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Star Wars Toys on eBay – some items sold, some didn’t July 24, 2007

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More on some of last weeks auctions on eBay that i was looking at with Star Wars collectibles.

Some sold, but not all. Here’s the breakdown:

Star Wars DROIDS uncle gundy
this is a rare toy, sold for $61.01 with 11 bidders

Star Wars Y-Wing complete with bomb sold for $51 after 6 bids.

Not Everything sells either, I was watching a few interesting items that picked up 0 bids.
Sith Infiltrator Remote
was listed at $5 and had zero bids. Could’ve been a real win for someone at that price!

Star Wars Legacy Issue # 14 Cade Skywalker Captured by Sith July 16, 2007

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Star Wars: Legacy #14–Claws of the Dragon pt. 1 is the first issue of a new story arc in which we will finally find out who Darth Krayt really is .

This is yet another awesome issue that is brilliant drawn and written. Cade Skywalker makes his way to Coruscant where he is ultimately captured by the Sith. It is also painfully obvious that Cade is more comfortable with a blaster than with using the force, something that isn’t a suprise I suppose since he did leave his Jedi roots behind for many years.

Though this issue is a stepping to stone to issue 15 – which is likely one of the most highly anticipated Star Wars comic book releases in a generation – it’s still worthy of much merit and praise.

We learn that Darth Krayt is dying and that Cade Skywalker may be his only chance for survival.
The Mynock (Cade’s ship) has got some info on it and thnx to a friendly Hutt, that info is going to fall into friendly hands.

Oh and the art…WOW…we see the first real shots of Coruscant in the Legacy era and of the Legacy era Tie Fighter (which are sort of like Tie Interceptors on steroids).

That said…i can hardly contain my enthusiasm for issue 15. FINALLLY we’ll find out who Darth Krayt is.

I wonder if anyone in the ShowMeSciFi discussion forum is actually right.

Star Wars Legacy #13 Emperor Roan Fel KICKS Sith tail June 14, 2007

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I guess he’s not the sitting on the throne eating cheatos kinda emperor.


Another great Star Wars Legacy issue here. We’ve seen bits and pieces of Emperor Fel and now we know that:

a) he’s a fully trained Jedi and

b) He has no mercy for those that have betrayed him.

Makes you kinda wonder what the difference is between him and the Sith? Is it just a shades of grey issue?

Perhaps the true Jedi had it right.

BUT let’s speculate on Roan Fel and his Emperorship..let’s guess that Jainia Solo got together with her ex-boyfriend Fel in Legacy of the Force..they had a child who ultimately kills and displaces Emperor Caedus (formerly known as Jacen Solo).

Thus begins the Fel dynasty and it explains that Emperor Roan Fel is in fact a descendant of Han and Leia Solo. So.. my original guess that Darth Krayt was a descendant of Solo is likely wrong

Anyways great to see so many Sith in action in this issue. If Darth Bane’s Rule of Two held then where would DArth Krayt get his replacements from? One gets chopped up and then hey he’d have to go out and train a new apprentice.

Star Wars: Resurrecting the Sith Lords. KOTOR III In the Making? May 17, 2007

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The Knights Of The Old Republic Return

Though KOTOR II is an excellent game, many gamers say that it feels rushed and incomplete. Indeed, it was discovered as early as 2005 that a lot of material designed for the end of the title was deleted. Additionally, it was discovered that certain character development scenes were left out, and some characters were even cut altogether. An intrepid band of fans have discovered the missing pieces that were not included in the final production version of KOTOR II, and slowly but surely, they’re making those hidden chapters and pieces available.

The effort is officially called The Sith Lords Restoration Project (TSLRP), and its goal is to add back in as much of the cut content as is possible.

No this is not KOTOR III but hey in the absense of that next game (rumored to be announced on May24th) Sith Lords Restoration may well be the next best thing.

KOTOR and KOTOR II are the two best Star Wars games of all time..Sith Lords Restoration truly is the missing link.

Read the full story on this awesome group at TwitchGuru.com

And here’s a trailer of some of the stuff they’ve got:

Star Wars Legacy #11 Return To Ossus – AWESOME. May 13, 2007

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Cade Skywalker returns and with him one of the best Legacy stories in a while (not that the issue 10 wasn’t great..but this one was over the top). Oh and the incomparable art of Jan Duursema returns too…


Mara Jade.


They all make an appearance in this issue that finally sees Cade return to the Jedi, to Ossus and to his destiny. His former bounty hunter pals get captured by Krayt’s empire too so the threads of this story are rapidly converging..as Cade seeks his Jedi heritage and the rest of universe is out looking for Cade.

What’s the deal with the Vong?

Will they side with the Jedi and/or Emperor Fel to overturn the Sith? Are they out to destroy the Jedi? the Imperial Remnant on Bastion?? Who knows?!? All I know is that it adds another dimension to an already wickedly cool comic book storyline.

Awesome story..AWESOME ART that is beyond compare. Legacy continues to impress and exceed all expectations.

AND only 4 more issues until the truth is revealed about who Darth Krayt really is.

Knights of the Old Republic issue # 16 May 11, 2007

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Alrighty finally a brand new story arc..maybe this one won’t totally SUCK.
(or maybe it will).

The cover would make you think that this issue at LONG FREAKING LAST is about Zayne and that original incident with the deaths of his fellow padawans. no such luck though..we get a few measly pages of a dream sequence and that’s it.

The rest of this issue is about Jarael and her quest to figure out what’s wrong with Camper.
What’s wrong with Camper is that he’s a lame character!

This issue also has a low page count and a tonne of ads. Dark Horse should be paying readers to take this from their comic book retailers and not the other way around.

USPSjedimaster.com With 18 Days To Go Yoda Rules! May 6, 2007

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With only 18 days to go..Yoda is winning in the poll at USPSjedimaster.com..over Darth Vader! This is the contest that’s been running for the last six weeks or so.

Hard to believe..but it’s not over yet..you can vote up to once a day and it’ll be interesting to see who ultimately wins. Not that it really matters though does it?

The US Postal Service will print both Yoda and Vader stamps in the end…but it’s all good fun nonetheless.

Robot Chicken Star Wars special Trailer May 3, 2007

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Robot Chicken has put out a nice 1 minute trailer for the the upcoming 30 minute special edition Star Wars special.

The trailer reaks a bit of some of the actual Lucasfilm prequel trailer approaches esp with the Vader breath approach from the Episode III trailers.

They also use the George Bush as a Jedi and Aluminum Falcon bit in the trailers – though both are funny I really hope we’re getting 30 mins of new material and not just a rehash of stuff (great though it may be) that they’ve already done.

Without any further ado, below is the 1 min trailer..ENJOY and May The FARK Be With You!

Star Wars The Sith War April 30, 2007

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Star Wars The Sith War is quite possibly THE BEST tales of Jedi graphic novel of the Old Republic ever published.

This is the story of Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma..it’s not a simple straight forward ‘comic’ tale but an engaging thoughtful epic story.

Far too often Star Wars stories are rote formula, this book though true to Star Wars has back and forth action, more Jedi than I could count and Sith that are truly evil and outwardly bent on the fall of the republic – no shady subterfuge here just brute force Jedi vs. Sith.

Personally i would have chosen this book to be part of the 30th Anniversary Star Wars Hardcover collection – apparently Dark Horse thought it had better titles..while The Uprising of Freedon Nad is an excellent tale as is Jedi vs Sith both those books pale in comparison to the Sith War.

Golden Age of the Sith and Fall of the Sith Empire are both solid titles as well, but I’d still take The Sith War as my number one fav.

Exar Kun’s march to the Dark Side and ultimate entombment on Yavin IV would have made for a much MUCH better story than Lucas told in Episodes 1 and 2…too bad this won’t ever be a Lucas produced movie.

Chad Vader Episode 7 April 12, 2007

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The lastest episode of Chad Vader is out and it’s not quite up to snuff.

Episode 6 was one of the funniest things i’ve ever seen. with Vader  like odd job jack working as a telemarketer, a copier repairman and a taxi cab driver.

In Episode 7 Chad is just trying to get his job back..it’s o.k as something that kinda/sorta moves the plot along..but hope Episode 8 is better.

If you haven’t heard of Chad Vader – it’s a YouTube sensation with a ‘Vader’ character as a day/night shift manager at a grocery store. Most of the time it’s great stuff.

Episode 7 inline below:

Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection Volume 1–The Freedon Nadd Uprising (review) April 9, 2007

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As mentioned recently ShowMeSci is luckly enough to have a copy of Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection Volume 1–The Freedon Nadd Uprising Hard Cover.

Beyond just admiring the brilliant construction of this book (hardcover, paper stock, color) we finally got around to actually reading the comic.

The Feedon Nadd Uprising is a pretty good comic – it’s not the best – . It fills in an interesting time gap after Fall of the Sith Empire and well before Jedi vs. Sith.

In this period there are no ‘real’ Sith – but there are those who hoping that the Sith will return and are trying to bring them back. We’re still several thousand years before the rise of Palpatine.

The art is o.k, the plot solid though not extra-ordinary. No crazy plot twists occur but it’s still a fun read that is very enjoyable and a must have for any true Star Wars fan.

Without this hardcover edition, this story has been out of print for nearly a decade. Dark Horse has done a marvelous thing by making it available in such an awesome format.

The ancient Republic and their struggles with the Sith are a really exciting time period in the Star Wars Universe – For better of for worse it is with rare exception a time period that is only explored in the Dark Horse Comics (KOTOR the game and Darth Bane : Path of Destruction being the two obvious exceptions).

By choosing this era as the place to start their 30th anniversary series of Star Wars, Dark Horse is clearly reminding us all of the important role that their comics have played in the creation of the Expanded Star Wars Universe.

USPSJediMaster.com is TOTALLY live now – VOTE for your fav Star Wars stamp! March 28, 2007

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From a galaxy far, far away…to your mailbox and just like we’ve been talking about on ShowMeSciFi for weeks.

For only the second time in its 256-year-history, the U.S. Postal Service is letting Americans vote for your favorite stamp. The winning stamp will become its own stamp sheet. The choice is from one of 15 iconic images: Darth Vader, Yoda, Luke Skywaker, Princess Leia and others

So far Vader is in the lead !

Star Wars fans everywhere will delight in the issuance of these exciting new postage stamps,” said David Failor, executive director of Stamp Services, U.S. Postal Service, who hosted the stamp preview. “Because of the movies’ popularity, we believe these stamps have the potential of reaching the blockbuster status of the Elvis stamp, a milestone only the Force could attempt to surpass. The Star Wars films have timeless qualities that cross generations, just like the United States Postal Service,” said Failor, who made the announcement of the new Star Wars stamps along with R2-D2, Darth Vader and Howard Roffman, president Lucas Licensing.

Voting for the most popular Star Wars stamp will take place online at www.uspsjedimaster.com beginning today, March 28, through May 23. The winning stamp will be announced at the first-day-of-issue ceremony on May 25.

Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection Volume 1–The Freedon Nadd Uprising from Dark Horse Begins March 28, 2007

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Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection Volume 1–The Freedon Nadd Uprising Hard Cover is now out and I’ve got a copy.

Usually at ShowMeSciFi we don’t focus that much on the actual physical construction of a comic, this is an exception.

This is a GORGEOUS looking graphic novel.

Dark Horse has done an awesome job on printing this the cover is slick and elegant and the paper is just top notch. Even better is the price -they’re charging the same for this hardcover as I would have expected to pay for a regular soft-cover trade paperback.

The hardcover series is part of a 30th Anniversary thing from Dark Horse where they’re re-printed some popular stuff. Next up is Jedi vs. Sith which ShowMeSciFi has already reviewed (in the regular soft paperback edition).

Full review of the The Freedon Nadd Uprising will follow in the coming weeks.

Star Wars Legacy of the Force Exile – Review March 15, 2007

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I had been waiting for this book for months and bought it the day it hit the shelves . It was worth the wait.

Another awesome chapter in the Star Wars saga but then again what else should any of us expect?

At this point these books are written to a formula:
• crisis,
• escape from crisis,
• move to next crisis from multiple points
• escape from final crisis while leaving breadcrumbs for the next crisis to open the next book.

The best part of this book for me was likely, Exile’s first escape from crisis which occurs as Han, Leia, Corrran , Wedge and family escape from Correlia as Wedge resigns from the Correlian military.

Overall this installment in the Star Wars Legacy of the Force moreso than any other yet is all about plot progression as opposed to any sort of deeper character development. Not that there is anything wrong with that. This book is all about action and plenty of it.

With Correlia and its allies in an all out war against the Alliance one could hardly expect the book to just be about a bunch of diplomats talking.

Only in the final pages of the final chapter do we see some deeper character development in Jacen as he continues his decent into the dark side. Lumiya tells him that he must choose his Sith name and his sacrifice. Not coincidentally Sacrifice is the name of the next installment in this series. The Darth Who contest should also be wrapped up then so we’ll definitely know Jacen’s Sith name too and I’d expect Lucas to go all out on promotions.

Star Wars Legacy of the Force Exile is a raucous page turning, swashbuckling adventure that I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend. If you haven’t yet indulged in the Legacy of the Force Series you should, the previous books (Betrayal , Bloodlines and Tempest) are all great …and the next one is likely to be even better. I can’t wait to see ‘Darth Solo’ in action!

RvD2: Ryan vs. Dorkman 2 the ultimate fanboy lightsaber duel March 9, 2007

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RvD2: Ryan vs. Dorkman 2 is now one of my fav fanboy lightsaber duels ever.

Long story short two average dudes duke it out in a factory with real slick saber action that is jaw droppingly awesome. The footage is professionally done and the lightsaber sounds and effects are top notch.

One of my fav sequence occurs at 4:20 where the two of them use the force to try and attrack and repel a lightsaber that has been dropped. The one dude finally wins out but then the butt of the saber hits him in the head – JUST CLASSIC.

Then at 5:48 he gets his hand cut off and to add insult to injury gets his knee sliced too…almost like Monty Python Holy Grail and the black knight scene.

Anyways without any further ado – RvD2: Ryan vs. Dorkman 2 live from YouTube.

Jedi Mail from the US Postal Service March 9, 2007

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The US Postal Service is getting into the spirit this 30th anniversary year of Star Wars. Looks like they’ve even got a website planned : uspsjedimaster.com that is not yet active.

I wonder if that means they’ll also have Sith Stamps?

More details at TheForce

Star Wars Legacy of the Force Exile- OUT TODAY!!! February 27, 2007

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Today is the day. Star Wars Legacy of the Force Exile hits the shelves TODAY.

I’ve written about this book before, it’s one i’ve been waiting for…It’s the fourth book in the series (So far there have been three previous Star Wars Legacy of the Force books (Betrayal , Bloodlines and Tempest). At the end of Tempest the Solos (Han and Leia) were on the run, now we’ll find out how far they went.

We won’t however likely find out Jacen Solo’s Sith name. The contest for that was not wrapped up prior to publication so i don’t see anyway how Jacen could take his Sith name in this book.

It might happen in the next one though which is titled, “Sacrifice” which is expected to be released in June of this year.

I’ll start reading this tonight and will post a full review in a week or so when i’m done.

Chad Vader – if you haven’t seen it you should February 23, 2007

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Just watched the latest episode of Chad Vader (episode 6) and it doesn’t dissapoint. Vader is sort of like odd job jack in this episode working as a telemarketer, a copier repairman and a taxi cab driver.


Nice classic Vader lines laced throughout the vid and some real professional camerawork make Chad Vader my favorite ongoing YouTube series. Why ask a Ninja when you can watch a Sith?

Don’t believe me? Check out the episode right here.

SCIFIPEDIA vs. Wikipedia February 23, 2007

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SciFi.com is now actively promoting its own SciFi wiki called SciFipedia. It’s an effort to build out a complete ‘encyclopedia’ of SciFi shows, characters, games and other such trivia.

SciFi.com is expecting/hoping that people will freely give up their time and knowledge to help build out the content. Not a bad idea and one that Wikipedia has proven works.

There is a big glaring monstrous problem with it though.

If you look closely at SciFipedia’s pages in particular the Terms of Use it becomes very apparent that Scifipedia is nothing like Wikipedia. First off Scifipedia content is not licensed under any real open content license like Creative Commons or the GNU Free Documentation License. What that means in normal human speak is that you can’t freely use any content from Scifipedia.


Except as described in this Terms of Use, you agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, create derivative works from, perform, sell, resell or exploit SCIFIPEDIA or any portion of SCIFIPEDIA (including any promotions and advertisements for SCIFIPEDIA) (collectively “SCIFIPEDIA”), without express written permission from SCIFIPEDIA.

Wikipedia is totally different in that the GNU Free Documentation license and Creative Commons licenses are all about letting information be free. Part of the incentive of contribution is knowing that you’re setting information free for any/all to benefit from.

Speaking of contributions, at Wikipedia anyone can contribute at any time. There is no need to register if you don’t want too. I’ve contributed many hundreds of entries to wikipedia and have never once registered.

With Scifipedia you have to register or you can’t contribute.

The policy for SCIFIPEDIA is that only registered members will be allowed to contribute entries. The registration will be handled though the SCIFI.COM main website, and registered SCIFI.COM members need only log in. A name and email address will be required, and you’ll need to follow an authentication procedure to become a registered member.


Then last but perhaps most importantly is the fact that Scifipedia has only 4,710 entries or so. Wikipedia greatly outstrips that already, containing the same and alot more in SciFi than SciFipedia.

So what am I saying?

I’m saying if you’re going to give of your own free time and will to help enrich and educate why not do so in the most free, most collaborative and most used media the world has ever known. Forget about scifipedia – contribute to Wikipedia.

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Star Wars : The Force Unleashed Lucas’ next great game February 21, 2007

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forceunleashed.jpgNo it’s not KOTOR III. But yes it is the next greatest thing to happen to Star Wars Gaming.

LucasArts has announced a November shipping date for Star Wars The Force Unleashed which should be available for Xbox 360, PS3, PS2 and PSP. It is unclear whether a Wii version is in the cards.

LucasArts is claiming that the new game will introduce all kinds of new gaming innovations – as well as a new playable dark lord wannabe.

The Star Wars saga continues this November in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, a videogame developed by LucasArts, which casts players as Darth Vader’s “Secret Apprentice” and promises to unveil new revelations about the Star Wars galaxy. The expansive story, created under direction from George Lucas, is set during the largely unexplored era between Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. In it, players will assist the iconic villain in his quest to rid the universe of Jedi – and face decisions that could change the course of their destiny.