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Life on Mars Series Finale – They really were going to Mars – AWESOME April 1, 2009

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lifeonmarsThe series finale of Life on Mars was one of the best series finales EVER.

The whole series we’ve been guessing how Sam would get back to 2008 – in fact he never did.

The whole thing was a trip – Project Aries and Aries Toy Company– to Mars. Life on Mars indeed.

Gene Hunt – was really the name of the mars mission – the man is Major Tom and he is Sam’s father …AMAZING.

Windy – Sam’s neighbor is really the ships computer!

The whole show was a sleeping dream while on route to Mars – WOW.

Of all the possibilities this was not one that we had ever thought of. Life on Mars wasn’t just a David Bowie song it was the mission.

This is one finale that made sense – it pulled together the entire show and wrapped it in a way that made us feel satisfied.

Life on Mars Series Finale – TONIGHT April 1, 2009

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lifeonmars This show should have gone longer – but here we are. Tonight is the final episode of Life on Mars!!

Will Sam make it home to 2009?

What was this whole show anyways? Time travel? A coma? A bad dream?

We’ll find out. For sure it has to do with Project Aries, which we saw again in last week’s episode with the Aries Toy company.

Whatever the finale – this has been a great show and it’s a shame to see it go so soon.

Life on Mars Project Aries Toy Company? What was that all about? March 25, 2009

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This was a weird episode – Sam tracks down the Aries Toy company – an obvious connection to Project Aries which is the reason why sam is in 1973 right?

The toy company had mars pathfinder toys – obviously something that didn’t belon in 1973.

The FBI agent clearly new everything – and at one point I was thinking maybe this is the final episode…but no we end up with what…more confusion..

I really hope that whatever Project Aries makes sense – it sure would suck to have a Lame ending like Battlestar Galactica

Life on Mars : Annie the Stewardess March 12, 2009

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LIFE ON MARS: 1.14 “Coffee, Tea, or Annie” was a another great episode…why did the Stew look like annie? 

Was it part of project Aries?

And how did she end up on the cover of the magazine?

We still have no idea how sam got stuck in the past but with 4 episode left until the show is cancelled hopefully we find out soon.

Life on Mars – Red Squad March 5, 2009

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No new hints on how Sam will get home in this episode – but a solid show nonetheless.

This is a great 70’s cop show – even without the time travel part.

I wouldn’t have guess it was the Prof’s husband initially but the way the show was constructed was brilliant.

Too bad the show ends in April…

ABC Cancels Life on Mars !!! March 2, 2009

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OOH No!! ABC in their infinite wisdom has decided to cancel Life on Mars. Episode 17 which will air in April will be the last.

Guess that means we’re going to find out What is Project Aries sooner rather than later.

Life on Mars has been a great cop show from the first episode — the time travel aspect has added a dimension that has made this show incredibly entertaining and keeps us guessing week after week.

The acting in this show is superb. The characters are brilliant.

It is a shame that ABC is not extending this series, then again Sam does have to get back at some point doesn’t he?

“We felt it was the right thing to do for the producers and the fans and creatively,” said Steve McPherson, ABC Entertainment group president, to Television Week.

Life on Mars – Painting Rain February 25, 2009

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Another great episode…we still don’t know how or why Sam is stuck in 1973 but he is affecting the future…isn’t he?

Amazing how he caught this guy tonight – and great that Annie keeps being such a critical part of Sam’s plans.

This isn’t Quantum Leap where Sam has to set things right in the past in order to go to the next ‘leap’ is it?

Life on Mars – What was the Postcard about? February 18, 2009

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That sure was an interesting episode – now we know that Sam isn’t insane and that there are other time travellers just like him.

That’s a major revelation.

But what was the postcard all about ? Somewhere over the rainbow? And now people are ‘talking’ to him…Was the councilman supposed to die in order to go back to the future?

Why is it not Sam’s time now?

And how does this all relate to Project Aries?

Here’s a theory Project Aries has taken a whole bunch of people from 2008/2009 ..

Life on Mars – Rocketgirl February 11, 2009

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 Another great episode…
Really made us think has Sam been abducted by aliens and then sent back into the past?
Just like the RocketGirl theory?

Maybe, maybe not…we’ll have to see.

ON the baseline 70’s plot though neat that his relationship with Gene’s daughter is expanding…

but don’t you think he’ll end up with Annie?

Isn’t Annie the key to him returning to the future?

Life on Mars – What is project Aries? February 4, 2009

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Great to have LIfe on Mars back..another solid episode with the werewolf of Wall St.

but..still what’s the deal with Sam?

What is project Aries? it looked like an FBI or KGB file…maybe he’s not in a coma maybe this is all a weird holodeck experience…

Or maybe it’s something else  – but what?

Life on Mars – Sam’s Dad is a Scumbag November 21, 2008

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Another great episode that was brilliantly tied together end to end.

Apparently Sam didn’t go back to 1973 to save his Dad after all – and wasn’t that amazing how the red dress thing got pulled in?

Now the weird part was the end of course.

What’s in the basement?

Life on Mars – OK Sam is in a Coma November 14, 2008

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samtylerThe big ‘hook’ in the Life on Mars show is – what the frak is going on with this dude?

Is he alive? Dead? Parallel Universe or just dreaming in a coma?

Well this week’s episode – he saves hostages in a hospital – gives us the clearest picture yet that Sam Tyler indeed is in a coma.

Or maybe not.

Guess we’ll just have to ride this show out to see what the deal is.

In the meantime the show continues to be a great 70’s cop show with 2008 sensibilities. It’s one of our favorite shows of the week to watch.

Life on Mars – Is he in a Coma? November 7, 2008

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Life on Mars is a great show – this week’s episode Sam stops a race war in NYC and comes face to face with his mentor ‘Clams’ – as a younger man.

Beyond the really great 70’s cop story here – we get our first real glimpses into what is going on with Sam and how he might be still connected to 2008.

The final scene with him at the funeral for ‘clams’ well what was that? Is he in Coma? Is he already dead and just seeing all this in in heaven?

My personal bet is for a coma – but hard to say it’s all very real to Sam – but hey isn’t that what it’s supposed to be like in a coma state?

Life on Mars : Have you Seen Your Mother? October 30, 2008

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This is a show that has really grown on us. The basic idea is that a cop from 2008 is somehow sent back to 1973. Yaaah i know a little lame. But the acting and overall development of this show is really solid.

In this episode our hero Sam Tyler – meets his mother – but instead of telling her his name (which is the same as her 4 yr old son) he tells her that his name is…Luke Skywalker. He tells her it’s an ‘Indian Name’.

We don’t know why he’s in the past – maybe he’s supposed to fix stuff..but what is neat along the way is how Sam brings 2008 sensibilities to 1973. It doesn’t sound like it was really all that long ago but man was it really a different world.