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Wil ‘Ensign Crusher’ Wheaton WAS IN Star Trek 09?! He did voice work!! November 5, 2009

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startrekWow – somehow until today no one knew that Wil Wheaton – best known to Star Trek Fans for his work on Next Generation as Ensign Wesley Crusher – was actually in J J Abrams star trek 2009.

Wheaton did the voice over work for the Romulans on Nero’s ship.

Listen in to this clip below to the voice that says, “”Sir, if you ignite the Red Matter now … ”


1. Albert - November 5, 2009

was the original actor’s voice so terrible ensign crusher had to save the day?

Tyler - November 10, 2009

There was no other actor… it’s called voice acting. A script girl probably read the line on set with everyone knowing it would be replaced. The fact that it was Wil was an Easter Egg, a little homage to TNG etc… ala J.J.

Stan Webber - November 19, 2009

There was obviously a man in make-up saying the line. I dunno what you are referring to. More importantly though, it may sound “kind of” like him, but it doesn’t really sound like him. Most importantly, he’s a terrible actor that made many ST:TNG scenes cringe-worthy. Don’t try to make me hate this film.

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