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Star Wars Knight Errant Novel is AWESOME April 22, 2011

Posted by showmescifi in ShowMeSciFi.com.
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We finally got our hands a copy of John Jackson Miller’s Knight Errant novel.

We loved the comic book so we had some pretty high expectations. How do you translate a comic to a book?

As it turns out, it translates exceptionally well. This is a story that has more story arcs than 20 issues of Dark Horse comics would have provided.

Kerra doesn’t just deal with Damian and Odion but a whole host of Sith baddies..and even uncovers the truth about who controls Sith space.

With twists and turns all over the place, this is one of the best Star Wars books we’ve read in years. Solidly entertaining and engaging on every level.

We highly recommend it.


1. Joe - April 28, 2011

Was the novel set before the comic or is it the other way around?
Great blog by the way.

Marc - May 17, 2011

I<m presently reading it , on the acknowledgement page it said : Comics and Book are done at the same time . But they are 2 standalone project !

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