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Stephen King Dark Tower Gunslinger Born issue #3 review April 11, 2007

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I don’t remember my father’s face.

That is, it’s been along time since i picked up a Stephen King Dark Tower book. Thanks to the new Marvel Comics Dark Tower Gunslinger Born series I’ve become a fan (again).

First off Gunslinger Born has what is arguably the best artwork ever seen in a modern comic book. Each page is visually glorious.

It’s always a challenge trying to visualize what Stephen King writes, the comic does a fantastic job of showing one vision of it…Gunslinger Born is not a sequel to Dark Tower but it is a prequel.

The third issue is as good (if not better than the first two) with young Roland meeting his future love and coming face to face with the big coffin hunters.

Beyond the awesome story in the front part of the book, Marvel has also included a text heavy appendix in this issue which explains the world in which Dark Tower occurs. I had always thought of it to be some sort of other universe – but it turns out that the world of Dark Tower is a post-apocalyptic Earth (and thus clearly SciFi material).

This is the best comic book series yet produced by Marvel and proof positive that comics truly are Art.


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