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Star Trek Into Darkness Official New Look Trailer – Not an April Fools Joke? (but we wish it were) April 1, 2013

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ST13-PosterNo, we haven’t been terribly excited by what we seen so far for the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness movie.

We’ve got the former Starfleet officer gone rogue and overtones of a Khan like nemesis.

We’ve got the Starship Enterprise NCC-1701 falling from the skies (again) to crash into the San Francisco area (how many times do we need to see this good ship crash?)

We have a human-centric cast with no clue that the Federation is much larger than humans.


and no Klingons.

that’s right


Usually at this point of a movie release cycle (less than 8 wks to go) the trailers get really interesting. After all, the trailer is the studio’s opportunity to get the best 30-90 seconds of the movie into a snippet.

The latest Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer is out today – April 1st – but apparently it’s not a joke. It’s just a sad testament to the lack of direction and dedication to the Star Trek mythos

watch for yourself:

NBC’s Revolution. Why We’re Not Watching It Now September 24, 2012

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Yeaah we watched Revolution last week…and sure we started to watch a bit of it tonight.

You can telegraph the plot of this show a mile away. It’s useless, pedantic, pulp entertainment and we’re not going to waste our time.

I mean seriously how does the Munroe Republic make any sense? The gov’t totally collapses in such a short period of time? the rule of law no longer works as it should?

anyways..we’ll keep an eye out and likely catch up on this show with iTunes (Revolution, Season 1 – Revolution) AT some point if NBC doesn’t kill this show first.

Strange how a show like this is barely watchable when there are commercials in it, but cut those out and get the ability to watch a few back to back and maybe…just maybe this show won’t look as thoughtless in the aggregate as it does in the particular.

Fringe : Harris works for ZFT May 6, 2009

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Last night’s episode of Fringe,  The Road Not Taken
got rid of Olivia’s closest enemy agent Harris.

We had him pegged for being a douche but we didn’t see it coming that he was ZFT.

The whole firestarter thing was really cool too, i wonder if Olivia can do the same thing? Notice how in the room where they ignited the twin there was one of those light boards that ZFT uses to test recruits…so we’ll have to see

And nice shout out to Spock / Star Trek in this episode too…next episode Nimoy himself will finally appear.

Not sure how the Watcher fits in..but clearly Walter was expecting him.

Fringe Renewed for Season Two!! Proof that FOX Knows a great show when they see one May 5, 2009

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Without a doubt Fringe is the best new SciFi show of the past year. The characters are interesting, deep and entertaining. The plots are well constructed and full of twists.

The pacing of the shows is great, without too much dead weight or prancing around.

We all love Walter and Olivia is well she’s just awesome.

Now Fox has officially announced that they have renewed Fringe for a second season..which is great news.

Fringe is not Sarah Connor Chronicle which isn’t a good show and likely will get cancelled by Fox.

Dollhouse on the other end is an excellent show and we here at ShowMeSciFi have our fingers crossed that Fox sees the light and doesn’t destroy another Joss Whedon production.

Fringe : Midnight spinal fluid April 29, 2009

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So ZFT is run by William Bell? RLY??

That was the big revelation in last night’s episode Midnight
, but another fine freak’ish scientific mix too.

The only cure for the vampire is spinal fluid..that’s one that i hadn’t heard off before.

Clearly this show is headed toward one massive season finale.

Fringe : Olivia’s Bad Dream : Walter is a liar! April 22, 2009

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Last night’s episode Bad Dreams was another great piece of the pattern puzzle.

So we know that Olivia (or should we call her Olive?) was experimented on as a child..now we know it was Walter and Leonard Nimoy who were directly involved!

Amazing how everything comes back to Walter in this show? It’s actually a little annoying at this point.

How can the whole be pattern be about Walter?

Then again Walter is a whack job…and a character that we all love.

Great to hear the voice of Leonard Nimoy in this episode too...soon enough we’ll see him as William Bell founder of massive dynamics

Fringe Inner Child: The Watcher? April 8, 2009

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Last night’s episode of Fringe, titled the Inner Childwas pretty freaky..
oh and great to have the show back after its two month hiatus too.

So who was the boy? Is he a ‘little watcher’? Guess we’ll find out..but clearly he’s part of the pattern.

And Walter…oh Walter in fine form. He had so many good lines in this episode ..perhaps the funniest…
I’m sure agent Dunham has seen a penis before.

Fringe – John Scott is Not a Traitor February 3, 2009

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Tonight’s Fringe was yet another awesome episode. And it was an episode that was completely different than last week’s No Brainer episode

Olivia ends back in the Tank! its kinda like taking a bath for her..

But the biggest revelation of course is that John Scott is still not in the ground (we kinda knew that) and more importantly he wasn’t a traitor. Was this Conrad guy the same one that was responsible for the bio-weapon that ended up in the first episode of Fringe (i think so).

Is John Scott actually dead?

Well….we’ll see won’t we..but somehow I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of John Scott.

Fringe – No Brainer January 27, 2009

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Can a computer program liquify your brain?

On Fringe it can!

Neat concept and another solid episode…not sure how that first into the pattern…other than perhaps Mr. Dempsey has sold the program to someone connected to the pattern.

The parallel plot with Walter meeting the mother of his dead lab assistant was a nice touch too.

And what’s going on between Olivia’s sister and Peter? Looked like some sexual tension to me…only a matter of time till the two of them hook up.

Fringe – Bound. This is one great show January 20, 2009

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Tonight’s episode was awesome wasn’t it?

Olivia escapes her captors with nothing more than a glass of water, kill a fellow agent’s wife and somehow figures how everything fits together.

Sure this show can be a little weird – but it does make sense in the end. Without a doubt Agent Dunham is the key character in this show and she’s one tough cookie.

Fringe – The Equation Solves What? November 20, 2008

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Did I miss something? Last night’s Fringe Episode – The Equation was a gripping story ..and it was great to see Walter go back to the asylum -just to see what would happen.

But was he hallucinating when he saw himself?

AND what was the final solution to the equation? Was it a teleportation devices? I couldn’t tell it was just kinda – there.

It also seemed very odd that the ‘woman’ wasn’t discussed further in some way at the end – she gets shot but we don’t know how or why she rigged the machine to get the boy to see his dead mom – and we don’t know why she doesn’t age.

A mystery wrapped inside a mystery wrapped inside an enigma.

Fringe – Where does the gentleman live? November 11, 2008

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mrjones So we get another dead guy that Walter wants to mind read.  Wait a sec didn’t we do that in the first episode of this show too? Was’t there another method?

Also this show is great – but starting to get a little too predictable at this point.

Here’s a Pattern for you.

If someone is dying of a strange ailment – they’re part of the pattern (Agent Scott or otherwise) and somehow are conspiring against the FBI to get the G-men to do their dirty work for them.

Fringe 1×05 Power Hungry October 16, 2008

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This episode was interesting in some ways and lame in others.

The electrified dude that can generate power was a neat idea….

Getting the carrier pidgeons to find the dude based on his EMF signal also a neat idea…but wouldn’t it have just been easier to us a spy satellite or some other kind of radio antenna to identify where the sign could be?

The reappearance of Olivia’s beau, Agent John Scott (Mark Valley)is kind of neat. Is he just an echo in her mind?

I dunno…how did she find his secret lab?

Fringe 1×04 The Arrival- Is The Pattern All About Aliens? October 1, 2008

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So four episodes into Fringe and we see a key actor in the Pattern – the bald headed jalepno eating man – (not to be confused with X-Files smoking man).  The bald man saved both Dr. Baldwin and his son as well as bee the “observer” the watches for the arrival of the cylindar and other pattern related objects.

The dude was writing in an alien language clearly and likely isn’t of the Earth.

So…back to X-Files ..  a neat show about paranormal events that all eventually led to alien DNA – will Fringe degenerate into the same nonsense?

Don’t get me wrong – so far this is a great show – i just hope that the answer to what is the pattern? isn’t just a – oh it’s aliens – answer.

Fringe 1×03 The plot thickens September 23, 2008

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A ‘ghost’ network for transmitting information, and more conspiracies into the pattern.
Neat episode and great twist at the end – not sure who is the bad guy and who isn’t are we?

Now the piano playing part – that’s a little cheesy – but hey a minor thing in a show that seems to be picking up the pace and maturing nicely into a must see TV show.

Fringe : What is the pattern? September 9, 2008

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Just watched the premiere of J.J Abrams Fringe and I’m reasonably impressed. The core group of characters are excellent and this is not just an X-Files remake.

Though Fringe does borrow from other popular SciFi doesn’t it?

Take for example the ‘vulcan mind meld’ in a vat of liquid that looked surprisingly like the hybrid Cylon in Battlestar Galactica.

Having the “john’ boyfriend character be the bad guy – was an awesome twist that I never saw coming. If Fringe can keep up that kind of dynamic plot week in and week out we’re in for a treat.

The big mystery for Fringe – clearly will be – What is the pattern?

Is it an alien lifeform? Is it a cabal? A global conspiracy?

Whatever it is I’m sure that Abrams will stretch this out for the life of the show and we’ll find out little bits as it goes on.

Just a word about the location for Fringe – clearly this show was shot in Toronto – with the Royal Ontario Museum as one key set as was the University of Toronto (with the final scene clearly in front of University College).  Just a neat thing to point out…

New Star Trek XI Teaser Posters! July 18, 2008

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Ahead of Comic-con which kicks off next week, J.J Abrams is putting out a new teaser poster for Star Trek XI. The Star Trek Movie (startrekmovie.com) site has been updated too, but the only update is the new poster…

kinda lame if you ask us…the new site that its…

but neat to see the first glimpses of the new crew…the one that looks the best is easily Eric Bana who looks like he’s a Darth Maul clone…or maybe he’s just the Klingon Kang (or Koloth?)

Star Trek XI : Shatner Out Because Kirk is Dead January 21, 2008

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Among all the excitement of the new Star Trek XI movie there is a major controversy.

William ‘Bill’ Shatner a.ka. Captain James Tiberius Kirk has been SHAFTED by the producers of Star Trek XI and will not be making an appearance.

Leonard Nimoy (SPOCK) is in it, but apparently Shatner isn’t good enough for J.J. Abrams.

“I think they’re coming toward the end (of shooting, so) they’ve got another three weeks to hire me,” Shatner joked at the opening of the traveling exhibit Star Trek: The Tour in a recent interview with USAtoday. “No, I don’t think you’ll be seeing me, unfortunately. I don’t know the reason why.”

Apparently the reason why is because Kirk died in Star Trek : Generations.

WHAT A LAME EXCUSE. Spock died at the end of Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan – he came back. Why not Shatner’s Kirk?

No i think the reason is because Shatner is such a giant in the Star Trek world that his appearance in Star Trek XI would overshadow all the others in the recast classic roles.

Want Shatner’s Kirk back? You’re not alone. Go check out BringBackKirk.com for a group that has got the right idea. It’s time for Kirk to Return.  J.J. Abrams may think he’s some kind of hotshot director but without Shatner something will be missing from Star Trek XI.