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Stargate Atlantis 5×13 Inquisition : Woolsey Wins! October 25, 2008

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Soo we finally get the Encounter at Farpoint episode for Stargate Atlantis – the humans of the Milky Way on trial!!

And how about that comment about the Federation? (yeaah but they had ships!).

Also how the heck did they only choose three people to repesent all the worlds of Pegasus? Where were Jennai? Where were the travellers (Laryn’s people) ? 

Good idea though and it will make for some interesting politics in the remaining episodes of Atlantis.

And of course there is Mr. Woolsey who was finally in his element and was the hands down hero of this episode. Great stuff and easily the best episode yet for Richard Picardo.

Always great too to get that trip down memory lane of five years worth of Stargate Atlantis memories –


1. Dangrgirl - October 27, 2008

I found this episode more build-up than pay-off. They should have spent less time with Shepherd in the hot seat and more time with Woolsey doing his lawyer thing. I was expecting Boston Legal in the Pegasus galaxy and didn’t get it.

I also kept waiting for Teyla and Ronin to take the stand. I mean, c’mon, these two are actually from the Pegasus galaxy, you’d think the tribunal would want their testimony.

Lastly, why is it always the female on the tribunal who’s basing her opinion purely on emotional pain? It would have been fun to flip those gender expectations around.

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