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Iron Man Live Action Movie set for May 2008 April 30, 2007

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Director Jon Favreau confirmed on his blog  that the Iron Man movie is going well with at least two Iron Man suits in production for the movie.

The first teaser trailer for the movie could come as soon as the San Diego Comic Con which Favreau will be at.

No doubt Marvel and Favreau and banking on MASSIVE bucks from Spiderman to keep the demand for comic character movies hot. I really REALLY hope they don’t screw it up like Ghost Rider. Iron Man is an awesome character and if this movie is done right with the right plot and real understanding of who/what Iron Man is all about it, we could have another motion picture comic book hero franchise to cheer for.

New Flash Gordon Actor Not a Flash Gordon Fan April 30, 2007

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You would think that a character like Flash Gordon that’s been around for more than 70 years would have a large and loyal fan base.

Apparently  Eric Johnson the smallville actor that SciFi has tapped to play Flash Gordon in the new series, only knew the name Flash Gordon and nothing about the character before he started preparing for the show. As reported by ShowMeSciFi in February SciFi is bringing back Flash Gordon for at least 22 episodes in a re-imagined series.

What kind of an idiotic move is this??! I mean COME ON! Who hasn’t seen the the 80’s Flash Gordon? It’s a cult freakin classic after all.

 “I didn’t know much more than the name Flash Gordon, but the Internet helped me a lot, and people sent me links,” Johnson said in an interview . “There was this Biography Channel bio on Flash Gordon that talked about the mythology and the writers and the actors. Then it was interesting just finding out what other people knew.” Johnson’s own grandmother was a reader of the original newspaper comic strip, which was created in 1934 by legendary comic-strip artist Alex Raymond and is still distributed internationally by King Features Syndicate.

Though the new Flash series has found it’s Flash (who doesn’t know Flash) it has yet to cast for Dr. Hans Zarkov and Dale Arden, Flash’s love interest. It is unknown as to who is cast as Ming the Merciless but here’s hoping he’s a Flash Gordon fan and not some washed up reject.

Star Wars The Sith War April 30, 2007

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Star Wars The Sith War is quite possibly THE BEST tales of Jedi graphic novel of the Old Republic ever published.

This is the story of Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma..it’s not a simple straight forward ‘comic’ tale but an engaging thoughtful epic story.

Far too often Star Wars stories are rote formula, this book though true to Star Wars has back and forth action, more Jedi than I could count and Sith that are truly evil and outwardly bent on the fall of the republic – no shady subterfuge here just brute force Jedi vs. Sith.

Personally i would have chosen this book to be part of the 30th Anniversary Star Wars Hardcover collection – apparently Dark Horse thought it had better titles..while The Uprising of Freedon Nad is an excellent tale as is Jedi vs Sith both those books pale in comparison to the Sith War.

Golden Age of the Sith and Fall of the Sith Empire are both solid titles as well, but I’d still take The Sith War as my number one fav.

Exar Kun’s march to the Dark Side and ultimate entombment on Yavin IV would have made for a much MUCH better story than Lucas told in Episodes 1 and 2…too bad this won’t ever be a Lucas produced movie.

Battlestar Galatica Zarek issue # 4 The Circle Is Complete April 29, 2007

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Zarek isn’t just a freedom fighter, he’s also a hero that saved lives when the Cylon invasion happened.

What’s more he returned to the prison barge that was transferring him to a parole hearing once he saved people from the Cylons.


I’m not sure if this Battlestar Galactica Zarek series is considered to be BSG canon, but it should be.

From the first issue all the way to this last one, Zarek has held my attention with solid action, plot and character development of Zarek.

Zarek is a somewhat misunderstood BSG character, piece by piece in the SciFi show they’ve pulled out tidbits of his backstory…BUT this comic book series IS the backstory.

If you missed individual issues at your local retailer, you’re still in luck. A tradepaperback version of the collected four issue set will be out in July.

Stargate SG-1 10×15 The Road Not Taken April 28, 2007

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Parallel Mirror Universe stuff is no stranger to SciFi or Stargate.

Stargate SG-1 Season Ten episode 15 The Road Not Taken is not the best parallel universe episode to ever appear on Stargate SG-1 but it certainly was entertaining.

stargateroad.jpg I tend to prefer mirror universes where the good guys are evil – in this case Landry as President of the US is just a bit evil but still..

All told a solid episode..but again one that doesn’t particularly advance the overall grand plot in the battle against the ori…

Only a few more episodes left and then that’s it for US broadcast TV’s run for Stargate SG-1.

100,000 – ShowMeSciFi hits a major milestone April 27, 2007

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100000.jpgAT approximately 9.02 pm EDT on April 27, 2007 ShowMeSciFi hit a major milestone:

100,000 Page Views !!

For a site that only got started in earnest in January of this year as a hobby, this is a milestone that has exceeded any expectations.

The point of ShowMeSciFi from the beginning was to provide a place to review, discuss and highlight SciFi – to Show Me (me being the viewer) SciFi…So far apparently it’s working out.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. To all of ShowMeSciFi‘s supporters, readers and commentors – without you this small effort never ever would have hit this milestone.

Here’s looking to hitting 200,000 page views in the next 100 days!

Battlestar Galatica Zarek issue # 3 April 27, 2007

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Continuing from the first two issues in this series (which ShowMeSciFi reviewed here), this third issue take us into Zarek’s life behind bars.

Zarek is of course a beloved character because of Richard Hatch and the classic BSG attachment BUT this comic book series takes it to another level.

Out in the public Zarek’s story was definitely interesting, behind bars its even better. What kind of genius is this dude? A real methodical and well organized one.

It’s too bad this is only a four issue series but then again, it is only filling in a very specific gap.Who is Tom Zarek and how did he end up on the prison barge?

Blade Runner – REDONE? (again?!) April 26, 2007

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Looks like a special 25th anniversary edition of Blade Runner is in the works.


We’re not talking about Director’s Cut here where all they do is take out the bogus voice over narration. We’re talking about NEW footage.

At this stage we know only about one of the reshot pieces. Joanna Cassidy who played Zhora, one of the movie’s “replicants,” or androids confirmed on a blog post that she’s done a reshoot.

ZHORA of course has the awesome scene where Decker (Harrison Ford) shoots her and she goes crashing through all the retail windows.

No word yet on whether Harrison Ford is reshooting scenes too..but here’s hoping he is (and that this time the movie shows him to be the REPLICANT we all know he is!).

Just in case you don’t remember the scene….here it is:

Babylon 5 Lost Tales – Already in top 10 Amazon bestsellers and its not out till July! April 26, 2007

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ShowMeSciFi has written before about Babylon 5 The Lost Tales.

It is one most anticipated SciFi releases of the year and finally FINALLY brings back one of the greatest (if not the greatest) SciFi TV franchise of all time in a direct to DVD movie.

The DVD has a running time of 75 minutes. Basic timeline is that it’s the tenth anniversary of the Interstellar Alliance, and President Sheridan is on his way to Babylon 5 for the celebration.

Officially Babylon 5: The Lost Tales” will be released on July 31, 2007 but Amazon.com already is doing pre-orders.

Apparently it’s already in HUGE demand. Babylon 5 The Lost Tales is already the number 6 bestseller on Amazon’s DVD list.

It’ll be interesting to see just how popular this DVD becomes before its release.

30 Minute Robot Chicken Star Wars Spoof – sanctioned by Lucasfilm! April 25, 2007

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ShowMeSciFi has linked to plenty of Robot Chicken Star Wars spoofs before (George Bush as a Jedi and Vader tells all most recently).

Now it looks like George Lucas himself has sanctioned a 30-minute stop-motion animation special

Robot Chicken: Star Wars will include the voice of George Lucas as well as Mark Hamill as the voice of Luke Skywalker in one sketch. The ensemble voice cast will include: Conan O’Brien, Seth MacFarlane, Robert Smigel, Malcolm McDowell, Hulk Hogan, James Van Der Beek, Donald Faison, Abraham Benrubi, Breckin Meyer and Joey Fatone.

The special will premiere at 10 p.m. June 17 on the Cartoon Network and YES ShowMeSciFi will link up to excerpts as soon as possible.

Earth-like Planet Found? I don’t think so April 25, 2007

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Mainstream media has been keen to pick up on the apparent discovery of the most earth like exoplanet yet discovered.

Problem is they’re wrong.

Apparently astronomers were researching two Jupiter-size planets with the Keck Telescope in Hawaii, when they noticed a wobble that could not be accounted for by the two-planet model they used. Doppler measurements revealed an inner planet. It orbits Gliese 876, an M dwarf star about one-third of the Sun’s mass.

“This planet answers an ancient question,” says team leader Geoffrey Marcy. “Over 2,000 years ago, the Greek philosophers Aristotle and Epicurus argued about whether there were other earthlike planets. Now, for the first time, we have evidence for a rocky planet around a normal star.”

Now I don’t know about you but I don’t consider a Red Dwarf to be normal or Earth-like. Maybe more like Superman’s homeworld of Krypton.

Our Sun is not a red dwarf and has some very specific radiation and magnetic characteristics that are key to the existence of life in this Solar system.

Does a Red Dwarf have such characteristics?

There are undoubtably Earth-like planets out there. I suspect that that they orbit Earth-like stars.

If I were a betting man i’d say they orbit the two closest Earth-like stars: Epsilon Eridani and Tau Ceti.

Stargate Atlantis Season 3 x 13 Irresponsible April 23, 2007

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Jenai strongman Kolya and Sheppard have had a serious hate on since the first time they met.

FINALLY – in this episode they settle their score (or so we hope).

When the Atlantis team finds Lucius Luvin up to his old tricks again, they try to blow the whistle on his scamming ways — but their well-intentioned intervention leads to a showdown with their old adversary Acustus Kolya

The Lucius angle in this episode is terribly cheesy and actually works quite well to setup the final Jenai Kolya showdown.

If I had shot this episode, I likely would have stretched out the final shootout just a bit..but as it is, it’s great stuff.

Sheppard stares down Kolya..offers him the chance to surrender…both men’s hands angle towards their respective firearms.

Shootout in the Pegasus Galaxy. GREAT stuff overall.

Which Science Fiction Writer Are You? April 21, 2007

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There a nifty little quiz I just came across that helps you determine which Science Fiction writer you’d like be.

Mine came up with Gregory Benford.

Certainly not a bad option but not what I would have thought.

Now if you were to ask me which SciFi writer would I aspire to be like that’s an easy one.

Asimov hands down.

It is Asimov’s Empire stories and the the Foundation series that first lit the SciFi spark for me.

Asimov had a personality that just enlivened and enriched everything he wrote. You can feel the masters presence in each page and with each page you want to read more.

It is a gift that will always be remembered. Asimov will never be forgotten.

Stargate SG-1 Season 10 Line in the Sand April 20, 2007

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Not a bad episode but not a great one either.

Something goes wrong when SG-1 attempts to use Merlin’s phasing device to hide a village from the Ori army, forcing Mitchell and the critically wounded Carter to hide themselves out of phase from an occupation force of ruthless Ori soldiers

It’s entirely predictable and not particularly challenging except for Vala’s Ori husband who defies the prior.

Beyond that…looking forward to the next episode….countdown to the series finale is still on…

Daleks the Scariest Doctor Who villian? April 20, 2007

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Apparently so.

In a survey of 21,000 fans conducted by the BBC, the Daleks were voted the scariest Doctor Who villain.

Now sure Davros is one ugly looking dude, but the Daleks, though sinister aren’t really scary are they? Not to say i’d like to face one down in an dark alley but still.

Maybe i’d fight ’em in a stare case.

They now have some kind of hovering ability, but they don’t climb stairs all that well and don’t do well over rough terrain either. Personally i’d be more worried about the CyberMen.

AND ACTUALLY…i’d say that in my view THE MASTER was the most sinister of all Doctor Who villains.

OOHh..right the Cybermen did fight the Daleks too didn’t they..and here for your viewing pleasure…Cybermen vs. Daleks..

According to the BBC poll.. top ten are:



1. The Daleks

2. The Empty Child Zombies

3. The Beast

4. The Cybermen

5. The Clockwork Droids

6. The Ood

7. The Empress of Racnoss

8. The Werewolf

9. The Autons/Nestenes

10. Chloe’s Dad

Family Guy Star Wars Compilation April 20, 2007

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Family Guy has done alot of great Star Wars parodies over the years…But never before have I ever seen them all in one master compilation.

Here it is..and it is impressive…MOST Impressive.

Thank God You’re Here – Jason Alexander Star Trek Spoof April 19, 2007

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Seinfeld almunus Jason Alexander (George) is well known for his Shatner/Kirk schtick.

In one of the funniest examples yet from him of his Shatner/Kirk talent Alexander was on the new ‘ Thank God You’re Here improv show last week and he really laid it on thick.

Funniest part? Mid-way through when  the crew asks Jason Alexander to start the launch sequence…


Hey! J.J. Abrams!! (Star Trek Movie producer) how bout casting Jason Alexander in the next movie?

Star Trek Shields Soon To Be Science Fact – Not Science Fiction April 18, 2007

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Where would the Starship Enterprise NCC-1701 be without her shields?

(oh yeah it would be the NX-01 with that totally bogus hull plating nonsense).

According to a report on the BBC, British scientists are actively working to make SciFi Shields a reality. Details have been presented at the Royal Astronomical Society’s National Astronomy Meeting in Preston, UK.Scientists hope to mimic the magnetic field which protects the Earth.

Don’t expect to be deflecting Klingon disruptors anytime soon though..the shields are more about deflecting solar radiation than incoming particle weapons fire.

You don’t need much of a magnetic field to hold off the solar wind. You could produce the shield 20-30 kilometres away from the spacecraft,” explained Dr Ruth Bamford, from the Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory in Didcot, UK in a statement

Read the full story on the BBC site.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic issue #15 April 18, 2007

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The “Days of Fear” story arc reaches its explosive conclusion in a story of dangerous visions, unheeded warnings, and decisions made too late

UNFORTUNATELY this issue still confirm my belief that KOTOR SUCKS…but at least this issue doesn’t suck as badly as issue #14 did.

Long story short Zayne’s visions come true, the Mandalorians attack (though we never actually see Mandalore except on the cover of this comic) and Zayne gets arrested on a Republic ship that apparently will bring him back to the Jedi. How this marks the end of a story arc, I DON’T KNOW.

I’m glad that this lame, pathetic story arc is over. HOpefully it means the writers can finally get down to some real story telling business.

I don’t know what’s up with the artwork lately either. In this issue Zayne Carrick (the main character after all) is drawn very different than he has been before. I actually had to do a double take and read the text bubbles before i realized that it was Zayne…and that’s just LAME.

Dark Horse is shooting itself in the foot with this series which is incomparably inferior to Star Wars Legacy at this point.

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Apocalypse issue #2 – Cylons came from snakes?! April 17, 2007

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With the popularity of the new re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, there has been alot of speculation about how the Cylons evolved from machines to flesh and blood.

Cylon Apocalypse issue #2 offers a potential answer – though it will never EVER show up in the new series – since Cyclon Apocalypse is a classic era based comic.

Long story short is that the Cylon are experimenting with some kind of biogenic substance that reverts the cylons to a reptilian/mamilian form.

In this issue of the comic (which continues from the excellent issue #2). Adama decides to try and negotiate with a Cylon viceroy but as well all know there is no negation with the cylon.

GREAT FRAKKING STUFF. It really makes me wish that the new show was
a) actually on now instead of on an 8 month hiatus
b) that the new show had an imperious leader, viceroys and cylon mainframe worlds.

In the absence of the SciFi show, the Dynamite Entertainment comic series is THE BEST BSG thing running.