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Drinking Klingon Blood Draft Beer At Quarks August 1, 2007

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I find myself in Las Vegas this week (again). When in Vegas i always visit the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton – i dunno i guess it’s the only ‘geeky’ scifi attraction that speaks to me so it’s the only thing i visit repeatedly.

This time I actually ate and drank there too. That is at the recreation of Quark’s bar from the DS9 promenade. It’s an experience that i hope all star trek fans get to have at least once.

No regular ales here…only Romulan.

NO Klingon Blood wine – but there was a Klingon Blood Draft – a red beer that was quite tasty.

No sports nonesense on the screens..only Trek episodes and..BONUS real fans behind the counter. The bartender and I had a solid discussion on the merits of the last episode of Star Trek Enterprise.

The dude also whipped out his iPod on which he had the remastered version of Star Trek classic and let me watch an episode on it.

Drink dispensing isn’t normal either. Though not quite a replicate – with a flash strobe light the effect is ..well ‘materializing’.

The menu is loaded with Star Trek themed materials too – this time i had the Rings of Betazed – can you guess what that is?…

Onion Rings.

Check out the menu for yourself.

Star Trek The Next Generation Turns 20 March 12, 2007

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It’s hard to believe that it has been 20 years since Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) first premiered.

I remember very well the first time I saw the first episode (Encounter at Farpoint) thinking man they sure do zoom in alot on that Picard guy, but holy crap Q is cool.

While you can’t argue with the fact that Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan really brought back Star Trek as a franchise.

You similarly simply cannot argue that Star Trek TNG is not responsible for the resurrection of Star Trek on TV. TNG introduced us to androids and klingons on the bridge, a blind ship’s engineer. Q, the Borg, the holodeck. Ferengi and countless other icons that are now staples of the SciFi lexicon.

Two of the best TNG episodes ever are the first episode (Encounter at Farpoint) and the very last one, All Good Things Must Come To An End. It was a show that has held our attention and imaginations for 20 years. It was also the last Star Trek in which Star Trek creator and visionary Gene Roddenberry had a direct hand.

It’s unfortunate that it did come to an end, and now with TNG’s cast no longer in the Star Trek movies it is somewhat sad to think that it has been 20 years since it all began. It is even sadder given the dismal failure that was Star Trek Enterprise and the disaster in progress known as Star Trek XI.

Perhaps  TNG’s writers did have to right in the end as all good things must come to and end.

Star Trek as The Next Generation officially turns 20 the week of September 28, 2007. Starting from March of 2007 Paramount will start to roll out a new 20th Anniversary logo on the StarTrek.com site as well as on licensed Star Trek products .