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Star Wars Legacy War # 6 REVIEW June 4, 2011

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Just wow.
What an amazing finale to an amazing series.
Cade chooses the light and drives his lightsaber through Darth Krayt
cade’s mom saves cade with a family pic
Roan Fel dies..
The galaxy is ruled by a triumvirate of empire, alliance and jedi..

Oh and Cade? Back to being a pirate….

This is an ending that solves most of the loose ends..and is a real ending…..

Sure the sith will come back one day…but for now everything has been settled. From begining to the end Legacy has been the best Star Wars comic of all time and one of the best stories in the entire cannon.

Briiliant storytelling, matched with glorious artwork combined to deliver an experience that we will dearly miss.

And yes we will miss Cade…..but somehow, we don’t think we’ve seen the last of him yet…

Star Wars Legacy WAR Ends – The end of the Legacy Era. Will Cade Skywalker survive? May 23, 2011

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This week will see the END


(there ain’t NO MORE)

of the greatest SciFi comic book series of all time.

After 56 issues (50 regular and 6 Legacy War), Star Wars Legacy is coming to a close with Star Wars Legacy: War #6. We don’t think that Dark Horse will be extending beyond this (but hey those FRAKKING DOUCHE BAGS have done this to us before).

Legacy coming to an end…will Cade survive? Will Darth Krayt? Cade’s mom has gotta be toast? Will Roan Fel emerge as the new emperor? Will the galaxy be united?

There are so many questions and so many sub-plots in play, we don’t know HOW Dark Horse can wrap this up in one issue. In any event, Legacy writers and artists, John Ostrander in particular has never disappointed us and we can hardly wait to pick this book up.

Star Wars Legacy War #3 – Jedi/Fel Imperials and Galactic Alliance Join to Crush the Sith March 7, 2011

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Wow…where do we begin to review a comic as fantastic as Dark Horse’s Star Wars Legacy War #3?

After 52 issues, Morrigan Cade finally reveals herself to her son an Nyna Calixte – SHOCKING that after all this time, he had no idea about the double life…

Yet he still knew about his sister…

Andwhat was up with Darth Talon showing up with a carbonite slab?

COME ON? Don’t tell me that Cade couldn’t smell a trap..that just seems odd…then again..it’s a trap within a trap within a trap isn’t it?

Cade figured he outsmarted Krayt by making a stand, which as it turns is exactly what Krayt figured Cade would do…


For the first time ever we have the Galactic Alliance, Roan Fel’s Empire, Krayt’s Empire and the Jedi in one place.WOW.

wE CAN hardly wait till next month to see the action unfold.

Star Wars Legacy War #2 Is Cade Skywalker’s Mom Toast? February 11, 2011

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It’s hard to believe that over the course of 51 issues (50 regular series and 1 of War) that Cade Skywalker had NEVER


Met Admiral Gar Stazi before. That’s shocking.

But it’s great that they finally have – and oh yeah Darth Krayt should be shaking in his big Sith boots.

Cade is Sith Killing Machine and he’s unstoppable now.

But his mom is stoppable – Is She Dead now? Somehow we don’t think so and it’s now likely that she’ll move full time to helping her son the Galactic Alliance and Roan Fel…

Speaking of Roan Fel – aside from running away from Sith — what’s up with him? He’s the weak link of the bunch. Not the ultra-dude that Cade is, not the General like Gar Stazi and not the maniac that Krayt is now becomming either.

All in all, this issue continues to remind us why Star Wars Legacy is the best comic book title ever produced by Dark Horse.
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Star Wars Legacy War #1- one word review – AWESOME December 26, 2010

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Yes we were not happy when Dark Horse frakked us around by telling us that issue #50 of Legacy was the end.

We found out later that Dark Horse just wanted to renumber the series and after a few months of waiting here we are with Star Wars Legacy:War #1.

This series picks up precisely where Legacy #50 ends. Darth Krayt is back and yes he’s pissed.

First stop is Darth Wrylock  which is a great set of panels as master and traitor square off as all Sith must. No this isn’t the rule of two in the Krayt’s One Sith Empire – but it’s still apparently the rule that all Sith must covet advancement and to be ready to kill their master to achieve that.

We see Roan Fel in this issue too – but no views into the Galactic Alliance.

And of course there is Cade Skywalker – who know has both his ‘brother’ and Delilah Blue fully onside to help him take down the Sith.

And oh yeah, Cade’s mama – the Moff – has regrets — nice.


The Legacy story from the very first issue – of the original numbering – has been fantastic. War is up to the legacy of…well Star Wars Legacy – no tip toeing around here either, this series is about conflict, battle, struggle and challenge. We couldn’t be happier or more excited!!

Star Wars Legacy #50 Disappoints August 24, 2010

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Star Wars Legacy #50 was supposed to be the final issue of Star Wars Legacy.


The sleemos at Dark Horse are only putting the series on hiatus and then coming back at us with a ‘mini-series’ in december.

Yeaah that’s low-ball Hutt scum territory. Instead of continuing the series for another 6 issues – they scare the bantha poodu out of us and tell us they’re canceling the series.

The final #50 – regular Legacy issue was good – but it wasn’t good enough to be the FINAL issue of the series regular run. Nothing is really resolved – except well that Darth Krayt is back..and oh yeah Cade is going to hunt him again – BIG KRIFFING DEAL – been there, done that and read that before.

With so many layers in Legacy, there are so many loose ends and none were wrapped up in this issue. It’s not a final issue and not deserving finale for the final issue of the greatest Star Wars comic ever written/drawn.

We don’t understand Dark Horse – or why they’d screw with us this way – it’s not cool. YES we’re very excited for the new Legacy mini-series, but we would have been EVEN HAPPIER if there would be an issue 51 coming out in September.
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Star Wars Legacy Series ENDS TODAY! August 18, 2010

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The greatest Star Wars story (outside of the original movies) ever told is coming to an end..


Today the last issue of Star Wars Legacy ships – and yes we’re very sad.

Legacy is THE REASON why we got back into comics. Issue #0 (with that awesome pic of Darth Talon on the cover) jumped out at us and we’ve been hooked ever since.

This is the Star Wars universe turned upside down.

The Sith are many and the Empire and its own Imperial Jedi Knights.

The regular Jedi order is on the run.

And the last Skywalker – Cade – is a drug using bounty hunter that would make Bobba Fett cringe.

There has never been a Star Wars saga like Legacy – it excels on every level, characters, plot, dialogue and art.

Ending this series at #50 is the dumbest thing we’ve ever seen from a comic book publisher and there is no way that this story should end with this issue. There is also no way that this entire story will be over with this issue either.

Do we expect to see the Legacy era in Star Wars books? HELL YES.

Will we ever see Cade Skywalker again in a comic book? We sure hope so… He is the ultimate force user – not quite a Jedi, not a Sith and a type of bounty hunter scum that would always shoot first and then shoot up on drugs later.

We will miss Legacy dearly – and yes Dark Horse will not be getting our dollars in the same frequency they used too (dumb move Dark Horse!).

Star Wars Legacy #49 – What Now Dark Horse???? July 12, 2010

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It’s hard to believe and accept that Star Wars Legacy is almost done.
Issue #49 is the second last issue and there is so much left undiscovered and unresolved.
So we’ve got Cade still on a Sith killing mission and that’s great, he’s now on Utapau knocking down the sith and he’ll come in contact with the Galactic Alliance too for the first time in…oh what 50 issues?!!

The Princess Fel being held by her former Imperial Knight master – now turned Sith – is kinda of a neat twist too..but with so much going on , it’s impact is marginal.

How will this series end? Will Fel return to control? Where is Krayt? Will Cade Skywalker become the Emperor?

so very many things going on..this series could AND SHOULD continued for a very long time.

It’s a shame and a travesty that Dark Horse is ending this series at #50. They’ve promised some kind of surprise — so we’ll see what they’ve got in store…but seeing as Legacy is without a doubt ..THE GREATEST STAR WARS COMIC OF ALL TIME …we doubt they’ll surprise us.
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Star Wars Legacy #48 – Darth Krayt Returns from the Dead!!! June 8, 2010

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So much action and plot in this issue, it’s nearly impossible to think of anything to say other than..


Cade is one serious Sith hunting machine now – he is the ultimate sith/jedi hybrid and we doubt there is any force in the universe that can stop him now.

The princess FINALLY makes her return appearance (she has been so underutilized in this series..)

And the biggest surprise on the last page of this issue…the man that created the new Sith isn’t dead after all…then again did anyone of us really think he wouldn’t return??

Star Wars Legacy #46 Cade Skywalker Turns to the Light April 12, 2010

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Cade Skywalker isn’t a Jedi

He isn’t a Sith either.

He is what the Force made him – or so he says.

This issue we get to see Cade unleash his Dark Side and his Light Side – yeaah it was cheesy that he used the light to save the Zeltron Delilah Blue – but also VERY VERY cool.

Cade is not a total stim junkie – he does have the heart of Jedi – and the power of the Sith within him.

Ohh and there’s more in this issue too isn’t there? Emperor Fel’s daughter is captured by the Sith!! how did that happen?

Star Wars Legacy #35 Cade is a SCUMBAG May 15, 2009

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After all he’s been through, Cade Skywalker is still scum.

He defeated Darth Krayt, was hailed as a savior of the Jedi Order and maybe even the Galactic Alliance itself but in the end Cade is a troubled man.

When we first met Cade way back in the first issue of this series he was hiding who he was and living out his life as a bounty hunter.

Then over the course of the last three years he has revealed who he really is, his friends have found out who he really is but none of that matters.

At the core of his being Cade Skywalker is bounty hunter scum.

In this issue he ends up starting a bar fight and nearly turns to the dark side to kill his cousin.

For what??

It’s his nature. Cade is no Jedi hero. He is a Skywalker but he is not the heir to the Luke Skywalker legacy.

That’s fine by us and what makes Legacy one of the best Star Wars storylines of all time.

It would have been easy for this series to be just about the transformation of Cade from bounty hunter to Jedi hero. But life is never that easy and neither is this series. It’s a complex series where heroes are villains and there are no clear answers.

At the end of this issue, Cade returns to the life he had where this series began. A disreputable scum bag on the run.

Star Wars Legacy #34 Storms 1. Saarai Wyyrlok is one sick Sith April 3, 2009

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Star Wars Legacy is the best star wars comic series of all time – and it just keeps getting better.

After a little hiatus we’re back to the main plotline – where Darth Krayt is dead – or is he?

Somehow I think we will see him again.

Really cool to see Darthy Wyyrolok and his DAUGHTER Saarai.

Lord Stryfe – the dude on the cover – is clearly in for more panel time too and he’s one mean Sith.

And what about Azlyn Rae ? Going into a Vader type suit? Cade is going to go nuts!!!

Star Wars: Legacy #33 — Jaged Fel the First Galactic Alliance Emperor!! March 5, 2009

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Awesome art again from Omar Francia. The AT-AT swimmer? come on that was kriffing incredible.

The plot as always was solid – here we are finishing this little story arc that began in issue 32.

Just when we think the Imperial Knight will go home to his emperor..he turns a bit to stay and defend the mon cal! what a great angle and a solid knight to boot.

More importantly we finally get the continuity link we’ve been waiting for the past three years for Roan Fel.
The first Emperor was Jagged Fel – yup i’d assume that’s the same Jagged Fel that was hooking up with Jania Solo. So Roan Fel is likely a Solo grandson!!!

How’s that for a twist!!

Star Wars Legacy #32 Fight Another Day Part 1 February 4, 2009

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I had almost forgotten about Krayt’s order to exterminate the Mon cal in Legacy #22/ but here we are ..Mr. Ostrander never forgets does he…

Though this is Jan Duresema’s art (wasn’t last time the Mon Cal were center stage either)..Omar Francia has done one of the most awesome covers and his interior artwork is AMAZING.

SeaTroopers? wow!!! makes good sense but we’ve never seen that before ..

And what’s up with an Imperial Knight helping out the Mon Cal?

ooh and what about Sith Scientist Vul Isen ? The dude’s head is a skull! We’ve never seen Sith scientists before…and we’ve never see the Leviathan either..neat idea a force sucking sea beast…

Sure we didn’t have Krayt or Cade in this issue..but after Vector , i think they all deserve a rest. It’s not like the rest of us are suffering either…with a new awesome storyline here – Legacy continues to deliver THE BEST Star Wars stories available anywhere today.

Star Wars Legacy #27 Darth Wyyrlok Rocks! September 3, 2008

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Darth Wyyrlok is one mean Sith dude.

We haven’t seen much of him to date but this issue changes that with an entire issue dedicated to him and what an issue it is!

Darth Wyyrlok proves he is more powerful than an Ancient Sith using the Force alone – awesome!!

We also learn of his unwavering loyalty towards Darth Krayt which no doubt will also play a role as the story progresses…Oh and hey Darth Talon (aka The Sith HOttie) isn’t dead and is coming back!!

All this and next issue Vector finally hits its stretch run finding it’s finale in the best Star Wars series ever created…should be a real rush.

Star Wars Legacy #26 Cade’s going kick some Sith tail August 1, 2008

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Alrighty so the Jedi council didn’t authorize Cade to go kill Darth Krayt..boo hoo…

It doesn’t make much difference for our story does it?

Now we’ve got a Cade and his posse of well wishers and watcher joining him in his own crusade to take on Darth Krayt.

Still not a whole lot of good stuff on the Princess in this issue, she seems very remote and not nearly as personable as she was inside of the first ten issues….i wonder what happened..

It’s also been a while since we’ve seen the Galactic Alliance proper…so hopefull we’ll seen them soon too and end up with new super alliance with Fel, Cade and friends and the GA against Krayt.

Star Wars Legacy #25 Cade and the Princess June 26, 2008

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Last time Cade saw the Princess Fel he was saving her from the Sith.

Now what — a year later he finally sees her again and there is no emotion at all. Seemed a bit odd.

Cade coming to the hidden Jedi Temple however is very cool great to see the Jedi still have an organized home of some sort and that maybe they’ll send out a hit squad to Kill Darth Krayt.

The issue with the Jedi that ‘killed’ Cade’s pal’s dad is going to be interesting to see how it plays out…

but the big thing of course is the coming three way alliance between Jedi, Imperial Knights and the Galactic Alliance against the Sith.

This series never disappoints and i’m wonderng how the big alliance will be impacted by Vector and the Muir Talisman when it hits them later this year.

Star Wars Legacy #24 – Uncle Nate Skywalker May 27, 2008

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Just when you thought Star Wars Legacy couldn’t get any better – or more complex – it does.

Uncle Nate Skywalker just added a whole new dimension.

Cade kinda/sort looks like Uncle Nate and it’s kinda cool to see that Cade isn’t the only Skywalker of the Legacy era to have gone the rough and tumble route. There was no indication whatsoever at the end of Legacy #23 that Nate was a Skywalker or Cade’s real uncle.

We finally find out a little more about why Cade didn’t know about his mother…and we get a little bit of insight into Cade’s upbringing…

Oh and a nifty new former ‘beau?’ from the Jedi Academy who is really an Imperial Knight. Wicked cool stuff.

It looks like we finally might see Cade come face to face with the Princess and (maybe Roan Fel too) after what seems like a 14 issues hiatus.

Star Wars Legacy #23 Cade is BACK! May 12, 2008

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Cade Skywalker is back!

Roan Fel is Back!

And yes Legacy is still awesome.

Great to see Cade return to his bounty hunter friends — he is not a Jedi and he’s not a Sith. Cade Skywalker is the Han Solo of Skywalkers..he’s rough and he speaks Huttese.

Nice to see that Darth Talon isn’t dead yet either (she’s the hottest Sith ever) though that was just a one cell image with her in the bacta tank so it’ll take some time till we see her again.

Nice to see Roan Fel and his daughter — that’s a storyline that has been neglected for what…a year at this point?

So much going on in this series it’s hard to even begin to speculate what comes next but just seeing each of the pieces moving around is fun.

And last but not least, Jan Duursema the finest artist in the expanded Star Wars universe is back! hurray.

Star Wars Legacy # 22 : Darth Krayt Freaks Out April 30, 2008

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Kill all the Mon Cals? a bit extreme even for a Sith.

A real solid plot driving story for the wider (no Cade Skywalker) Star Wars Legacy story…and great to see the GA and Roan Fel’s empire perhaps link up to take on Krayt’s empire.

Art in his is ok, but not great by Legacy standards… I can hardly wait till Jan Duresema comes back.
for that matter i can hardly wait to see what’s going on with Roan Fel..or his daughter! How many issues has it been since we saw them last?


But soon…soon all will be revealed (or at least we hope it will).