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NBC’s Revolution. Why We’re Not Watching It Now September 24, 2012

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Yeaah we watched Revolution last week…and sure we started to watch a bit of it tonight.

You can telegraph the plot of this show a mile away. It’s useless, pedantic, pulp entertainment and we’re not going to waste our time.

I mean seriously how does the Munroe Republic make any sense? The gov’t totally collapses in such a short period of time? the rule of law no longer works as it should?

anyways..we’ll keep an eye out and likely catch up on this show with iTunes (Revolution, Season 1 – Revolution) AT some point if NBC doesn’t kill this show first.

Strange how a show like this is barely watchable when there are commercials in it, but cut those out and get the ability to watch a few back to back and maybe…just maybe this show won’t look as thoughtless in the aggregate as it does in the particular.


1. MichaelEdits - September 24, 2012

We’re not watching it because we don’t have electricity.

Also, I bet it’s canceled before the writers find out why the power’s been cut off.

2. Larry Steckler - September 25, 2012

One major problem right from the getgo. What caused the power to go out? Apparently they were expecting it and it happened, but why?

And whatever it was, it took out automobile batteries as well.

Sure, an emp could do it, but the battteries would still light lights.

Maybe I just missed it?

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