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Battlestar Galatica Zarek issue # 4 The Circle Is Complete April 29, 2007

Posted by showmescifi in Battlestar Galactica, battlestar galactica comics, battlestargalactica, science fiction, sciencefiction, scifi, zarek.

Zarek isn’t just a freedom fighter, he’s also a hero that saved lives when the Cylon invasion happened.

What’s more he returned to the prison barge that was transferring him to a parole hearing once he saved people from the Cylons.


I’m not sure if this Battlestar Galactica Zarek series is considered to be BSG canon, but it should be.

From the first issue all the way to this last one, Zarek has held my attention with solid action, plot and character development of Zarek.

Zarek is a somewhat misunderstood BSG character, piece by piece in the SciFi show they’ve pulled out tidbits of his backstory…BUT this comic book series IS the backstory.

If you missed individual issues at your local retailer, you’re still in luck. A tradepaperback version of the collected four issue set will be out in July.

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