again.

Apparently the show was so popular that it crashed the servers!

Here’s hoping they get the technical and Financial support they need – from top to bottom, from script to soundtrack to special effect this is a top notch production that is second to none.

Star Trek Remastered – On CBS Now – On DVD in November August 24, 2007

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The wait is almost over for those of us that haven’t Tivo’ed all the CBS broadcasts of the remastered classic Trek.

Remastered classic Star Trek is the original show, with better special effects, sound and overall image quality.

CBS has been airing the first season across its network in 2007 and will be continuing the effort through at least 2008. A DVD and HD-DVD combo set is set for a November 20th, 2007 release – but sadly no Amazon pre-order on this yet.

Though i’ve seen a few of the remastered episodes (and yes they’re OUT OF THIS WORLD AWESOME)…the price for the season one remastered DVD set is also out of this world at of $217.99. The regular non-remastered Star Trek in comparison retails for around $70.

CBS is also forcing HD users to use HD-DVD as opposed to having a Blu-Ray formatted DVD which also really sucks.

Drinking Klingon Blood Draft Beer At Quarks August 1, 2007

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I find myself in Las Vegas this week (again). When in Vegas i always visit the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton – i dunno i guess it’s the only ‘geeky’ scifi attraction that speaks to me so it’s the only thing i visit repeatedly.

This time I actually ate and drank there too. That is at the recreation of Quark’s bar from the DS9 promenade. It’s an experience that i hope all star trek fans get to have at least once.

No regular ales here…only Romulan.

NO Klingon Blood wine – but there was a Klingon Blood Draft – a red beer that was quite tasty.

No sports nonesense on the screens..only Trek episodes and..BONUS real fans behind the counter. The bartender and I had a solid discussion on the merits of the last episode of Star Trek Enterprise.

The dude also whipped out his iPod on which he had the remastered version of Star Trek classic and let me watch an episode on it.

Drink dispensing isn’t normal either. Though not quite a replicate – with a flash strobe light the effect is ..well ‘materializing’.

The menu is loaded with Star Trek themed materials too – this time i had the Rings of Betazed – can you guess what that is?…

Onion Rings.

Check out the menu for yourself.

Spock is a Hero! July 27, 2007

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Yesterday at San Diego Comic Con Zachary Quinto took the stage alongside Leonard Nimoy to confirm who will be Spock in Star Trek XI.

Zachary Quinto – not a bad choice since the dude really does have ‘vulcan’ like features.

No word yet on who will play Kirk, McKoy, Uhura or Scotty. But the film is set to start principal photography in November.

Star Trek Inspirational Posters – AWESOME July 14, 2007

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We’ve all seen the ‘inspirational’ posters in local malls..the Star Trek variety are a bit more interesting for those of us that prefer Trek.

It’s a great idea with some really keen satire too.

Check them all out on the full Star Trek Inspirational Posters site.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Contest discontinued by Simon and Shuster July 10, 2007

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After 10 magnificent years of the most interesting contest in Star Trek lore, publisher Simon and Shuster is pulling the plug on the Strange New Worlds contest.

Volume 10 available now, is the last one.

This is the contest that allowed anyone to submit their short Star Trek fiction and have a shot at publication. By ending this publication Simon and Shuster is cutting the heart out of amateur writers that want to break into the game.

There is nothing else like this contest currently available. The discontinuation of this series is a disaster and morbid day for all Star Trek fans.

Ten years ago Pocket Books offered Star Trek fans a unique opportunity. Long before the Internet, Star Trek fans had written their own stories, which they then shared among friends and family. Now, the fans were offered a chance to become a part of the Star Trek mythos. A contest sponsored by Pocket Books would publish and pay for the best stories submitted by non-professional writers. And over the course of a decade, hundreds of pounds of submissions poured in. Many of the writers who submitted to Strange New Worlds went on to become professional writers.

As of 2007, we will be discontinuing the publication of Strange New Worlds.

Pocket Books is proud to have sponsored the only contest of this kind ever offered to the readers of their books. And over the years with the co-operation of Paramount Pictures, and now CBS Consumer Products, Pocket Books has published ten volumes of short stories “by the fans for the fans.” We would like to thank everyone who ever submitted a story to Strange New Worlds, and everyone who worked behind-the-scenes to make it all happen.

Why is this successful contest being terminated? We don’t know. All we know is that the Star Trek franchise is once again FRAKKING over its fans.

Star Trek XI Will Include Shatner June 29, 2007

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How could it not? Shatner is the personification of Trek and if a movie comes out during the classic era – and Shatner is still alive – i’d personally be appalled if Shatner wasn’t in the movie.

There were some rumors recently that Shatner had been snubbed.

Apparently the writers of the new Star Trek XI script think that’s not right.

We’re certainly hoping to include him in the shoot,” Scriptwriter Roberto Orci told MTV “Because we have nothing but reverence and awe for the man.”

FRAKIN right.

Star Trek XI Script Is Complete June 26, 2007

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Apparantly a draft of the Star Trek XI script has now been completed. This is the Trek movie that will simply be called Star Trek and serve as a prequel to the classic series.

Star Trek” is a miles-long minefield of established chronology, laid down over four decades, one that Mr. Orci and Mr. Kurtzman must be careful not to tamper with or contradict. But they say that by focusing their film (already scheduled for a Christmas 2008 release) on the earliest adventures of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, they can avoid most of these perils.

“What was a little daunting,” Mr. Kurtzman said, “was while we were writing it, they sent over a poster with the release date on it. We hadn’t written ‘fade in’ yet.”

Mr. Orci added: “We’ve never had a movie poster before we’ve had a script. That’s pressure.” – New York Times

Pressure indeed. Enterpise was GAAAAAAAAWD aweful show and that was a prequel. How they intend to pull this off – without William Shatner apparently too- is beyond me. This is a Kobyashi Maru scenario…no one wins.

Star Trek The Next Generation Gets US Postal Stamps June 26, 2007

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Last month it was Star Wars (at USPSjedimaster.com) and now it looks like Star Trek TNG is going postal too.

It’s all in honor to the 20th Anniversary of Star Trek The Next Generation – (hard to believe it has been 20 years..)

Unlike the Star Wars stamps though the Star Trek stamps aren’t available at USPS outlets across the nation..but only exclusively through Creation Entertainment (they do Trek Conventions).

They’re selling them now on eBay and apparently only have some 200 units available for auction.Each set includes 10 pages of stamps (10 stamps per page), so you will have 100 total stamps.

Check out the bidding now…boldy go

Star Trek’s Planet Vulcan is real? May 17, 2007

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NASA has just posted a video titled ‘Search for Spocks Home’ on the JPL site.

According to Star Trek canon Vulcan is located orbitting the star we know as 40 Eridani A.

Guess what?

It’s real and NASA’s got a plan to find out what’s out there.

But is it logical?

and will life, Live Long & Prosper there?

Thank God You’re Here – Jason Alexander Star Trek Spoof April 19, 2007

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Seinfeld almunus Jason Alexander (George) is well known for his Shatner/Kirk schtick.

In one of the funniest examples yet from him of his Shatner/Kirk talent Alexander was on the new ‘ Thank God You’re Here improv show last week and he really laid it on thick.

Funniest part? Mid-way through when  the crew asks Jason Alexander to start the launch sequence…


Hey! J.J. Abrams!! (Star Trek Movie producer) how bout casting Jason Alexander in the next movie?

Make your own Enterprise – out of paperclips! March 13, 2007

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Forget about doodling or using paperclips to clean under your nails (admit it you’ve done it! i know you have!!).

YOU CAN now put those restless clips to good work in defense of the United Federation of Planets.

Full how to instructions are available here.

Star Trek The Next Generation Turns 20 March 12, 2007

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It’s hard to believe that it has been 20 years since Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) first premiered.

I remember very well the first time I saw the first episode (Encounter at Farpoint) thinking man they sure do zoom in alot on that Picard guy, but holy crap Q is cool.

While you can’t argue with the fact that Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan really brought back Star Trek as a franchise.

You similarly simply cannot argue that Star Trek TNG is not responsible for the resurrection of Star Trek on TV. TNG introduced us to androids and klingons on the bridge, a blind ship’s engineer. Q, the Borg, the holodeck. Ferengi and countless other icons that are now staples of the SciFi lexicon.

Two of the best TNG episodes ever are the first episode (Encounter at Farpoint) and the very last one, All Good Things Must Come To An End. It was a show that has held our attention and imaginations for 20 years. It was also the last Star Trek in which Star Trek creator and visionary Gene Roddenberry had a direct hand.

It’s unfortunate that it did come to an end, and now with TNG’s cast no longer in the Star Trek movies it is somewhat sad to think that it has been 20 years since it all began. It is even sadder given the dismal failure that was Star Trek Enterprise and the disaster in progress known as Star Trek XI.

Perhaps  TNG’s writers did have to right in the end as all good things must come to and end.

Star Trek as The Next Generation officially turns 20 the week of September 28, 2007. Starting from March of 2007 Paramount will start to roll out a new 20th Anniversary logo on the StarTrek.com site as well as on licensed Star Trek products .

Star Trek XI – Will Simply Be Called Trek March 10, 2007

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Multiple news outlets are confirming that Star Trek XI will be called:

Not Wrath of Kahn (ST 2)

Not Search for Spoke (ST 3)

Not the Voyage Home (ST 4)

Not the Final Frontier (ST 5)

Not the Undiscovered Country (ST6)

Not Generations (ST 7)

Not First Contact (ST 8 )

Not Insurrection (ST 9)

Not Nemesis (ST 10)


How freaking lame is that? HOw lazy are these SOBs putting this movie together?

Apparently no actors have been signed and the screenplay isn’t done yet either. BUT apparently these braniacs already know that they are releasing this ‘generically titled’ Star Trek flik for Xmas 2008.

If the Star Trek franchise were in my hands – i would title Star Trek XI – The Neutral Zone and just have it as all all out battle royale between the Federation, Klingons and Romulans.