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Star Wars: Dark Times: A Spark Remains Part 1 – the best keeps getting better July 22, 2013

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again.

Dennis Wheatly is the finest artist in Star Wars comicdom today.

He’s been associated with Dark Times since the beginning (this is what the 7th number one issue in this series?) and each time we’re blown away.

Other Dark Horse artists are good, but Wheatly is the best.

Beyond that Randy Stradley as the author? You gotta be kidding me it’s the ultimate super-powered duo team up.

This story is riveting – Jennir is still struggling to come to terms with reality and his new life/love while Bomo and the crew are moving forward now aiming at striking back at Vader.

The hunted become the hunters.

How cool is that?

Oh and does anyone want to bet that Ember won’t make it out of this series alive?

Star Wars #7 – This is GOOD. VERY GOOD. July 22, 2013

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The new Dark Horse ‘Star Wars’ series is awesome.

It was awesome for it’s first six issues an the seventh just proves this title has legs…

We get a different view of Vader…one who plots his own path from the Emperor (not all that unlike Force Unleashed come to think of it…). One who chooses his own person to lead the construction of the Death Star.

We don’t quite yet understand what role Birra Seah is set to play in this whole opera..but she’s an interesting Vader lackey isn’t she?

Also totally amazing to see Luke return to Tatooine to visit the Skywalker homestead…in a return home that is very different then when his father returned….

Blade Runner – the 60 second version July 14, 2013

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No it’s not quite the director’s cut – but it’s still quite fun.

1A4 Studio has put together a ‘speedrun’ lineart version of Blade Runner that is just amazing fun to watch.


oh and if you haven’t seen this one before – this is the same group that did an amazing 60 second version of Star Wars too:


Tron first debuted on July 9th 1982 July 9, 2013

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Time sure does fly.

It was 31 years ago today that Tron first hit the movie theaters.

No we didn’t see it on opening day – but we were there opening weekend.

We owned the Intellivision-Intelli voice Tron games

and yeaah

We LOVED all things Tron.

That first Tron move made sense. A human inside the machine fighting the MCP …no Clue here…

Tron Legacy looked better than that first movie – for sure..but the story just isn’t nearly as good.

Tron’s legacy for a myriad of reasons didn’t do so well 31 years ago. Today the latest Tron Uprising show (which is awesome) hasn’t been renewed and the minor Tron renewal that Tron Legacy might have spawned seems to have died.

Man of Steel is an ok Movie – But The Donner Cut of Superman II Reign Supreme July 9, 2013

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Been a little busy – so a little behind on reviews…

Man of Steel is the best Superman movie since Superman II – and yeah we know it’s not saying much. Yeah we like the basic story and sure we like the actors too.

The problem with Man of Steel is the action.

That’s right the action.

When Superman destroys the world maker and zod’s ship that should’ve been the end of it. Instead we get Zod kneeling before Kal-el and extended fight seen which was quite frankly overdone and boring. The ending with Clark joining the Daily Planet was kinda cutesy too.