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Stephen King Dark Tower Gunslinger Born #4 May 16, 2007

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Young Roland Deschain seems willing to put his friends in deadly danger by staying in Hambry when his relationship with the beautiful Susan Delgado deepens. Meanwhile, the evil Marten Broadcloak’s agents-a.k.a. the Big Coffin Hunters-are zeroing in for the kill on Roland and his ka-tet

Though still visually glorious this issue is the weakest of the set so far. That shouldn’t be too surprising though since issue #3 was so awesome.
It’s difficult to put your finger on what makes a series like this work or not other than to say that certain issues just ‘grab’ you more than others. This issue was basic plot developments nothing too crazy and no overly dramatic scenes that really stick out.
Sure it’s still a fine read..but hey across a seven issue set we can’t expect every issue to be spectacular can we?


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[…] Beyond that not a particularly good issue. The artwork is o.k, but not as stunning as issue #4 or earlier. […]

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