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Stargate Universe – Rush is Back and Lt. James is Lonely April 4, 2010

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After it’s mid-season break Stargate Universe is back with its first new episode in months (Divided) and so is Rush.

Wow that was fast – we would have like to see Rush lost for a bit longer ..it just seems too fast and too convenient the way he got back.

And who are the bad aliens? They look like Asgards on Steroids.

The other weird bit was seeing Lt. Vanessa James (our friend with the natural assets) crying at the end because no one wanted to get busy with her. Kinda weird but after Scott ended up with Chole, James is feeling lonely.

In any event – great having SGU back. The dynamic on board Destiny will  be even more tense now then before with Rush plotting to take over and the Aliens out there trying to take them all on.


1. jeffrey Jones - April 8, 2010

The Rush mystery has to end and gwt everyone in the mind set of running and living on a Bad A, S ugar S ugar ship.

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