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Darth Krayt is … A’SHARAD HETT !!! (Star Wars Legacy #15) August 8, 2007

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OMFG! It’s already on other sources but here you go..after months of debate we now know who Darth Krayt is..


Congratulations to those of you who guessed this one correctly. It has been a wonderful discussion with over 350 comments posted.

Just like with the Star Wars Legacy of the Force Sacrifice book with Darth Caedus, Darth Krayt’s identity is not revealed until the very last page.

I’m going to read this issue again before commenting on the whole thing ..Star Wars Legacy has been an awesome series to this point but this THIS THIS ISSUE IS THE BEST STAR WARS COMIC ISSUE OF ALL TIME (perhaps).

Who is Hett you ask?

Well luckily we here at ShowMeSciFi not that long ago reviewed the trade paperback where Hett is found on Tatooine. It’s called Outlander and its an awesome read. And its awesome that John Ostrander has brought him back.

Star Trek’s Planet Vulcan is real? May 17, 2007

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NASA has just posted a video titled ‘Search for Spocks Home’ on the JPL site.

According to Star Trek canon Vulcan is located orbitting the star we know as 40 Eridani A.

Guess what?

It’s real and NASA’s got a plan to find out what’s out there.

But is it logical?

and will life, Live Long & Prosper there?

Stargate Atlantis 3×15 The Game May 16, 2007

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Great episode..not an entirely new idea for SciFi but definitely a new idea for Atlantis.
Funny too.

McKay vs Sheppard in a Pegasus galaxy REAL version of Age of Empires (or maybe Sid Meyer Civilization?).

Atlantis is digging deeper than ever into the SciFi well to deal with interesting plot lines and themes that go beyond the simple – let’s kill some wraith episodes.

Stephen King Dark Tower Gunslinger Born #4 May 16, 2007

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Young Roland Deschain seems willing to put his friends in deadly danger by staying in Hambry when his relationship with the beautiful Susan Delgado deepens. Meanwhile, the evil Marten Broadcloak’s agents-a.k.a. the Big Coffin Hunters-are zeroing in for the kill on Roland and his ka-tet

Though still visually glorious this issue is the weakest of the set so far. That shouldn’t be too surprising though since issue #3 was so awesome.
It’s difficult to put your finger on what makes a series like this work or not other than to say that certain issues just ‘grab’ you more than others. This issue was basic plot developments nothing too crazy and no overly dramatic scenes that really stick out.
Sure it’s still a fine read..but hey across a seven issue set we can’t expect every issue to be spectacular can we?

The Bionic Woman – An East-Ender? May 14, 2007

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I guess Lindsay Wagner is too old…

Former Eastenders actress Michelle Ryan is set to become the Bionic Woman (Jamie Sommers) in the upcoming series.

This is the same Bionic Woman show in which

Battlestar Galactica actress Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck) will play Sarah, an evil bionic woman and nemesis to Sommers (The Bionic Woman).

Still no word yet on if the Bionic Man – The 6 Million Dollar Man (Steve Austin) will also be remade.

Knights of the Old Republic issue # 16 May 11, 2007

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Alrighty finally a brand new story arc..maybe this one won’t totally SUCK.
(or maybe it will).

The cover would make you think that this issue at LONG FREAKING LAST is about Zayne and that original incident with the deaths of his fellow padawans. no such luck though..we get a few measly pages of a dream sequence and that’s it.

The rest of this issue is about Jarael and her quest to figure out what’s wrong with Camper.
What’s wrong with Camper is that he’s a lame character!

This issue also has a low page count and a tonne of ads. Dark Horse should be paying readers to take this from their comic book retailers and not the other way around.

USPSjedimaster.com is live (sort of) March 16, 2007

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uspsjedimaster.jpgFinally! uspsjedimaster.com is live so now there is no doubt that jedi mail is coming...

The US Post Office just has a little teaser up now with a few clips from Star Wars..and a big hint –

MARCH 28TH is the day that US Postal Service will formally announce


I have no doubt whatsoever that it’s the R2D2 post boxes and likely some stamps and other 30th anniversary stuff.

Google Blog Search Now 15 hours Behind Technorati *UPDATED* March 13, 2007

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In the continuing series on where ShowMeSciFi.wordpress.com gets indexed on Technorati and Google’s Blog Search…As of 3 PM Eastern on March 13th , Google blog search is 15 hours behind Technorati at indexing this site.

Technorati is currently up to date with indexing the blog while Google’s blog search has not index this site in the past 21 hours. In that time, there have been two stories posted.

According to Technorati they are:

Star Trek The Next Generation Turns 20 which was posted 15 hours ago


Make your own Enterprise out of paperclips!

which was posted 4 hours ago.

I’m not sure how to improve the Google Blog Search indexing, they don’t offer a manual ping but if there are any googlers out there with any ideas please comment below.

 **UPDATE** as of about 20 minutes after this story was first posted Google Blog Search caught up to Technorati. Thanks Google!!! I’ll keep looking to see what the lag may be on future posts and will report on the relative indexing speed of both.