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NBC Revolution – Continues to SUCK October 1, 2012

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ok so there was nothing else on and we gave Revolution another shot.

Big mistake. After about 15 minutes it was so pitiful we somehow found the strength to get up off the couch (long day here) and walk away …just like NBC will soon too.

NBC’s Revolution. Why We’re Not Watching It Now September 24, 2012

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Yeaah we watched Revolution last week…and sure we started to watch a bit of it tonight.

You can telegraph the plot of this show a mile away. It’s useless, pedantic, pulp entertainment and we’re not going to waste our time.

I mean seriously how does the Munroe Republic make any sense? The gov’t totally collapses in such a short period of time? the rule of law no longer works as it should?

anyways..we’ll keep an eye out and likely catch up on this show with iTunes (Revolution, Season 1 – Revolution) AT some point if NBC doesn’t kill this show first.

Strange how a show like this is barely watchable when there are commercials in it, but cut those out and get the ability to watch a few back to back and maybe…just maybe this show won’t look as thoughtless in the aggregate as it does in the particular.

Wonder Woman rebooted with .. Adrianne Palicki ? February 16, 2011

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That’s her (left), Adrianne Palicki the new Wonder Woman set of the upcoming reboot by NBC.

Apparently she’s best known for her role in Friday Night LIghts (no not a show we’ve ever seen). She was also in Aquaman — a very short lived (ie. only  pilot that was on CW).

Will she live up to Linda Carter’s awesomeness?


NBC doesn’t know how to reboot sh*t. They killed the Bionic Woman with boring plots and they’ll do the same with Wonder Woman.

If you want Wonder Woman – just buy the series – the original –Wonder Woman: The Complete Collection

In case you’ve never seen Adrianne Palicki in superhero action…here’s here (brief) appearance in Aquaman.

Knight Rider Cancelled. Is anyone Surprised March 10, 2009

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The original Knight Rider with the ‘Hoff’ was a decent 80’s show.

The remake in 2008 sucked! Everyone knew it sucked from the day the pilot aired.

Now the show has been cancelled the March 4th episode it’s last one. I don’t know how any network in their right minds could have funded the show as long as this..it never should have left the pilot stage.

The plots were weak, the characters flat and two dimensional, there was no drama, KITT was lame — but the Mustang itself was kinda cool…would’ve been better if they could have had an 83 Trans Am though.

Deal or No Deal Star Wars Edition – WOW! April 29, 2008

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That was such a great show — Deal or No Deal Star Wars Edition was the most awesome game show ever broadcast on network television.

They really did that show right. Vader as the banker was awesome (it sounded like the guy who does Chad Vader). The Tie Fighter sound effect for taking numbers off the board, the Leia slave girls (not too mention Carrie Fischer herself), Chewie, R2..


I would buy that show on DVD (but it’s not available)…so here’s a YouTube set of compilation so you too can relieve the best game show ever. Pray that YouTube doesn’t alter the deal further….

Deal or No Deal Star Wars Edition coming April 28 April 7, 2008

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Lando Calrissian isn’t the only one that can make a deal with the Empire.

In this special “Star Wars” edition of Deal or No Deal set to air on April 28th the Banker will be replaced by Darth Vader!

Oh and instead of models…one contestant get Stormtroopers while apparently the other contestant the ultimate adolescent male fantasy for SciFi — a stage full of Leia’s dressed like Leia in Jabba palace!

New Knight Rider – SUCKS February 17, 2008

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KITT had it right when he said, “Yes that Sucks.”

Not that the original Knight Rider was superb TV..but the new Knight Rider is just plain awful.

Weak plot, pathetic acting and worst of all…the voice of KITT was totally disjointed. The audio didn’t seem to come from the car but almost came of as a narrators voice. At least in the original the car and voice were connected. In this lame excuse for a TV show the voice is just there and not properly connected to the car.

That’s just poor production.

Yes the Mustang itself is cool, but beyond that there are no redeeming qualities to this show whatsoever.

Save Journeyman December 21, 2007

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So it looks like Journeyman’s journey has ended a bit prematurely.


It’s a series that had some interesting elements but took far too long to properly develop any kind of plot or series cohesion. Frankly i never got it…though plenty of others did.

As is the case with every SciFi that meets an early demise there are always those who want to bring it back..save it like Star Trek was saved by fans.

With Journeyman though i’m not sure it’ll work. But hey you never know. Check out the SaveJourneyman trailer and decide for yourself if you’ve got the power to save a show.

Last Episode of Journeyman on Tonight? November 26, 2007

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When we first heard about Journeyman it sounded like a decent concept..a time travelling dude trying to fix wrongs.

It sounded a bit like Quantum Leap…problem is ..that it wasn’t Quantam Leap. The show just never had legs and just didn’t make sense. Sure speculative fiction can take leaps but if you’re audience isn’t clued in..what’s the point?

Word is now that Journeyman is set to be canceled with its 12th episode.

“Episode 12 is the end of our order,” Falls told the Premium Hollywood Website . “And let’s not kid ourselves. It’s a long shot that we would get a back nine, given the strike and our questionable numbers.”

The final episode could well finally solve the big question that Journeyman revolves around though..that is..why is he travelling in the first place and what does his ex-wife have to do with it?

Oh and Journeyman airs tonight Monday November 26th…there is yet another rumor out there that suggests that the show might not even get aired past tonight…we’ll see.

Bionic Woman 1×7 Trust Issues. Time To Quit This Show. November 15, 2007

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That’s it. ShowMeSciFi.com is now officially done with Bionic Woman. This week’s episode ‘Trust Issues’ was yet another weakly plotted story that was poorly acted and directed.

It’s great that Jamie has a love interest – it’s dumb the cliched lines/scenarios they are put into. The death of Antonio in the mirror version of the plot is such a weak plot tool…it’s enough to think that this episode was written by scabs and not a member of the WGA.

The show started out with high hopes but it just hasn’t shaped up. Jamie’s use of Bionic’s isn’t properly played up with proper special fx or sounds, plots are weak and there isn’t proper overall large plot issues to make anyone want to really watch this show week to week.

Michelle Ryan is great – it’s unfortunate that the writers and the producers of this show have failed her – and her fans – so very miserably.

Adieu Bionic Woman – it was fun for a bit but now you’re just lame.

Bionic Woman 1×6 The List November 8, 2007

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With Jamie’s new love interest..i was beginning to worry that this show would really lame out.
That wasn’t the case.

Another solid (though predictable) episode where the Bionic Woman gets her man.

What this show is lacking is a greater depth in plot and much better visual effects for her bionic strength attributes. If the producer could beef the show a bit it would be enough to put it over the top.

Bionic Woman 1×3 Sisterhood October 10, 2007

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With so much of the Sarah Corbis (Katee Sackhoff) fembot in this episode ..the show could easily have been called Bionic Women.

An o.k episode with some nice character development and a wee bit of action.  But the premise and the basic plot complications are starting to get thin. It sure would be neat if there was a whole army of fembots just like in the original show…and we here at ShowMeSciFi love Katee Sackhoff…but she should have some accomplices too.

Bionic Woman Website In The Top 10 most trafficked TV Websites October 10, 2007

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According to website statistics service Hitwise – NBC’s Bionic Woman was the 9th most trafficked website among TV show last week.

Hitwise reported a 1.82 percent market share for Bionic Woman based on a sample of 10 million US internet users.

The top TV website? Deal or No Deal.

Bionic Woman’s third episode is on tonight.