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Star Trek The Next Generation Turns 20 March 12, 2007

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It’s hard to believe that it has been 20 years since Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) first premiered.

I remember very well the first time I saw the first episode (Encounter at Farpoint) thinking man they sure do zoom in alot on that Picard guy, but holy crap Q is cool.

While you can’t argue with the fact that Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan really brought back Star Trek as a franchise.

You similarly simply cannot argue that Star Trek TNG is not responsible for the resurrection of Star Trek on TV. TNG introduced us to androids and klingons on the bridge, a blind ship’s engineer. Q, the Borg, the holodeck. Ferengi and countless other icons that are now staples of the SciFi lexicon.

Two of the best TNG episodes ever are the first episode (Encounter at Farpoint) and the very last one, All Good Things Must Come To An End. It was a show that has held our attention and imaginations for 20 years. It was also the last Star Trek in which Star Trek creator and visionary Gene Roddenberry had a direct hand.

It’s unfortunate that it did come to an end, and now with TNG’s cast no longer in the Star Trek movies it is somewhat sad to think that it has been 20 years since it all began. It is even sadder given the dismal failure that was Star Trek Enterprise and the disaster in progress known as Star Trek XI.

Perhaps  TNG’s writers did have to right in the end as all good things must come to and end.

Star Trek as The Next Generation officially turns 20 the week of September 28, 2007. Starting from March of 2007 Paramount will start to roll out a new 20th Anniversary logo on the StarTrek.com site as well as on licensed Star Trek products .


1. drmike - March 13, 2007

Well, now I feel old.

2. John Campbell Rees - March 13, 2007

I remeber seeing An Encounter at Farpoint when I was a student, back in 1987. I honestly cannot believe that 20 years have passed since then. In the intervening years I have learned to loathe TNG and now regard it as the antiTrek, the lowpoint in the franchise.

3. showmescifi - March 13, 2007

The antiTrek? If anything is the antiTrek it would be enterprise which completely disregards star trek canon.

4. John Campbell Rees - March 23, 2007

WWell, for me, TNG is the only one the did not fit.

Star Trek: Enterprise: Drama and excitement as mankind boldly goes into space seeking out new life and civilisations.Star Trek (Original Series): Drama and Excitement as the Starship Enterprise patrolled the dangerous frontiers of the United Federation of Planets, visiting new life and civilisations.
Star Trek movies 1-6: Drama an excitement on the Starship Enterprise. Encountering new life and civilations.
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Social workers patroling their safe Federation in a comfortable Starship enterprise. Not encountering new life or civilisations
Star Trek: Deep Space 9: Drama and excitement on the frontier of the United Federation of Planets. Leading to all out war with New Life and Civilisations.
Star Trek: Voyager: Drama an excitement as a disperate thrown together crew struggle to get home to the United Federation of Planets. In doing so encountering new life and civilisations.

Do you see the pattern, Next Generation is the only series where the crew of the Enterprise never boldy go anywhere. In each situation they have a case conference in the Captain’s Ready Room, like good little civil servants.

5. Joshua Stevenson - April 20, 2007

John Campbell Rees you have strange taste. TNG is by far the best of the series as general public opinion shows. It may not have the action and excitement of some of the others in the franchise but is by the far the most well written and thought provoking, and definitely has the best crew.

6. C - July 21, 2007

John Campbell Rees, YOU are the anti-trek.

7. Glenn - December 4, 2008

Actually it has been said by many people, and not just fans but people that have worked in the franchise, that Gene would be very disappointed with DS9, and Voyager. If memory serves even Majel Roddenberry stated that Gene would have disappointed with DS9. Some of those same people state that TNG came to be Gene’s favorite.

Gene’s vision was that humanity work together in piece, with all people being equal. A vision that could be seen when he cast one of the first black woman and a russian in the orginal. Both The orginal and TNG for the most part traveled around making new friends and truely trying to better humanity. Picard said it best in First Contact, “Money is no longer the driving factor in our lives, we strive to better ourselves, and the rest of humanity.”

Unfortunately during TNG Gene died (1991 if memory serves) and 2 years later we got DS9 and even later, Voyager. DS9 certainly wasn’t out to make friends or further mankind. Ok, maybe at first they were making friends but a couple years in they spent all their time at war with someone. Actually if your really want to talk about “Social workers” thats EXACTLY what DS9 started out as. Sisko was there to baby sit the Bajorians and if need be, protect them from the Cardassians. Sisko, himself didn’t have the “further mankind” mentality, he was constantly bitching that he didn’t want to be there.

Voyager was also lacking when it came to adhereing to Genes’ vision either. They got in fights with everyone.

This is why alot of people think that Gene would be disappointed with DS9 and Voyager. Personally I don’t believe he would be to horrorably disappointed with Voyager but I have no question he would have disliked most of DS9.

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