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Star Wars Knight Errant Novel is AWESOME April 22, 2011

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We finally got our hands a copy of John Jackson Miller’s Knight Errant novel.

We loved the comic book so we had some pretty high expectations. How do you translate a comic to a book?

As it turns out, it translates exceptionally well. This is a story that has more story arcs than 20 issues of Dark Horse comics would have provided.

Kerra doesn’t just deal with Damian and Odion but a whole host of Sith baddies..and even uncovers the truth about who controls Sith space.

With twists and turns all over the place, this is one of the best Star Wars books we’ve read in years. Solidly entertaining and engaging on every level.

We highly recommend it.

Dark Horse discontinuing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic with issue #50 October 13, 2009

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kotor Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is being cancelled by Dark Horse as of issue 50 in Feb of 2010.


If anyone needed proof that Dark Horse is run by idiots, here is one prime example.

This series has grown on us as we’ve followed Zayne around. Sure once the conspiracy against him was revealed and Hazen destroyed it hasn’t been as exciting

Sure the artwork hasn’t been consistent and yes we’ve complained about that a dozen times or more in this blog.

But the storytelling was also good if not great.

Dark Horse can’t seem to keep a regular Star Wars title for too long, they get nervous or something and just kill it. It’s not right and we the fans should tell them so.

John Jackson Miller the creator/writer extraordinaire of the series though is optimistic and is promising us all a big finale.

We’ve been working toward the series’ climax for some time, getting pieces into place for the big finale — where we really have pulled out all the stops. Every question posed in the series (at least to my way of thinking) is addressed. I turned in the last script recently and was very pleased with it — it wraps things up for this incarnation pretty close to how I’d always imagined it. Dark Horse has given us marvelous support and creative freedom from Day 1 on this series — and we did everything to make sure things went out with a bang!