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Fringe : What is the pattern? September 9, 2008

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Just watched the premiere of J.J Abrams Fringe and I’m reasonably impressed. The core group of characters are excellent and this is not just an X-Files remake.

Though Fringe does borrow from other popular SciFi doesn’t it?

Take for example the ‘vulcan mind meld’ in a vat of liquid that looked surprisingly like the hybrid Cylon in Battlestar Galactica.

Having the “john’ boyfriend character be the bad guy – was an awesome twist that I never saw coming. If Fringe can keep up that kind of dynamic plot week in and week out we’re in for a treat.

The big mystery for Fringe – clearly will be – What is the pattern?

Is it an alien lifeform? Is it a cabal? A global conspiracy?

Whatever it is I’m sure that Abrams will stretch this out for the life of the show and we’ll find out little bits as it goes on.

Just a word about the location for Fringe – clearly this show was shot in Toronto – with the Royal Ontario Museum as one key set as was the University of Toronto (with the final scene clearly in front of University College).  Just a neat thing to point out…


1. Rach - September 12, 2008

It was also shot in Boston and will be in production for the rest of the season in NY.

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