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ABC Cancels Life on Mars !!! March 2, 2009

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OOH No!! ABC in their infinite wisdom has decided to cancel Life on Mars. Episode 17 which will air in April will be the last.

Guess that means we’re going to find out What is Project Aries sooner rather than later.

Life on Mars has been a great cop show from the first episode — the time travel aspect has added a dimension that has made this show incredibly entertaining and keeps us guessing week after week.

The acting in this show is superb. The characters are brilliant.

It is a shame that ABC is not extending this series, then again Sam does have to get back at some point doesn’t he?

“We felt it was the right thing to do for the producers and the fans and creatively,” said Steve McPherson, ABC Entertainment group president, to Television Week.


1. Obeh - March 3, 2009


at least the BBC is starting Ashes to Ashes though… maybe I can get my quantum leap time travel fix there!

2. Mike - March 4, 2009

The show started out with soooooo much promise with the best episode(imo)being the one with Whopi Goldberg. It’s gone downhill since that episode(again-IMO).. Still sorry to c-it go. SciFi channel will be showing the 17 episodes adnauseum in no time.
BTW-I’m guessing Sam is an astronaut stranded in space(see Rocketman lyrics)and delusional. Waaaaay too many ‘spaceman references’.

3. Obeh - March 6, 2009

Then where did the whole 2008 thing come from? A delusion within a delusion? I don’t buy it.

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