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Star Trek XI Will Include Shatner June 29, 2007

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How could it not? Shatner is the personification of Trek and if a movie comes out during the classic era – and Shatner is still alive – i’d personally be appalled if Shatner wasn’t in the movie.

There were some rumors recently that Shatner had been snubbed.

Apparently the writers of the new Star Trek XI script think that’s not right.

We’re certainly hoping to include him in the shoot,” Scriptwriter Roberto Orci told MTV “Because we have nothing but reverence and awe for the man.”

FRAKIN right.


1. Cliff Burns - June 29, 2007

Hmmm…well, Bill must be getting a little long in the tooth but perhaps a voiceover of some kind. I’d just like to see someone take the series and revitalize it, breathe new life into it after the Berman years. It was Nicholas Meyer and Harve Bennett who last salvaged TREK (with “Wrath of Khan”). Let’s hope the new team is similarly inclined. There are big themes to be explored, new worlds to seek out but there has to be a central guiding vision, informed by intelligence and imagination. The jury is still out as to whether this new tam possesses the right stuff.

2. John Campbell Rees - June 30, 2007

Did you ever doubt that Shatner would be in this movie.

3. CaptainPinoy - July 1, 2007

Live Long and Prosper STAR TREK 4ever!!.
Anyway I hope this movie is good, In my mind it’s going down, look at the last movie, no sales there. Well I could be wrong, it will hit sky rocket, lots of trekkies/trekkers will watch this show over and over, because they miss it. =) Time will tell, right? Guardian!.

4. Jonathan Harris - July 2, 2007

Keep us updated on this, it should really be interesting to see how it turns out. Knowing the star trek people, they will take a great idea and mess it up..

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