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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic WAR #5. Zayne Goes Home June 4, 2012

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The whole Knights of the Old Republic: War series was interesting for a few reasons.

It was neat to see Jedi aligned with the Mandalorians and it was great to see Zayne Carrick not being the ‘bad guy’.

We got to see a different side of Zayne in this series — Zayne the hero and it was a side that we sure enjoyed.

This final issue was easily the best in this mini-arc as the story came together. Jedi can’t be Mando’a after and

Zayne proved that you



Isn’t that what he was just trying to do in the very first issue of this series? go home see his family and his girlfriend?


Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic WAR #1 January 28, 2012

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KOTOR is BAck! thank you Dark Horse for bringing back this great era.

Zayne Carrick is back and he’s still kinda sorta on the run, but this time not from his own destiny…he’s trying to run from his duty to the Republic…what is strange though is that it’s not clear what happened between Knight of the Old Republic #50 and this issue..it’s just a whole blank era…i thought he connected with that former slave captain girl and was still working with the crooks…the missing years or gap isn’t a good thing and really doesnt make this feel like a continuation of the first series.

Sure it’s ZAYNE CARRICK but the character doesn’t feel like it should.

That said – he’s in Revan’s Army fighting Mandalorians. how cool is that? We barely saw Revan in the first KOTOR (and hey we haven’t seen him here yet either), but still. Even with the time gap, this is fine era, and this first issue is loaded with action. We’re looking forward to the next issue!

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #50 The Series Finale February 25, 2010

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After 50 issues it’s over.

None of us will be getting Dark Horse Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic new issues ever again.

It’s kind of sad – and it marks the end of an era.

KOTOR never did truly live up to the fantastic plot of the video games and nearly every issue had a letter in it when some reader or the other wondered when the plots would overlap. Sure we saw Malak and Revan, but never for much more than a few cells in an issue.

This final issue kinda/sorta ends off some loose ends.

At long last Zayne and Jarael get a little friendly which is sooo very long overdue.

Will we miss KOTOR – maybe – but reality is this series could have been better, though it did have its highlights. The arc when Zayne confronts the Adascas was awesome as was the final confrontation with Hazen in issue #33- that was the best wasn’t it?

Now the word is that series author John Jackson Miller will be back later this year with Star Wars Jedi another old republic title – and that’s a good thing.  The era of the Old Republic is on that demands at least one ongoing Star Wars title at all times.

So long and fair well Zayne Carrick – it was a fun ride while it lasted.

Star Trek Captains Log Sulu leads a great week Jan 13th for comics January 13, 2010

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Every Wednesday new comic books ship to stores across North America.

While there are a lot of interesting books for Scifi fans, our sister site – ShowMeSciFiComics.com – has a weekly list looking at the ones that fans are likely to graviate towards.

This week there is a new Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic trade paperback, a Farscape comic, new Doctor Who, new Battlestar Galactica 1980 and oh yeah the debut of STAR TREK CAPTAINS LOG SULU #1 – which gives us a Captain Sulu of the USS Excelsior tale.

Check out the full week in SciFi comics preview here.

Dark Horse discontinuing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic with issue #50 October 13, 2009

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kotor Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is being cancelled by Dark Horse as of issue 50 in Feb of 2010.


If anyone needed proof that Dark Horse is run by idiots, here is one prime example.

This series has grown on us as we’ve followed Zayne around. Sure once the conspiracy against him was revealed and Hazen destroyed it hasn’t been as exciting

Sure the artwork hasn’t been consistent and yes we’ve complained about that a dozen times or more in this blog.

But the storytelling was also good if not great.

Dark Horse can’t seem to keep a regular Star Wars title for too long, they get nervous or something and just kill it. It’s not right and we the fans should tell them so.

John Jackson Miller the creator/writer extraordinaire of the series though is optimistic and is promising us all a big finale.

We’ve been working toward the series’ climax for some time, getting pieces into place for the big finale — where we really have pulled out all the stops. Every question posed in the series (at least to my way of thinking) is addressed. I turned in the last script recently and was very pleased with it — it wraps things up for this incarnation pretty close to how I’d always imagined it. Dark Horse has given us marvelous support and creative freedom from Day 1 on this series — and we did everything to make sure things went out with a bang!

Knights of the Old Republic #40 Dueling Ambitions part 2. Zayne is still a hero May 4, 2009

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No he’s not a Jedi padawan anymore and he’s not a fugitive either..

but it sure does seem like Zayne is on the run in this issue..

This is the middle issue in this new story arc where Zayne is part of a live swoop sporting event where he’s trying to save himself and a few others.

We still don’t know what the deal is with Jarael and her force abilities..clearly that’s the big mystery that this series will continue to draw out.

How is this going to end? We’ll see in 30 days..

Knights of the Old Republic #39 -Dueling Ambitions part 1 – AWESOME March 31, 2009

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Knights of the Old Republic continues to impress in this post Zane on the run era.

This is the beginning of a new story arc – with a sport theme too..

Still early but the basic premise is cool a corrupt sporting association with a man who has his son trapped in the system –

Zane is about to get involved and it’s all supposed to be a scam..

but it isn’t is it?

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #38 — Faithful Execution February 24, 2009

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A single issue stand alone story?

Really? Yup that what this issue of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is – a standalone. A whole story in one issue no need for another..and it’s pretty decent.

Sure it’s a basic – ship lost in space then found the only survivor is the killer story – but it’s still kinda fun..

What makes this one particularly interesting is the art. At first I thought it a little weird – it’s more of a sketch style – but it does grow on you and it does give this one off story a really cool feel.

Only question left after this issue is the same one we’ve been asking for a the three – which is What’s Up with Jarael? She’s got some kind of funky power, force sensitive stuff but what is it?

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #37–Prophet Motive part 2 (of 2) January 28, 2009

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The double double cross is in!!

Great issue seeing Gryph doing what he does best – namely swindle others – including swindlers!!

The only problem we had with this issue is how the heck did Jarael escape the negotiation room?

Is she Force-sensitive somehow?

When did that happen?

Oh what’s the deal with Zayne is he still a ‘Jedi’ or not? Guess we’ll find out….

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #36 Prophet Motive part 1 January 5, 2009

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After three years, we finally have our first genuinely new plot story arc for Knights of the Old Republic – after the grand finale that was issue #35.

So, where do we begin?

It looks like Zayne is now just the ‘henchman’ in a criminal organization…no he’s not quite the bounty hunter type that Cade Skywalker is..but the basic character type isn’t all that different is it?

I hope that in this arc – we’ll start to see some Sith influences…and it will be great to see how Zayne eventually comes back into the Jedi Order – or not.

Star Wars The Old Republic Video Documentary #1 AWESOME December 13, 2008

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If you weren’t excited when The Old Republic massively multiplayer game was announced …you gotta see this first documentary on its development from Bioware and Lucasarts.

They are out to create the ultimate Star Wars game – and the best MMORPG of all time.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #35 – THE END. November 26, 2008

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After three years and 35 issues this is it.

Zayne is finally vindicated. It should be a moment of triumph and climax –

This is a weak issue and one that insults the loyal readers that stuck with this book for the last three years. After everything that happened to Zayne in the very first issue we expected more – a lot more.

Zayne goes into to see the Jedi council but – do we see what happens? NOPE.
Instead Hazen (who was awesome) gets nuked from orbit – which was cool – and Zayne gets cleared.

I don’t know it’s an anti-climax and a letdown. Maybe after three years of buildup – no matter what happened would have been a downer.

Will we continue to read this title? SURE – I want to see Darth Malak, Revan and the Exile.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #34–Vindication part 3 November 1, 2008

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It’s coming to a close soon..this wasn’t the massive issue like #34 with Darth Hazen but pretty darn close.

We keep finding out more about how it was all Hazen and how Lucien Dray was a total dope all along. No surprise to Zayne but the after 34 issues it’s great to see this whole thing unravelling.


The hardest part about this story arc is because its sooo good waiting a month for the next little bit is painful.

Will the Covenant finally be destroyed at the end of this arc? I don’t see how it won’t. But the big question remains where are the Mandalorians during all of this?

Star Wars The Old Republic MMOG Officially Announced!! October 21, 2008

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 KOTOR III !!! or the next best thing (or maybe better). For years we’ve been speculating on when the next Knights of the Old Republic game would come – and now it’s officially been announced!!


Star Wars The Old Republic is a Massively Multiplayer online game – hopefully better than Star Wars Galaxies – produced by none other than BioWare makers ofthe first (and best) KOTOR.

“Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is the most critically acclaimed Star Wars game in LucasArts history and a preeminent example of our company’s interactive storytelling heritage,” said Darrell Rodriguez, President of LucasArts in a statement. “For a long time, we’ve wanted to return to the franchise in a grand way, and we felt that the best setting for it was an online world that would allow millions of people to participate in the experience together. We knew that the developer capable of working with us to deliver an engrossing story with a fully-realized online world was BioWare.”

Star Wars: The Old Republic is set roughly 300 years after the events of Knights of the Old Republic, a timeframe that is completely unexplored in the lore. So no Zayne Carrick – but certainly there are some Sith and likely more than few Mandalories about.   Players can choose to play as Jedi, Sith, or a variety of other classic Star Wars roles, defining their personal story and determining their path down the light or dark side of the Force.

No official word on actual release date – though we’d expect sometime in the next 90-120 days as it looks like the game is already well developed at this point.

ARe you excited!!!?? We sure are. Though Star Wars Galaxies sucks – that game was developed by Sony. Bioware is a different animal and we’re willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Check out the BioWare site for some awesome screenshots.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #33–Vindication pt. 2 – Hazen rocks! September 23, 2008

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All hail HAZEN!!

Or should we call this Sith spawn demon – Darth Hazen?

What an awesome storyline and one of the best pieces of cover art that I’ve seen in recent years from Dark Horse – simply amazing.

But back to the story – so it’s been this dude Hazen all along that has been pushing the direction for the Covenant?

Where did that come from? For the last two years we’ve been following this storyline and BAAAAAAAAAM now this.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great twist and this a great issue. We know have the final resolution at hand of this whole series – i wonder what will be left when this arc is done…

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #32 Vindication #1 August 25, 2008

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Who is Hazen?

Or should we say Darth Hazen?
All this time he’s been the Evil Dark Jedi pulling all the strings..or so it would seem and I don’t recall seeing him ever in the past 31 issues (or maybe I’m missing something??)

But Jedi on Jedi battles?

fULL out Jedi Mutiny/Rebellion – awesome

This series is now researching its climax — once this arc is over i wonder how it will ever be able to continue.

Star Wars Rebellion #15 Vector #7 August 12, 2008

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So Vector now hits Rebellion and Luke Skywalker..and it looks like fun…

Vader left Celeste Morne (and Vector) 20 years ago (in the timeline) in Dark Times # 12 apparently Celeste is still alive and Vader hasn’t forgotten about her either.

Will Luke – see the good in Celeste and turn her back from the Dark Side?

i guess we’ll find out…we can assume that Luke survives as does Celeste..but how Celeste gets frozen to survive till her next jump – the Star Wars Legacy era…we’ll have to wait till Rebellion #16 to find out.

So far – 7 issues into Vector we’ve had numerous confrontations and the timelines between eras has been stitched together reasonably well..with five issues or so left to go.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #31 Turnabout part 1 August 10, 2008

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Finally after two and half years, Zayne Carrick if finally closing in on the last of the frakkers that framed him.

This is a fine plot moving issue but the real fun that we’ve all been waiting for since this whole series started is coming in the next issue..when Carrick will hopefully finally expose and end the covenant and finally clear his name!

Zayne Carrick, a fugitive Padawan accused of the murder of his fellow students, is on his way to the authorities in hope of clearing his name, shedding light on the Jedi Masters who framed him, and revealing the covert order to which they belong. But reaching the right people without facing off against his former masters is proving to be more difficult than Zayne imagined! Success is going to require help from every true friend Zayne has garnered in his long quest for justice.

Star Wars Dark Times #12 Vector #6 – last issue till 2009 July 3, 2008

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Vader faces off against the Muir talisman and what?!!!
He runs away??

Decent ending to a nice story arc.

He’s trying to undermine Palpatine? I guess that’s the entre to the Secret Apprentice in the Force Unleashed..

Crys…oh poort Chrys

This is a dark comic book overall as we’ve reported before..characters..good characters die and their families live on so we can see the grief.

Dark Times indeed.

Now for Vector the series moves to Rebellion for Luke Skywalker to deal with. So far in six issues of Vector the story has been ..ho hum..not bad but not terribly exciting either.

As for Dark Times no more issues till 2009!!!

Knights of the Old Republic #30 Exalted Part 2 July 2, 2008

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Continuing the march toward final vindication for Zayne is what this issue is all about.

The net on the covenant is closing with Zayne picking up more pieces of evidence and allies along the way…

A fun ending for the Exalted story arc

it’s a bit of a slower process than I personally would like but it’s all goood.

Zayne Carrick faces off against one of the Jedi Masters who framed him for the murder of his fellow Padawans in this shocking conclusion to “Exalted”!

When Zayne and his con-artist companion Gryph decided to risk it all in an attempt to prove Zayne’s innocence, they never expected a consequence for failure quite like this! Their plans ruined and their future bleak, Zayne and Gryph need to act fast or the history and traditions of an entire world could fall victim to another display of madness by the secret Jedi Covenant!