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Star Wars Millenium Falcon by James Luceno – REVIEW – awesome except for the end. November 20, 2008

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falcon The Millenium Falcon is arguably the most famous ship in the entire Star Wars canon. This is the book where we finally find out the true history of this great ship.

It’s an entertaining romp that takes us back and forth in time as we encounter each of the Falcon’s owners – and  follow Han Solo, Leia and Allanna on their journey.

The writing in this book is crisp and the plot flows brilliantly from page to page – making this a true page turner.

This book follows chronologically from the last Legacy of the Force book where Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus dies – but there is little direct connection between this book and that – except for Allana being a traveller with Solo.

The only problem with this great book – unfortunately is the end which is terribly dissapointing. After such a brilliant build-up we finally get to the location where the secret the Falcon has been keeping for 70 years lay hidden.


Why would the Republic Group have sent Jadak to recover that? Wouldn’t they still have wanted it to stay hidden? It’s just lame.

Overall though a great book – I just wish the end would have been thought out a bit better instead of being total nonsense.


1. Kev - November 20, 2008

I didn’t like this book at all (And I’m a SW fan and a Millenium Falcon fan).

2. Lord Maloch - November 21, 2008

So, after messing up the Legacy series, the rest of the book to follow are going to be lame? It seems like, the Legacy series got shredded, just totally dismembered. Who would, in good faith, read more Star Wars books, fan or not. I say ” STAY AWAY!!” and read the plot scripts only. DO NOT SUPPORT! As much as I try to make the ending to Invincable cool, I can’t. I see there point as to how Jacen Solo did acomplish what he set out to do and that was restore balance in the universe, but with all the great charactors who died, it’s hard to see how the writers can redeem themselves. I for one will not bne buying a single book. And that sucks cause I really enjoyed reading this last series. A LOT!!! SAY NO TO THE NEXT SERIES! NO NO NO. DON’T SUPPORT! MAKE THEM HEAR US. REALLY! IT’S NOT FAIR AT ALL.

3. Bored - Michael - November 30, 2008

After LotF, Invincible in particular I really have no desire whatsoever to buy anymore Star Wars novels.

Every novel since Heir to the Empire I’ve picked up right after it came out. Now I see two of them sitting on the shelf at the bookstore the other day and it may as well have been some Daniel Steele novel for all the interest it had to me. Good job DelRey.

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