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Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen #1 – The Colbert Nation Goes Into Space! August 14, 2007

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I FINALLY got a copy of Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen #1 the other day. It has been sold out nearly everywhere I looked – but but favorite local seller ordered it and held a copy for me (barely).

NO this is not Star Wars Legacy. It is not the greatest SciFi comic of all time.


and it’s funny in a campy satirical kind of way.

Tek Jansen is a bumbling version of Colbert himself i suspect doing good in the galaxy and having his way with the women folk whom he saves and appreciate his efforts. He doesn’t listen to his superiors and ends up making more trouble than he saves. His best friend is the embodiment of evil that he carries around in a little cage – and which hates him too.

Yes it’s a bit weird – but what did you expect?

Colbert is a cultural icon and Tek Jansen is his SciFi bible, his Moses if you will. Jansen will lead the nation to the promised land and along the way he’ll part the galactic skyways and bring manna to the less fortunate.

Though far be it for me.. a mere serf of the Colbert Nation to criticize Pappa Bear’s disciple but…Oni Press (publishers of Tek Jansen) have chosen perhaps the most appalling paper stock i have ever felt. Usually you don’t think much of the paper on which a comic is printed..but Jansen feels like it was printed on photocopy paper…surely he deserved better..doesn’t he Mr. Colbert???

Stephen King Dark Tower Gunslinger Born issue #3 review April 11, 2007

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I don’t remember my father’s face.

That is, it’s been along time since i picked up a Stephen King Dark Tower book. Thanks to the new Marvel Comics Dark Tower Gunslinger Born series I’ve become a fan (again).

First off Gunslinger Born has what is arguably the best artwork ever seen in a modern comic book. Each page is visually glorious.

It’s always a challenge trying to visualize what Stephen King writes, the comic does a fantastic job of showing one vision of it…Gunslinger Born is not a sequel to Dark Tower but it is a prequel.

The third issue is as good (if not better than the first two) with young Roland meeting his future love and coming face to face with the big coffin hunters.

Beyond the awesome story in the front part of the book, Marvel has also included a text heavy appendix in this issue which explains the world in which Dark Tower occurs. I had always thought of it to be some sort of other universe – but it turns out that the world of Dark Tower is a post-apocalyptic Earth (and thus clearly SciFi material).

This is the best comic book series yet produced by Marvel and proof positive that comics truly are Art.